Thursday, October 27, 2011

Liliana at 17 months

I haven't written on Liliana's milestones for a few months. I wrote letters to her most months for the first year of her life, but unfortunately when I stopped doing that, I stopped documenting her changes.  So, I just want to write her a little update letter.  Before I forget: don't forget to enter the Shutterfly giveaway below!! I am giving away SEVENTY FIVE FREE Chritmas cards to THREE readers!  I'm drawing on Monday and not many have entered, so chances of winning are really high.

Liliana dearest:

 I'm not going to lie, months 13 - 15 were pretty difficult in our household.  You started walking around 12 1/2 months and somehow, that newfound independence came with difficulties as well because it meant you wanted things done YOUR way (you still do BTW, but know what NO means).  The temper tantrums at this time were pretty rough. As you know, Daddy and I run a pretty strict household and while it took a couple months to teach you not to open the DVD cabinet or mess with the potpourri balls on the coffee table, we got it.

As a result, this last month has been my favorite month of being a Mommy since ... well ... quite possibly ever.  You are doing SO much and changing on a daily basis in the best ways ever.  For example, just last night you learned how to say "cheese" while grinning AND learned where your teeth are (you have 11 so far by the way).

You point to and says where your teeth, hair, ears, eyes, mouth, toes, and nose are.  You're saying a HUGE amount of words, many in Spanish and English.  For some reason, you really respond best to Spanish words. You say many words in Spanish before figuring them out in English.  Last time I counted, you're saying over 55 words already!  You're very advanced in this department, which doesn't really surprise me, because they say teaching kids multiple languages has this effect.  That being said, you also ... well ... do things such as put a bucket on your head and proceed to walk straight in to the coffee table!! HAHA!!  It was the funniest thing I've ever seen.  Daddy and I couldn't stop laughing.

Right now, you have two big passions:  shoes and climbing.  You LOVE to climb on EVERYTHING which has led to quite a few tumbles, but we learn from falling right?  You climb on the couch, in to your booster seat, on the bench outside, on my chairs at work ... you get the idea.

 Your other love?  Shoes.

I'm ok with this.  This means LOTS of fun shopping later in life! hee hee.  Whenever I'm getting ready to go somewhere on the weekends, you get ALL my shoes and put them on my feet for me.  You don't understand why your shoes don't fit my feet just yet, but we'll get there.  Your favorite pair of shoes are my tennis shoes which makes me love you EVEN MORE.  I don't want you to be super duper girly girl.  So you likes shoes but want to run around while wearing them! ; )

Another fun thing you're doing is imitating a ton of animals: monkeys, dogs, cats, horses ... and even more that I can't remember.  Your favorite word to say lately is "no."  You especially like pointing at the doggies and saying "no doggie!"  You point (as indicated in the picture below) which gives even more personality (which by the way, you have A TON of). Lately you've enjoyed telling me when you run out of snacks by saying "no crackers!" with a pouty face. 

You're still VERY in love with food.  You weigh a little over 26 pounds and have been in 18 month clothing for a couple months.  In fact, you're mainly wearing 18 - 24 month stuff.  You are absolutely beautiful and your eyes get everyone's attention.  I love you.  I can't say it enough.  Daddy and I are absoultely crazy about you.  You have made our lives immensely better.  Thank you for being our daughter.  We are so privileged to be your parents.

Love always and forver,
your Mommy

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shutterfly Christmas Card Giveaway (for THREE readers!)

Last year, Shutterfly was kind enough to pay for my Christmas cards.  All my family and friends commented on how gorgeous the cards were.  This year, they've been kind enough to offer FREE Christmas cards to THREE of my readers!  It has been a really long time since I've done a giveaway, but I figured this would save each reader about $40 - 50 bucks so I couldn't !

SO next Monday I will randomly draw THREE winners.  Each winner will get a coupon for TWENTY-FIVE FREE Christmas cards of your choosing from  To enter the giveaway do the following:

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As you guys know, I love Christmas time, and I LOVE the designs Shutterfly came up with this year for the holiday season.  But I've actually used Shutterfly for a TON of other things.  I bought Liliana's birth announcements there a year and a half ago and I also make our Lacefield family yearbook on Shutterfly too.  In fact, I started our yearbook last night and they've made getting a photo book even cooler.  They have a customization feature with the cutest embellishments.  SO easy ... I'm in love.  Seriously, I know this sounds like an advertisement for them.  I'm not saying it because they've forced me to.  I'm saying it because I use Shutterfly all the time and time and time again their products come out even prettier than I expected.

