Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday Minute 11/01/10

 Welcome to ANOTHER Monday Minute!  First of all, I want to send a HUGE thank you to one of the awesome Monday Minute participants.  Sonya, from Belly Charms, sent me all the html stuff so that you can take the link below the Monday Minute button and put it on your blog!  Thank you Sonya!  I do appreciate it, so much!

This week's questions are Halloween themed! Hope you guys enjoy!

As always, if you have suggestions send me an email with questions (recently, I got some from another great participant and I can't wait to use some of her awesome suggestions). If you'd ever like to co-host one week, email me for that too!  For those of you that are new, answer the questions and link up below!  Then, check out others answers.  It's a bunch of fun.


  What did you dress up as your first Halloween?
What has been your favorite Halloween costume of all time?
Do you believe in ghosts?
What's your favorite holiday of the year?
What's your favorite fall dessert?


(1) I don't recall what I was for my first Halloween, but the first one I REMEMBER was in kindergarten and I was a lamb.  I remember that I hated the costume because in San Antonio, Texas, it can still be hot as heck in October.  So, there I was, all day during school (including recess) sweating my booty off.  Now that I look back at the cute pictures, I forgive my mom.  For those of you that were curious...below is what Liliana wore for HER first Halloween!  I LOVED spending the day together as a family.

 Isn't this the cutest darn pumpkin you've ever seen??

 Evan and I had Egyptian costumes that my Mom bought from their trip to Egypt last year.

(2)  In third grade, I was a Spanish dancer and my Mom let me use bright red lipstick.  So, obviously, this was my favorite costume because I looked like a hot latina dancer!  (ok, that's what I thought in my head...I'm sure to others, I just looked like a cute little girl with make up)
(3) Nope!  Sorry guys, but I just don't.  That being said, when I was 15, I had fallen asleep on our couch at home, and when I woke up, I could have SWORN I saw some guy walking in to my parents room.  I thought it was a robber so I put my head under the covers and stayed awake for another few hours (way to protect the house right?)

(4) CHRISTMAS!  I am in LOVE with Christmas.  I look forward to the holiday all year long.  We always go ALL OUT decorating the house and one year had two Christmas trees.  If our house was large, this might make sense, but they were practically right next to each other.  Ha.  I just love how friendly people are at that time of year.  I wish it was Christmas year round.  Also, I LOVE the songs.  Christmas songs make my heart happy. That being said, I am VERY STRICT about pre celebrating.  Evan is not allowed to mutter anything about Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving.  Once Thanksgiving day rolls around though, we decorate the ENTIRE next day! YAY!

(5) I don't like pumpkin pie and Evan doesn't care for apple pie, so we don't make very many "fall" desserts.  However, I have made a Layered Pumpkin Loaf recipe twice that was AWESOME.  We ate the entire thing within a couple days.  HERE is the recipe.

 This bread is pumpkin and cream cheese...can you say YES PLEASE!?

Hope everybody had a GREAT Halloween!  Now link up and THEN start looking through your Thanksgiving recipes, because you know I'll be asking about that in a few weeks. ; )

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guest Post: Liliana Month 5

Once again, this is Cristy's husband writing a short message to our girlie on her 5 month birthday.

Liliana Rose Sweetheart Supergirl,

That nickname used to start with "Princess," but I dropped it because I don't want you to be that kind of girl.  Those last two pretty much sum you up right now.  You are the easiest, happiest, sweetest baby in the history of babykind.  You continue to let us sleep just about as long as we want, eat like a champ, and smile like a maniac. 

You've begun pulling your blanket over your head before rolling onto your side and passing out.  You still devour your formula, but now get to eat rice and oat cereal.  You figured out really quickly how to eat off a spoon.  One of the first days you were eating rice cereal, you took the spoon from us and started chewing on it.  From then on, you ate from it no problema.  Your smile grows more infectious and more beautiful as you age.  You're laughing more and more as well.  Everyone loves to hear your adorable giggle. 

I think your most distinguishing feature is your laid-back attitude.  You don't get worked up about much and are happy being held by anyone.  This month has been all about fine-tuning.  You've learned to hold your head up better, grab out for toys better, and are almost sitting on your own.  Your favorite thing to do right now is to grab anything within reach and bring it straight to your mouth.  You also like to play in your exersaucer and, especially, your jumping jack.  I picked out your favorite toy- a package of links.  You love to suck on them and hold them in your hand.   

