All About Me

Well I see you've clicked on "about me" of Lacefields in love!  First off ... welcome welcome my friend! 

Who am I?  I'm a 20 something gal, married to one really fine looking man, who has two seriously "awwww" cutie pie girls.  Evan, the handsome man I get to make out with (and other things, wink wink) all the time, is my high school sweetheart.  Evan's a Urologist (or as our 3 year old says a pee-pee doctor).  We're in the middle of his (LONG) 5 year residency and as a result, our lives are lived ONE DAY AT A TIME (he works about 80+ average each week).

What do I do?  I graduated law school 5 days before having our first daughter (yes I'm nuts) and now (nuts again, something you'll learn about me quickly) I own my own business!  I founded and created Lacey Fields.  I make invitations, prints, just about anything you need!  Anniversaries, babies, baby showers, parties, weddings ... just email me at or go to  LOVE my job! 

On this here blog you'll find me talking about just about everything: Evan, my two gorgeous gals Liliana and Gloria, my job, Evan's very time consuming job, recipes, and a big one lately: redecorating our home!

Here are some of my favorite or most commonly read posts

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Thanks for reading!