This year, I'm trying to narrow down which Christmas card I want to get for us ... which is your favorite?

This one's modern and playful. 

This one's simpler, but I like how much it highlights the picture.

My favorite part about this one is the beautiful quote on the right side.  That is so true about my life!

SO, which is YOUR favorite?  Wouldn't you LOVE to get 25 of these FOR FREE?!?

Then enter the giveaway!  I'll draw on Monday for THREE readers.

(disclaimer: Shutterfly is giving me some free holiday cards for hosting the giveaway and doing this post.  Honestly though, they're the best website for affordable pretty cards anyway!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Help Me!! Must Choose a Party Theme!!

Liliana is nearly 17 months old.  I can't believe it!  When she was 2 months old, I knew what the theme of her 1st birthday party would be.  As a result, we had an incredibly successful and happy Cupcake Themed party. 

This year though?  With the move, and work, and Evan's residency etc., I truly haven't given it much thought.  Today, I decided it was time to start thinking about it.  After all, a baby this cute deserves her Mommy to think ahead!

I know I still have 7 months.  I am a very organized, obsessive compulsive person.  I know that planning ahead is the way to do this in order for me to stay sane.  OK?  ; )

When I told Liliana we hadn't come up with a theme yet, she pointed her finger at me and said "well start thinking about it Mommy!  This is a HUGE event!!"  I agree Liliana.  I agree. (PS Could she be any more gorgeous?  Look at those eyes!)

I  have THREE options for this years theme.  Note: the party will likely be in Texas (reminder: I live in Arkansas).  We will be going to San Antonio in May for Liliana's Godfather's graduation.  As a result, it makes sense to have a big 2nd birthday party in San Antonio for everyone to celebrate with Liliana.  I will most likely do it in my parents backyard.  The reason this is limiting is that I can't prepare TOO many things unless they pack well in a suitcase. 

Here are the three options:
Sesame Street Party

I could always go the typical "Sesame Street" way.  I know it's common, but Liliana LOVES Elmo.  Every night when we put her in her crib, she asks for "Melmo" and the second we give him to her she hugs him real tight and immediately falls asleep.  That being said, we're not big TV watchers with her and haven't seen one episode of Sesame Street so I'm not sure it's worthy of the entire theme.  It sure does make for a bright and lively party though!  Look at some of this amazing stuff I found.  These women are creative and talented! I assure you my party won't look nearly this good! (Plus, I don't really have that kind of budget)

Artsy Fartsy Party

Don't ask me WHERE she got it from because neither Evan nor I are artistic, but Liliana ADORES coloring!  She actually does a pretty darn good job with it too.  She tries to mimic me when I do circles and squares. Her favorite thing?  Coloring with a crayon in both hands.  She's efficient, what can I say?  As a result, I think something like this (including: crayons, frames, and face painting) could be a TON of fun.

Let's Have a Ball Party

Liliana's last obsession?  Balls.  She LOVES playing with them -- she likes loves FREAKING ADORES when Evan lifts her up to make a basket, she loves throwing the ball to us, she loves playing with her little basketball hoop in her playroom ... you get the idea.  SO, why not have a ball party?  It would be SO easy to buy for and I think all the invited kids would have a blast.

SO, which one do you like best? 

The sooner I know the theme, the sooner I can officially start planning.

This organized, OCD Mommy is kinda freaking out. HELP!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Week Full of Smiles

On Saturday, I was baking some snicker cheesecake cookies when I heard a knock.  Evan was working and I usually don't answer the door when he's not home.  So I walked slowly up to the door and I thought someone sounded remarkably similar to my brother ... it was!  My brother, my sister-in-law, and my precoius niece DROVE from San Antonio (11 hours!) to come see me the weekend before my birthday!!  Needless to say, I was INCREDIBLY excited to see them.  We spent an amazing weekend together. 
On Sunday we went to Burns Park.  Evan worked overnight Sunday, so he should have taken a nap to prepare, but instead came along and joined in on the fun.