I certainly have fallen more in love with you.  I am so happy when I get to spend time with you and your mommy.  We have visited parks around town and gone for walks together which I absolutely adore.  You are such a cuddly little baby and I am so proud of all the progress you've made.  I love you Lili-Monster. 

I love you more than all the stars in the sky and all the fish in the sea,

Better Late Than Never: Happy 5 Month Birthday Liliana!


Five days ago you turned five months old!  I hope you forgive me for writing this so late.  Things have been VERY busy with Mommy and Daddy the last week: Mommy started a new job and Daddy has been interviewing for residencies like a mad man.  However, this letter isn't about us.  This letter is about the AMAZING daughter that you are.  Because truly, you are.

One thing is for sure.  You have made us laugh CONSTANTLY this month.  You give us the silliest faces.  This month, you became a big fan of your jumping jack and your exersaucer.  Even though we placed you in it last month too, this month you really started PLAYING with it rather than just sitting aimlessly in them. 

At 5 months, you're a whopping 16.5 pounds and wearing size 2 diapers.  You are in 6 month clothing, and depending on the brand, you'll fit in to 6 - 9 month clothing.  The vast majority of your 3 - 6 month outfits don't fit you anymore because believe it or not, you're too tall!  Maybe you will be a WNBA star like your Daddy desires.  Your main change, developmentally, is how much you grab out and hold on to your toys.  I can't put ANYTHING around you or you'll grab it and bring it in to your mouth.  You've already tried eating my wallet, cell phone, and keys. 

This month was really special because for over half of it, Daddy was home with you.  He LOVED every minute with you and captured some special moments.

Every single smile of yours made his day, and mine too.

A HUGE change is that you've now been eating rice cereal, barley, and oatmeal for over a month!  You're really good at eating it.  I mean, REALLY good.  You basically sit on your own if you have any kind of support.  However, you're not sitting completely by yourself yet.  You need a pillow next to you at least.

A few funny changes this month are the noises you make with your mouth!  You LOVE to blow raspberries.  Seriously, you could do it for 20 minutes straight and not stop.   Just when I was getting used to that though, you started doing another new thing...GROWLING.  Yep!  Growling.  It's the weirdest thing ever.  haha.

Also, you've started sleeping like this.  I can't figure out why you do it, but you do it in your crib too.  I find you in about a million positions in the crib now: on your belly (even though we always put you on your back), with your hands through the rungs (which gives me a heart attack just about every morning), and then your favorite (the picture above) where you practically break your neck. 

It's all good though.  You're a cool girl.  I mean, after all, your parents are pretty kick ass.

I know all parents say this, but I can tell you're smart.  Within the first week of eating your rice cereal, you practically started feeding yourself.  You are quite independent, just like your Mommy.  You didn't want ME feeding you, so you took that spoon out of my hand and said "look Ma, I can do it too!"

On your 5 Month birthday, you fed yourself your entire bottle for the first time.  Previously, you have done a few of the ounces, but only the last few because your bottles are so heavy (you like to eat, what can I say).  However, since then, you have fed yourself the entire bottle every single time.  It's very impressive!

I love you.  I can't say it enough. I never knew I could love somebody so much that I've only known for 5 months!  But somehow, each month, I love you more and more.  And, I can't wait to see you change everyday.  You are, and will be, an amazing baby, girl, and woman.  Thank you for letting me witness it all.

Love you, Mommy

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monday Minute 10/25/10

Welcome to this weeks edition of your Monday Minute!!  Due to my starting a new job that I'm pretty in love with, I decided to do some pretty upbeat questions for the week!  After all, we need to sometimes take time to ask ourselves these kinds of questions...the ones that put smiles on your faces.

As always, email me if you have suggestions for questions, or if you want to host the Monday Minute one week!


(1) Have you ever been hospitalized? (OK, maybe that one isn't so upbeat)
(2) What’s the last bit of good news you received?
(3) Who was your favorite teacher?
(4) Do you sing in the shower?
(5) Describe the happiest day of your life.


