Thursday, August 23, 2012

my businesses and my BEAUTIFUL gals

It's been a long while since I've written!  In fact, this might just be the longest bloggy break I've ever taken.  Don't know why ... I haven't felt very inspired to write I suppose.  Nothing much to write about as well.

That, however, doesn't mean I haven't been busy as can be!

We've had quite a few visitors wanting to see our adorable, beautiful, and SO easy going Gloria.  I've also been at work quite a lot already.  My godmother came to visit this entire week and I put in about 25 hours to get things settled and organized so that when I do return in a week, things will be more put together for me. 

I've also been VERY busy with the etsy shops.  Yes, I said SHOPS.  I started a second one with some invitations, menu cards, etc. and while it's not nearly as stocked as the other one, it has added some more work for sure!  I've already printed about 150 invitations for people and it's so fun bringing some happiness in to these events and doing it for a reasonable price.  I get so ANGRY when I see how much others charge.  Yes, it takes me a HUGE amount of time to print them, cut them, and go to the post office everyday, but I like doing it at a reasonable price.  Not everybody can spend $50,000 on a wedding.

I digressed.  When I finally got the inspiration to write today, I thought I'd write about the two things that have been occupying my mind lately: my businesses and more importantly, my beautiful gals!

C'mon Let's Celebrate. Here I have invitations, menu cards, programs, and more.  I'm trying to add more listings (because I have the BIGGEST list of ideas on my phone and computer) but it takes quite a lot of time to design them and my attention is more on the sides of looking at this beautiful face as often as possible. ; )

Gloria has been SUCH an awesome baby.  She had 3 rough days last week because I gave her a stomach virus and while I was sitting on the toilet she was spitting up.  It wasn't pretty.  But the good news is she continued to sleep through it all (we're averaging about 5.5 hours between feedings, but sometimes get as much as 6.5).  I'd LOVE for it to be longer sleeping, but we go from about 9:30 to 3 and then 6:30 we wake up for the day.  Evan does the 3 am feed most nights so I'm sleeping from 11:30 to 6:30 most mornings and with a newborn that's pretty dang good!  As for the daytime, she continues to be SO easy peesy.  She just does tummy time or sits in her boppy for 45 minutes looking at the world without a fuss.  Then when it's time to eat, she lets you know!  But, she feeds quickly, and then takes a snooze or continues on her merry way looking around happily.  It's so wonderful!

So I've discussed one beautiful gal and one business.  Here's the SECOND business.

Pretty Prints Shop is all about that: any print I can imagine.  I've done signs for people's weddings, quite a few baptism gifts, things for the kitchen, and of course a ton in the nursery! I add more to this one because it's my baby and I've had ideas for it forever.  

And my original baby ... here she is ... in her full glory.  She is SO stinking fun right now.

Liliana sings and talks up a STORM.  Her favorite things to say are "Daddy and Mommy are silly!" or she's a big fan of saying "Ok Mommy be right back!" when she goes to the potty.  This morning, she told me "Madrina has my heart"  Yeah, she's warmed up to my godmother quite a lot!  She's such a brilliant little stinker.  I'm pretty obsessed with her.

All in all life has been great since Gloria was born.  I'm REALLY overwhelmed with the thought of going back to work full-time without any help (Evan's hours continue to be insane).  But, that's another blog post for another day. : )

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Daycare Debacle

I wish I could say I've been on maternity leave this last week, but that isn't the case at all.  In fact, I went to work full-time all of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week.  To be completely honest, I was less than thrilled to be there.  It was a great conference, but I had to bring Gloria with me on Wednesday and let me tell you, conferences are QUIET and I felt horrible any time that she made the slightest peep.  She is SUCH a good baby, but babies do make noise and they do require time.  On Thursday and Friday, I had Evan's Mom here to watch Gloria and it was really hard leaving her.  It was the first time I had been without her and I just wanted to get home to hug on her more.

This week, I've worked a few hours everyday and brought her to work with me.  I'm just trying to get things ready for school starting and trying to make sure everything is in order for the first couple of weeks (until I return and have her in daycare).

Going back to work made me realize that I really had to get this daycare situation in order.  I've had a hell of a time finding decent daycare in this city.  From what I figure, Little Rock has two GREAT daycares for infants and the wait list on them is insane.  I put Gloria on the list when I was 11 weeks pregnant and was no where near the top.  Had I know, I would have put her on the list when we were TTC!  Sounds ridiculous, but that's the way it is.  In another life, I'm going to open a QUALITY amazing daycare.  It isn't even the price ... I just want a place that is worthy of my children.  Believe it or not, I don't mean a palace.  I mean a safe, nurturing, and educational environment.