And let me tell you ... Burns Park in Little Rock has the most outstanding playground I have ever seen in my life!

Of course, we had to go down the slides right?  Evan and Danny were giddy with excitement to go down the huge slide ... and they even let the kids join in on the fun.

I adore this picture of Liliana and Evan.  It just shows how much of a dare devil my little girl is and it shows how much Liliana and Evan adore each other.  It is the most beautiful thing in the world seeing a Daddy/ Daughter relationship.  It makes me happier than anything on earth to see him loving his girl.  I know a ton of women struggle with that relationship and wish they had that connection with their daughters, but not me.  It's actually the complete opposite.  I feel honored to witness this love on a daily basis.

That being said, Liliana and  Mommy still shared a ton of fun moments too!  This age, this month in particular, has been the best ever.  She is SUCH a complete joy.  Not one second of fussy moments, just fun and laughter.  I wish I could pause time...but you know what?  Maybe not, because who knows what next month will bring!

My sweet, adorable niece Sofia enjoyed the park too! 

My favorite part of the weekend was snapping this shot of the two girls together:

It cracks us up how different they look.  Sofia is so pale with curly hair, and a skinny gal.  Liliana has some color to her skin, straight straight hair, and a chubster!  They had the best time playing together.  It was such a blast to watch them.

It was also a blast to be a family for a while.  Quality time with Evan during residency is definitely treasured time. 

A couple parting thoughts from the brother thought a slide picture would be a beautiful shot.  What do you think?

Isn't that hilarious?  It took them a while ... and I actually think I enjoy the candid picture MORE, but they got a pretty shot finally.

This weekend was some of the most fun I've had in a while.  To make it even better?  My parents are coming tomorrow to spend a few days with us!  Birthdays are AWESOME!

The only bad thing about the week?  Evan works nights the entire week, so I'm not seeing him for more than the 5 minutes when he drops Liliana off at work.  Even when away, he knows how to make me smile though: when I got home from work, Evan had bought me flowers with a sweet note in Spanish, accompanied by an apple martini in the freezer.  Man, my husband knows me PERFECTLY.

So blessed.  Feeling SO very blessed.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Our Hairy Children

This week on "Show us your Life" is "Show us your pets."  I absolutely LOVE and ADORE our pets.  Honestly, when Linda ran away (don't worry, we found her) from the house a month ago, I cried like a freaking baby.  I was making "lost" signs while tear drops fell on the paper.  I know some think it's stupid to say you "LOVE" your pets, but I do. 

We have two doggies: Linda Mujer (pretty woman in Spanish) and she's a 4 1/2 year old beagle.  Linda only grew to 14 pounds, so she looks like a puppy which gets her plenty of attention.  This dog has more personality than most humans.  She absoultely CRACKS US UP.  We have had many family members claim her if we die.  Isn't that sad that that's all they care about?  Not the fact that we died?

I still remember the day we got Linda.  We had been married for about a month and went to the mall.  I know some people say  it's bad to buy them from the mall, but look at how cute she was ...

She was 3 pounds of cuteness.  Linda has been with us through it all and has never caused any problems.  She doesn't chew on anything, and basically just makes us laugh.  Quite honestly?  The dog is kinda a bitchy little thing, but we love that about her!  She really and truly knows she's cute and if you make her lie on the floor she looks at you like "where's my human blanket?"  She has no idea why she must be outside with the other furry thing.  We give her a voice and it's so fitting. 

Here's Linda currently:

As I've written on the blog lately, we got ANOTHER dog a few weeks ago.  His name is Sherman and he's a Golden Retriever puppy.  We thought it would be difficult adding another dog to the mix but this guy is SO freaking easy!  He is already potty trained and knows how to sit.  He has such a strong desire to please us.  If he does something wrong, he gets a little pat on the head and you can tell he is so sad about disappointinig you.  He's like that dog in "Up!" thinking "Yes master!"  He's so freaking cute too ... take a look:

We just took this picture last week.  We're taking pictures of him regularly because he's growing so fast!  Apparently this little 8 pounder could be 40 pounds in the matter of 2 months!  I don't believe that's going to happen though ... no way this little guy could grow so much! ; )

Evan is in love with his new playmate (I think he likes having testosterone around the house, even if Sherman's man bits haven't dropped, haha!). 