(1)  Other than when I had Liliana and had to stay in the hospital (protocol), I've NEVER been hospitalized!  I'm a lucky girl in that sense!  I freaking HATE the hospital, which is ironic since anybody and everybody in my family are doctors.  I just hate walking in to that building that smells and delivers bad news so often.

(2) I would probably have to say my job offers last week.  I took the lower paying one and I can already tell that after only one short week, I made the right decision.  My teaching job has been BEYOND what I could expect.  The day FLIES by.  Seriously, I feel like I look down and two hours have passed each time.  

(3) Hmmm...wonder why I asked this question! haha...sorry teaching is obviously on my mind.  From K - 12 it would probably be my French teacher.  This woman was a great teacher, but even more so, an amazing woman.  She adopted two children that had been sexually abused from Guatemala.  She found her daughter, age 8 at the time, trying to prostitute herself and it was A LOT of work for them to acclimate the girl to living in the US.  She couldn't leave the girl alone with her husband for YEARS because the girl would start screaming. Really, she was an inspiring woman and changed those two kids lives...and so many more.

(4) Ummm...YES!  I sing all the time, especially in the shower and in the car.  Lately, Sara Bareilles has been the artist of choice, but it varies all the time.  When I'm showering in the morning, I have to try not to sing too loud because I don't want to piss Liliana off and wake her up. My morning voice wouldn't be a fun way to wake up, it's so raspy.

(5) This one's tough.  I've really thought about it.  There were quite a few choices...

The day I got engaged...

The day I got married...

The day I became a Mother...

But, I didn't chose any of those.  All of those were AMAZING.  But my happiest day was when Evan came back from Ohio.  We had been long distance for a semester and had both been miserable without each other.  He came to meet me at a Puerto Rican dance my family was at.  I ran sprinted outside and we sat in his car and kissed, hugged, and whispered sweet nothings to each other for over an hour.  When we finally made it in to the dance, my parents just smiled at us.  Everybody knew we were FINALLY together.  Evan and I had known since high school that we would get married, so everyone knew that finally it would be "Cristina and Evan" again.  It was just the happiest I've ever felt in my life.  My face hurt too much that evening because I smiled constantly. And, we have this picture of us that my cousin took that night and we look SO happy in it.  We're both smiling as hard as possible and it's a gorgeous shot, but go figure, I don't have it on my computer.  Sorry guys. . . you'll just have to imagine.

OOOOK, those are my answers!  Now LINK UP AND more importantly, have a GREAT Monday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Last year for Valentine's Day, I gave Evan a jar of "52 Sexy and Sweet Ideas." Every week or so, Evan draws an idea out of the jar. And while those sexy ones are obviously GREAT to fulfill, the sweet ones are just as fun .   I can't really go in to too many details on the "sexy" ideas because this is a family read blog after all, but, I'll give you some of the PG ones in case you want to copy my idea.  Under the sexy category, we've drawn cards that say "give and receive a full body massage" or "go take a bubble bath together." As for the sweet ones, we've chosen books out for the other to read, have rented a movie and watched it with a huge amount of junk food, cooked dinner together, and more.  While Evan was off this month, he drew "go to the park together and have a picnic."  When we finally took the time to go, we had an AWESOME day together.

Evan packed a picnic: yummy sandwiches, lemonade, some chips, and fruit.  We went to a park near the house and found a great spot under a tree.  We stayed there for nearly 2 hours just relaxing with Liliana and our beagle Linda.

 Liliana LOVED looking up at the trees and eventually took a short 20 minute nap while Evan and I just cuddled and appreciated some time together.

 Once Liliana woke up, we played together and talked back and forth.

Our beagle Linda is OBSESSED with playing fetch.  Her Kong is her life and she would seriously run for that thing until she dies.  This truly isn't an exaggeration.  I'm telling you, she would DIE for it.  In the above picture, she's about to walk to the lake and soak in it for about 10 minutes.  She does this over and over again when we go to the park.  She used to dislike the water, but after spending a month in San Antonio where my Dad threw her in the pool multiple times, she's not a fan of cooling off so quickly.  Unfortunately, we have to deal with that nasty lake smell on her afterwards! Eww!

