Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday Minute 10/18/10

Today is a VERY important day for 3 reasons: (1) I start my first day of work! YAY!, (2) my husband has his first residency interview, and (3) it's time for another Monday Minute!

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(1) Did you play any sports growing up?
(2) Have you ever gotten an MIP (apparently people don't know what this is.  I guess it's the dorky law school part of me, sorry!'s a minor in possession)?
(3) Do you snore or sleepwalk?
(4) Describe your last dream.
(5) What's the one thing you've been meaning to do that you just haven't gotten to?


(1) I sure did! I'm a pretty athletic gal. I played volleyball and basketball. I always wanted to be better at basketball to make my brother proud, but volleyball is where my talents were. You're looking at the MVP of her team buddy (clears 8th grade).

(2) NOPE! I know, I can't believe I was that lucky! I distinctly remember one party I was at that got raided by the cops. I was holding a beer, and this part is the honest wasn't mine. I freaking hate beer. I was holding it for a friend that went to the restroom. BUT, the cop looked straight at me and just busted other people. It was crazy. And, it was lucky.

(3) According to Evan, I snore very rarely, and usually only if if I haven't slept enough lately. As for the sleepwalking, that's a negative too. This might sound like I'm a great person to share your bed with, but I steal blankets like nobody's business. Also, I've been known to be like a ninja and flail my arms and legs everywhere. Oops (I say with my most angelic voice)!

(4) How pathetic is this...I don't remember my last dream! I usually remember most of my dreams (hence why I wrote this question). I can tell you one of my STRANGEST dreams of all time: I rode a unicorn and then had dinner in the sky. Yeah. When some people try to analyze my dreams, I tell them to stop, because they're just too freaking weird to understand and make any sense of.

(5) So, over 3 years ago, I graduated from college. And, I graduated with honors because I worked my butt off. Apparently, they're supposed to put that on your diploma, and they didn't put it on mine. SO, I called Texas A&M and they said to mail the diploma to them. Approximately one year ago, Evan took my diploma out of the frame so I could mail it. My frame still sits without a diploma, and the diploma still sits in my filing cabinet and hasn't been mailed yet. Sigh. Maybe one of these days...psh, let's be honest...maybe one of these years.

Hope you liked the questions and link up people! Have a great Monday!


  1. I don't even know what an MIP is!

  2. LOL- I don't know what a MIP is either, so I guess that means I have never had one :)

  3. Thanks for hosting...working on the questions...kat

  4. have a great first day at work!

  5. i am a new follower, hope you follow back =)

  6. YAY! Good luck at work! I've got my fingers crossed that it goes amazing for you!!

  7. You must have looked too innocent to that cop. That, or he was very nearsighted and mistook the beer you were holding for a root beer. ;)

  8. Volleyball is so much more fun than basketball though! haha, to me anyway. I admire your athletic talent.
    I usually don't remember my dreams, but I did this time around. We are the opposite I guess.

  9. Thanks for hosting! And thanks for stopping by!
    Have a great week!