All in all, we love our pets.  Some days we don't play with them enough, I must admit.  But overall, I think we're really good pet owners.  They get love and attention from us every single day.  And they deserve it! : )

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Monthly Top 10 Pins

When I first joined Pinterest, I was pretty obsessed.  I pinned a million things that I had favorited in my bookmarks.  The last few weeks, I haven't had time to explore pinterest again.  Except today ... I was in a rather lackluster meeting and decided to look through people's pins.  Dear lord, I got obsessed again!

SO, today I wanted to show you my favorite top 10 pins of all time.  I might do a monthly pinterest "top 10."  I love when other blogs do this because I see and learn crafty ideas, recipes, interesting photos, funny thoughts, etc.  I put FOUND HERE with a link for each one.

Therefore, in no particular order, here we go:

Print from "The Help."  I adored the book and ADORE this quote.  Want to put this either in Liliana's room or in the next kids room.   Beautiful message. Found HERE.

Snickers Caramel Cheesecake Cookies.  Don't these look sinful?  They LITERALLY make my mouth water.  Found HERE.

I like keeping ideas of what I'd like for our eventual dream home.  I love this look.  So unique.  
Found HERE.

My favorite Christmas movie? Elf.  Hence, I absolutely adore this print.  It's so cute and cheerful.  Found HERE. (for FREE btw!)

Crock pot Chicken Enchilada Soup.  Looks amazing for a cold fall day.  Found HERE.

I have come to the conclusion that I love porches.  This porch is gorgeous: comfy, bright, and welcoming.  Found HERE.

I plan on printing these and using them as the basis for Liliana's big girl room.  They're wonderful.  Found HERE.

This idea is adorable: during the month of February, you put something in their envelopes each night saying what you love about them, something you're excited to do with them, etc.  The kids get SO excited to see their message every single morning! Found HERE.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars.  These look really yummy.  Found HERE.

This idea is AWESOME.  Every five years, you take a picture from your anniversary, holding the picture from the year before, etc. etc.  This is just the neatest thing I've seen on pinterest I think.  Evan and I have a picture from our first anniversary, so next year, we will definitely be doing this! 
Found HERE.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Decorating for Fall and Halloween!! (and Tutus)

This weekend, while my Aggies gave up an 18 point lead, Evan and I decided to do something that would bring a smile to our face: we decorated our home for fall and halloween!  Nothing makes me happier than the start of the holiday season (and yes, I include October and November in that).  I love decorating our home for every single holiday: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and July Fourth.  I wish I could decorate all year long. 

This year was unique because we've never decorated THIS house before.  Turns out, our new house looks pretty darn cute all decorated for the fall:

The tombstones up front were from our old house.  Evan made those and the one on the right is his (what a dorky doctor right?) while the cute one on the left is mine. ha.  My favorite part of our outdoor decor is the bench though.  I went to Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and bought all those pumpkins at 50% off.  They add SO much, I don't think the pictures do it justice as to how pretty it looks.

Since there is a pumpkin shortage this year, I went ahead and bought the ones on the bench as fake pumpkins.  Weirdly enough, they're cheaper than the real ones.  Plus, these will last me forever.  I'm sure we'll carve pumpkins some time later in the month though.  It's a family tradition.

We have quite a few decorations throughout the house as well:

Our spookiest decor of all?  Look what Evan put up in Liliana's play room!

A close up of these scary creatures:

Seriously, I think these are too scary for a kids room! Eeeeek!! BOOOO!!

The house wasn't the only part of the house that got a fall makeover yesterday ... so did Liliana!

I got this little shirt for $4 at Crazy 8 this weekend and it's so adorable!  She is a cute fall girl!  AND, this might not seem like a big deal to Moms that have babies with long hair, but this is the FIRST time EVER that I've been able to clip a bow in Liliana's hair!  It only took 16 months, but we did it!

While we decorated, we put Liliana to work and had her do some cleaning:

Hey hey, don't get mad.  We didn't work her TOO hard, she also got to play:

The fall season is upon us and this evening, to celebrate, I plan on having sandwiches and tomato soup outside while drinking some Apple Cider.  Glorious.