Liliana and Daddy played together for a while after we took a mile walk around the park.

And somehow, Liliana gave us pictures that were even CUTER than we could imagine.  She's talented like that.

Really, we all left with smiles like this one on our faces.  It's been over a month since this date, but it was a great one for our family.  Even though typically a date is 2 people, this one was JUST RIGHT with the four of us.  It was a family date and we enjoyed it SO much.  We've actually been back to the park 3 times since.  When you're at the park, the world stops.  I can't do errands or be searching for things on the Internet or on my phone.  At the park, we put everything away and just enjoy our time as a family.  It's perfection.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday Minute 10/18/10

Today is a VERY important day for 3 reasons: (1) I start my first day of work! YAY!, (2) my husband has his first residency interview, and (3) it's time for another Monday Minute!

Remember to LINK UP and encourage your readers to do the same thing. Also, email me or comment if you ever have suggestions for questions, want to co-host, or anything else. You guys HAVE to have some question suggestions right? C'mon!


(1) Did you play any sports growing up?
(2) Have you ever gotten an MIP (apparently people don't know what this is.  I guess it's the dorky law school part of me, sorry!'s a minor in possession)?
(3) Do you snore or sleepwalk?
(4) Describe your last dream.
(5) What's the one thing you've been meaning to do that you just haven't gotten to?


(1) I sure did! I'm a pretty athletic gal. I played volleyball and basketball. I always wanted to be better at basketball to make my brother proud, but volleyball is where my talents were. You're looking at the MVP of her team buddy (clears 8th grade).

(2) NOPE! I know, I can't believe I was that lucky! I distinctly remember one party I was at that got raided by the cops. I was holding a beer, and this part is the honest wasn't mine. I freaking hate beer. I was holding it for a friend that went to the restroom. BUT, the cop looked straight at me and just busted other people. It was crazy. And, it was lucky.

(3) According to Evan, I snore very rarely, and usually only if if I haven't slept enough lately. As for the sleepwalking, that's a negative too. This might sound like I'm a great person to share your bed with, but I steal blankets like nobody's business. Also, I've been known to be like a ninja and flail my arms and legs everywhere. Oops (I say with my most angelic voice)!

(4) How pathetic is this...I don't remember my last dream! I usually remember most of my dreams (hence why I wrote this question). I can tell you one of my STRANGEST dreams of all time: I rode a unicorn and then had dinner in the sky. Yeah. When some people try to analyze my dreams, I tell them to stop, because they're just too freaking weird to understand and make any sense of.

(5) So, over 3 years ago, I graduated from college. And, I graduated with honors because I worked my butt off. Apparently, they're supposed to put that on your diploma, and they didn't put it on mine. SO, I called Texas A&M and they said to mail the diploma to them. Approximately one year ago, Evan took my diploma out of the frame so I could mail it. My frame still sits without a diploma, and the diploma still sits in my filing cabinet and hasn't been mailed yet. Sigh. Maybe one of these days...psh, let's be honest...maybe one of these years.

Hope you liked the questions and link up people! Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Umm...THAT just happened...AGAIN!

So, remember how yesterday I wrote a post about my exciting new job?  That was cool.

Today, I was in Banana Republic trying on some sexy, yet outrageously conservative outfits (because by the way, their clearance items are an ADDITIONAL 40% off right now) and the phone rang.

It was an 806 number.  806 is the Lubbock area code.  And, I thought "oh my've GOT to be kidding.  I got a teaching position didn't I?"

Sure enough.  It was an Assistant Principal and they were wondering if I'd be interested being an "interventionist."  My job is basically to help students that aren't understanding certain concepts and teach them in 30 minute increments.  It pays LESS than the law firm does, but substantially more than a substitute job would.  I told him I would have to think about it because money side of me was concerned. 

But then I remembered...I WANT TO TEACH!  This is AMAZING!  I called him back around 5 and told him the flat out truth.

"Umm...sir, I know typically you guys go through an interview process with multiple candidates, but here's the deal: I start another job TOMORROW."

The assistant principal told me to give him 5 to 10 minutes and he'd call me back.