We ADORE ADORE ADORE (yes all 3 in caps is necessary) where Liliana is now, but that took time to find (if you recall, we had a horrible experience at the first daycare we had her at here).  Unfortunately, her current school starts at 18 months.  It's a Montessori school and we have had ZERO complaints with them since she started there 9 months ago.

Last week I went to the daycare where I planned on putting Gloria.  When they took me to the room I saw a baby with poop ON HIS FACE.  ALL over his face. When I mentioned this to them they said "don't worry, we change every hour and he'll be changed in thirty minutes."  Yes they were going to leave that baby in his crib with SHIT on his face for 30 minutes.  I showed them the check in my hand, and swiftly walked out.  I made a statement.  I don't care if I seemed overbearing, but I refuse to let my child be at a place like that.

I had attitude ... big time attitude in front of them.  But the second I got to the car, the water works started.  Being a working mother is stressful sometimes (ok all the time) but the last thing I want is to feel guilty for working.  And leaving here there was NOT AN OPTION.  I would have rather stayed home.

When I was at the conference the head of our upper school heard my story and the next day she told me "I made some calls.  I got her a spot at a great place."

No it isn't one of the two "go to" places, but I toured it and it's pretty great.  I thought about taking Liliana out of her current place to not have 2 drop offs in the mornings, but I couldn't do that to my Liliana.  She's just too happy there.

So for now, I'll have a pretty long commute to do this, but it looks like Gloria will move in January to a place one block away from Liliana's.

Ultimately, we've got something settled for now.  And I won't feel guilty.  I'll have to leave earlier than I'd like, but we make sacrifices as parents and I am glad things are resolved for now.

BUT ... I still have 24 days of leave left (well, semi leave ... as you can see, I've still been working) and I plan to cherish time with my two gals as much as possible.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Gloria's 1 Month Letter


I wrote a letter to your sister nearly every month for the first year of her life and want to do the same for you.  That way, one day, when you ask me "what was I like as a baby?" I can pull these letters out and have you read EXACTLY what you were like!

The main thing I can tell you so far is that you are SO very easy as a baby.  Your sister was a good baby, but I must admit, you are MUCH easier going.  You NEVER cry unless you're hungry or aren't finished burping.  It's so nice to be able to take you places without being concerned about your being very fussy.  I know that as long as I've fed you recently, I'm good.  Many times people say newborns just sleep all the time, and while you of course are sleeping like a newborn, you also LOVE to be awake and just look around.

You're so content being awake and focusing on different lights, contrasting colors, etc.  You adore lying on your belly.  I know this is REALLY uncommon for babies, but really and truly it's your favorite thing.  You just lie on your belly, turn your head from side to side, rollover (yep, you rolled over a NINE days!), and then after 45 minutes or so, you just fall asleep.  I can't get over it.  I keep looking over and saying "she's still wide awake!" because normally babies would  be crying by then.

As for sleep, have to admit, sissy has you beat there because she never slept less than 4 hours at a time, but you are getting better!  You were going about 3 hours and 15 minutes for a week, went up to 3 hours and 30 minutes, and now most nights you give us one 5 hours stretch and then another 3 hour stretch.  Last night though, you did three 3 hour stretches ... Mommy's sleepy! : )

You're just like sissy and love the water already.  Your Daddy insists that most babies are scared of water because parents make it that way.  So he's already dumping water on your face without fear and you don't even FLINCH!  You take it like a total trooper.

My favorite thing on earth is seeing Liliana and you together.  Liliana is completely OBSESSED with you!  She gives you kisses CONSTANTLY, hugs you CONSTANTLY, and always wants to help no matter what we're doing.  If you are hungry she tells you "no sissy, don't cry sissy!" and tries to give you a pacifier (which you do take for about 15 minutes, it's glorious!).  Whenever Liliana's going to sleep, she always insists on blowing you a kiss (even if you're in your room asleep).  I can tell you two are going to have so much fun together.  I'm so glad Liliana hasn't developed any jealousy issues yet.  She simply sees you as her friend and that's exactly what you two are: BEST friends! : )

You are truly a gorgeous little girl.  I have had SO much fun being with you these weeks.  I didn't get any maternity leave with sissy so this has been a true opportunity to bond with you and I've really taken advantage of it.  I'm going to CRY when it's time to go back to work, but I know you're going to make amazing friends at school just like your sister has done.

LOVE you Gloria.  You are the perfect addition to our family!