About My Wife

To be honest, it made me a little nervous when Cristina asked me write this.  How could I possibly do her justice in a short blurb?  Impossible.  However, I will try.

You won't be surprised when I write that she is gorgeous and funny and smart.  Clearly she is.  You've seen the pictures and read her posts.  These attributes are as apparent as her natural abilities as a mother.

The thing I most want her readers to know about her is her profound compassion.  I just graduated from medical school and therefore interact with plenty of doctors and nurses who are actually reasonably compassionate.  Cristina puts them to shame.  She is visibly shaken by the suffering of others in any form.

She is also the most driven person I have ever known.  She always has a plan in life and goes full-steam ahead to fulfill that plan.  She keeps me on track and is the motor that drives our lives forward.  Vacation doesn't count however.  She ROCKS at vacation- total relaxation.

Things you don't know about her:
                 She would eat cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner if I let her.
                 She loves nothing more than laying out blankets to lay on the floor watching a movie
                 She ate gummy bears, worms, and apples CONSTANTLY during pregnancy
                 She got me interested in college football and the Spurs!  We watch gameday together every saturday morning in the fall.
                 She got extremely angry with me once because I used the word "prick."  English and Spanish have shared custody of her household and she sometimes confuses terms or sayings.  I had to set her straight on "prick"

I am unbelievably lucky to have her as my constant companion and love her deeply.  She is the perfect wife and mother.