Fast forward three and a half hours.  I was defeated and sad.  I told Evan I would NEVER get a teaching job and that they weren't even going to interveiw me because I had been too much of a pain on the phone (yeah, I can occasionally be overly dramatic).

At 8:30 (p.m. yeah.  Respect your principals...they work LATE!), the principal of the school called me and we had a 20 minute talking session.  I call it a talking session, but truthfully, it was an interview.  I just didn't know it at the time!

Long story short...I GOT THE JOB!  And when a full time teaching position becomes available, guess who has a great shot at it?  THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE...

Call me Mrs. Teacher! : )

My birthday is tomorrow by the way.  And, I feel pretty damn happy.

Now if you'd excuse me, I have to go do a VERY mature something and drink some wine with my husband to celebrate.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wow, THAT Just Happened ... AND, Winner of the Giveaway

 First of all, let's go with the winner of the giveaway from CSN stores! 

I don't know how to make the Result appear, but it was #29 and you guys are just gonna have to take my word for it mmmk?

Congrats to mamipdx!!  You WON!  And, you said you would spend the $65 on a safety booster seat, so of course this brand new Mommy is THRILLED to hear you'll be spending it for your own baby's safety and it'll be used for something you'll use ALL the time!  Expect an email from me soon and an email from CSN soon as well!  CONGRATS GIRL!

As for the OTHER part of this title...

um...I have a job.

Yeah, that just happened!  Before you think I'll be teaching, that's actually not what happened.  Believe it or not, it's with a law firm!  I got a call from a law firm at 4 o'clock today.  The attorney said that my ex-boss highly recommended me and that he needed someone to do work for him.  I NEVER applied for this.  I had no idea what was going on for the first 30 seconds of our conversation.  Once I gathered that he wanted to interview me, I calmly thanked him for the opportunity for an interview, but told him I had just had a baby and had not taken the bar.

He was TOTALLY cool with that.  And, said "can you come in NOW to see the office?"

Me: jaw drops, while I'm huffing and puffing..."well sir, I just finished working out, so you would not want to see me or smell me right now.  Can I shower first?"

After my shower I realized "shit shit shit...I haven't even attempted to fit in to my suit!  What if I don't fit in to my pre-pregnancy suit?"  Well suckas...let me tell ya something.  That stuff zipped and I looked FAAABULOUS, all lawyerly and stuff. 

Forty five minutes later, I was at the law firm getting a tour and within 30 minutes of being home, he called me, offered me a full time position and VOILA!

I'm BEYOND psyched about having a job.  You guys don't understand.  We've been thoroughly broke FOREVER.  Those loans were only going up and up and up.  And while the pay is surely not going to make us rich any time soon, and no this isn't a teaching position, this is AMAZING.  It will pay for our living expenses and a bit more, and it'll be using my degree, which of course is great too.  The boss also seemed positive on giving me more job opportunities if I ever do decide to take the bar.  Really, this is a win/ win situation.

ONLY downside.  I start Thursday.  On my birthday. 

"Happy Birthday Cristina!  Now get your cute little booty to work."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monday Minute 10/11/10

Wow, another week has FLOWN by and it's time for my THIRD Monday Minute!  As always, email or comment if you have suggestions for questions or want the questions emailed to you early (I do it on Friday).  This week is MY BIRTHDAY WEEK (woot woot), so I'll be writing my questions in bright colors like the candles I'll be blowing out (26 of those suckers).


(1) What color undies/ boxers do you have on right now?
(2) What song have you been playing on repeat lately?
(3) What's your best personality trait?
(4) Are you a leader or a follower?
(5) What's your least favorite household chore?

My Answers

(1) What color undies/boxers do you have on right now?  Well Mr. Nosey, that's for Evan to know and nobody else to find out.  Ok, since I'm the host I should totally have to answer these questions right?  That wouldn't be very fair.  The lace part around the waste is light blue and the actual body is light blue with gray little flowers. 

(2) What song have you been playing on repeat lately?  I LOVE Sara Bareilles.  She just came out with a new album in September and it is just as amazing as her first album (which is so unheard of in artists).  I loooove THIS song (Gonna Get Over You).  Listen to it repeatedly and feel free to now steal this answer for you own Monday Minute answer.

