Thursday, September 12, 2013

It'sa Herea!

I just had a makeover (desparately needed) on the Lacey Fields blog!  Take a looksie:

I got it done from Brea over at and she's just awesome.  She designed THIS blog too! :)

That being said ... since this new blog is up and about, I probably won't be updating this blog nearly as much.  I'll be putting most things (and posting MUCH more often!) over at Lacey Fields blog.

I'll share promotions and sales, TONS of DIY projects and photos, and TONS of baking recipes!  Go over there and follow along!  I PROMISE it'll be a good idea. :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Office Reveal!

Slowly but surely, this house is coming together.  This house is our true labor of love ... we work on it all the time to make it what we want.  And one thing we've learned through DIYing and decorating over the last 2 years is this ... TAKE.YOUR.TIME.  Have a vision.  It took about a year to get this office where I wanted.  I didn't know what to do on the one big wall, so I gave it time.  I didn't know what to do around my window b/c I loved my tree view, so I took my time.

And now, the room that I spend HOURS upon HOURS in is ... WONDERFUL!

Let's take a trip down memory lane's the before:

The previous owners had it painted a very dark red and had it functioning as a ... honestly, I don't know!  Dining room / office / library?  We have a 6 person dining room table in the eat in area so for us, since I work from home, we knew an office was what we had to do!  SO ... off we went.  The main thing I needed was LOTS of work space.  I use my computer, I have a professional grade printer, I cut, I have tons of inventory (envelopes, paper, flat mailers, ink, etc) ...

and here we are TODAY! :)

This is my packaging area! : )  Here I cut all invitations, prints when necessary.  This big wall was a challenge to decorate! I didn't want a huge gallery wall b/c I wanted some variation and some storage too.  SO I decided on these three shelves (from Walmart) and the rest just started geling together.

* canvas: from Hobby Lobby
* shelves and office chairs: Walmart
* bunting: I designed myself and have been considering adding them to the shop!  They're SO fun! : )
* candle, accessories: TJMaxx and Target
*set of three office tables: Target

Here's my main desk area.  I love that I have a view of the trees when I work.  But I knew I needed something to the side of the desk Evan built me (to the side of this picture is a TON of storage ... all my envelopes, paper, etc in two huge storage built ins).  SO I decided I would make curtains.  I went and bought fabric from Hancock fabrics at first but it was SO expensive ($90!!!!).  I then thought "why not just cut a curtain from Target?  Then my brilliant husband said, I bet you could do it with one panel!  And BAM he was right!  $20 later, I had these pretty curtains to the side of the window.  I just cut the panel to size and used sewing adhesive.  Iron the sides and about 30 minutes later they were ready to be hung! :)

*curtain and rod: Target (I love Target .... a lot)

*trash bins: TJMaxx

*on the other side of the storage, I have my "packaged area" --- all those packages on the right are ready to be mailed out this afternoon and there's my little handy scale on the left.  All I did to decorate here is buy clip boards from Walmart and then I printed some of my prints (three of these aren't in the shop yet ... this is an area where I collect ones I want to list and then I can photograph a few at the same time and list them all).  It's a little area to highlight Lacey Fields prints and adds so much color!

And there you have it! : )  LOVING my new office!