(3) What's your best personality trait?  I don't do anything half ass.  I've never done something in my life without going all out.  I couldn't just go to law school.  Oh no, that would be entirely too boring.  So, I got knocked up, had a very time consuming job, AND went to law school.  So, as you can imagine, I've already been planning Evan's graduation and Liliana's birthday weekend.  Yes, I'm aware this is approximately 8 months away.  But, I'm not half assing it...I'm gonna decorate the heck out of some cakes!  I don't know how, but I'm going to learn and be the best damn cake decorator you've ever seen.

(4) Are you a leader or a follower?  You can probably tell ... I'm a leader.  I always have been.  I don't necessarily think that's a good thing or a bad thing.  The world needs both kinds.  I just don't do well with people telling me what to do.  I realize that makes me sound difficult to work with.  I don't think I'm a bad team player, but I would be lying if I said I don't do best when I'm in charge of delegating the tasks.

(5) What's your least favorite household chore?  EASY...washing dishes.  That was my main chore growing up, so now I HATE it.  I would rather cook dinner twice than have to wash dishes once.  Fortunately, Evan's a sweetheart and he does dishes often.  I know the question didn't ask, but I LOVE vacuuming.  It's so cool to check the little container afterwards and see how dirty the floors were.  Yes, I realize I'm a loser.

That's it!  Remember to link up and encourage your readers to do the same!


Friday, October 8, 2010

The Place Where the Puerto Rican Bakes and the White Boy Cooks Puerto Rican Food

I missed last week's "Show us your life" because we were in New York, so I think it was worth it and I think you guys will forgive me for missing.  Last weeks was "Show us your dining room" and quite honestly, I think that was the best week for me to miss because our dining room happens to be my least favorite room in the house.  It also happens to be Evan's least favorite room in the house too.  I think we despise this room for two reasons: it has carpet still (yuck I know) AND it has been used for studying on multiple occasions.  Whenever we have finals coming up, the dining room table got COVERED in books and we would sit there until god knows what time in the morning.  The thought of that just doesn't leave fuzzy and warm thoughts in your mind.

That being said, I won't leave you guys empty handed.  Today is a DOUBLE Show us your life edition and I'm making up for lost time...

Here is our dining room.  
And since I like to keep with tradition, here are before and after pictures too.

 As you can see, the people that lived here before us gave us a blank slate in pretty much every single room.  I did LOVE the windows in the dining room and how it looks out to the street.

 The dining room today!
We got the table and chairs for FREE from my cousin and his wife who were upgrading.
I then realized that our walls were bare, but I didn't have money to buy
 Before I knew it, our dining room was the "seasonal" dining room.
From left to right, these little paintings that I did represent fall, winter, and spring.
p.s. Yes, I'm not a painter.  I know that.
p.p.s. Each canvas was $4.  I can't buy a print for that cheap.
p.p.p.s. When we finally stop taking out graduate school loans, I'll finally buy artwork.

 The other seasonal artwork in the dining room.

OOOOK, now for the PROPER room of the day...our kitchen!  Our kitchen, like many other people I'm sure, is what sold me on this house.  It was laid out exactly how I wanted AND it had an island.  I believe islands should be REQUIRED in kitchens.  Also, I don't believe in putting a bunch of decoration junk on them.  They are meant to cook on.  And that's what we do.  As you noticed from the title of this blog post, I love baking.  I do cook, and quite often, but my favorite thing to do in this kitchen is bake.  I do it whenever I can, or rather, whenever we think we deserve a little treat.

Before Kitchen Shots
 Remember the blank slate thing from above?  Yep, still reigned true here.

I liked the open concept of this house.  It all flows.
The curtains in the background is the living room and the dining room is to the right of this picture. 

After Kitchen:
 I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I like how I decorated our kitchen.
This green color is the same color I have on one of the walls in our living room.
That table is where Evan and I eat dinner 90% of the time.  Bought it at World Market by the way.

 I took a picture of this because I love this area.  I just think the colors look pretty together.
My Mom painted that plate (yeah, I realize she's amazing).

 On the left of this picture if our Puerto Rican corner.  
And I also took this picture so you could see some of our Halloween decorations!
On the top shelf, you can see some beautifully painted glasses...

 These glasses were painted by my next door neighbor as a wedding gift.  They were the favors at our wedding and she did 250 of them!  Aren't they simply gorgeous?

 Here's the view of where the cooking happens!
Notice my island? YAY!  And, notice how I don't keep a bunch of crap on it!  Just things I BAKED!  (Smores chocolate chip cookies...they are AWESOME)

Our travel wall.
When Evan and I travel we buy a little piece of artwork and display it somewhere in the kitchen.
This wall of the kitchen represents Puerto Rico (top), Paris (middle painting) &Belgium (bottom).

There ya have it!  Our kitchen and dining room.  Whew, that was LONG and exhausting to write.  Hope you liked it!

p.s. Remember to scroll down and enter to win my first giveaway!  The chances of winning are still SUPER high and for $65, you might as well try right?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back From NY and We Survived!

We did it.  Liliana took her first airplane ride, and she ROCKED it.  Seriously, the girl cried maybe a max of 30 minutes roundtrip.  Each trip was about 7 hours, so this was a big success.  I was really excited about Liliana's first airplane experiences and wanted to chronicle this special time in her life...

 Liliana and Daddy during her first flight! 

Liliana's completely content on the plane!

The morning that we left for New York, a tropical storm was coming in, so we were terrified that we'd be delayed for at least 3 hours.  In the end, we were only delayed 35 minutes, so we were really happy about that.  Evan's Dad and his wife met us in Dallas and helped us with Liliana on the flight, which was great.

When we finally arrived at the hotel in Brooklyn, Grammy (Evan's Mom) was thrilled to see Liliana and took care of her so we could go get some dinner.  When we got back to the hotel, we were ready to crash.  However, Liliana had different plans. 

Liliana has been in her nursery since day 1.  We had NO IDEA this baby girl made so much noise in her sleep!  Liliana's crib was literally right next to our bed in the hotel so we woke up whenever Liliana made any sound or turned in any way.  Evan and I had quite an adjustment to make. Let me tell you, it's difficult to feed and bathe a baby when you're not in your home!  

The next day was the rehearsal dinner.  In the morning, we went in to the city with Evan's two brother's and their girlfriends (although, one of them is another Lacefield wife now!).  We went to get some cookies and cupcakes for the reception.  It was rainy the entire time, but it was still fun to just hang out.  Fortunately, Grammy watched Liliana again so we didn't have to do the whole experience with a stroller.  When we got back, we got ready for the rehearsal dinner.  Recognize this dress?

That's right! 
Goal dress #1 fit and fit PERFECTLY.  However, I still didn't look great...

There we go!  Thinks are looking much better.
Cute baby, girl in her goal dress...what's missing?

There we go!  The PERFECT picture!
I love this family shot of the three of us.

After the rehearsal dinner, we went home and just hung out at the hotel.  We were EXHAUSTED and knew Liliana might make her funny noises in her sleep again.  Plus, we had a BIG day the next day...WEDDING DAY!  

We were so happy because when we woke up in the morning, we saw that the tropical storm had passed and were greeted with a beautiful New York sunny day! The wedding site was perfect.

The reception was held at a bar called The Sycamore in Brooklyn.
It was AWESOME and the food was BEYOND delicious.

 Another GREAT family shot!
Also...recognize the dress?  YEP!  Goal dress #2 fit too! 
It was a TIGHT fit (as evidenced by my huge ass), but it zipped!  I was THRILLED.

From left to right: 
Evan (middle child, and in my opinion, the hottest of the 3!)
Connor (the now husband and oldest brother)
and Tyler (the youngest brother, who is obsessed with his niece)

Liliana slept for an hour before the wedding.
I thought her outfit was ADORABLE!  Do you like?

The wedding reception really was picturesque.  The bride looked AMAZING and they read their own vows to each other which had nearly everybody crying...

 Connor read his vows to his bride.
"I liked you because you liked baseball"

 She read her vows to her groom.
"I liked you because you could handle my evil cat"
All in all, we had a GREAT time in New York and are really happy that our baby girl will be a breeze when we travel.  We were so happy to be a part of their special day.

A parting cute shot of Liliana during the ceremony:

Don't you just wanna pinch those cheeks?

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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