Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What did I wear today? Outfit pictures below!

This sounds silly ... but I have sent Evan a picture of what I'm wearing to work a few times.  See, Evan leaves EARLY EARLY every single morning (ahh ... the life of  a resident) and by the time he gets home in the evenings, I'm in my work out clothes looking sweaty and stinking like BO.  SO, I want him to occasionally see his wifey looking nice. 

Therefore, I take a little poorly lit picture for him to see.  He always responds "holy jesus you're beautiful" or something like that (that's the one I got today).  It makes me feel nice to hear a compliment at 6:45 in the morning.  I think everyone should get a compliment BEFORE even heading to work.  Now THAT is a way to start off your day!

Anyway, I thought I would share for you guys what I wear to work lots of days.  I've seen "outfit" posts on blogs before and I always like seeing how people dress and what creative yet classy ways they put thier clothes together.  My FAVORITE thing about those posts?  When people say WHERE they bought stuff because sometimes I want to copy cat and buy it too!

I wore this to work a few weeks ago and had SO many compliments on the dress.  My Momma bought it for me at Belks.  I'm actually wearing it backwards!  It's low cut in the front and not appropriate for work, so my Mom had the idea to simply turn it around.  She's a smart woman!

Dress: Belks ($40 on sale)
Shoes: Carlos Santana (bought 5 years ago)
Earrings: gift from Evan from NY & Co ($10)

Even though this shirt is longer, I wore it in August because it was sheer and breathes so well!  That's exactly what I need in these hot summer months.

Shirt: The Limited ($30 at a 40% off sale)
Pants: NY & Co (free bc I had a ton of gift cards)
Shoes: NY & Co (free bc I had a ton of gift cards)

This outfit was a little on the boring side, but I really like the necklace and durability of that shirt ... it is TEN years old!  Gotta love the Banana Republic Outfit.

Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet ($14)
Pants: NY & Co (again, ton of gift cards)
Necklace: The Limited ($18 bc I had a buy one get one free coupon)
Shoes: TJMaxx ($14 in clearance rack)

Here I am today! I really should take these with a decent camera huh?

Shirt: The Limited ($16 in a 40% off sale ... I did damage that day, even with great prices!)
Pants: Old Navy ($20.  They occasionally have some GREAT slacks)
Shoes: NY & Co (same from above pictures)
Bracelet: Park Lane Jewelry (don't know how much it cost, it was a gift)

There ya have it!  While getting dressed every morning is a little stressful, it's actually quite fun to plan my outfit out.  The only problem?  I'm also starting to like shopping!  To make matters worse, my husband and I don't have the typical relationship where he says I shop too much.  He ALWAYS tells me I worked hard to get back in to my pre-pregnancy clothes and should reward myself. ... well ... if you insist! 

Have you guys seen any good sales lately that I have to hit? : )

Friday, August 26, 2011

Our GROWING family! : )

After much consideration, Evan and I decided it was a good time to expand our family some.  I mean, Liliana is already 15 months old and we just felt like it was time.

We even had a name chosen for our growing family ... it was fate ...

In just one short month, I will be holding one of these adorable cutie pies!  Isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen?

We are getting a boy golden retriever and we'll be naming him Sherman!  (for those of you that might not know, Coach Sherman is the Texas Aggie Football Coach.  Needless to say, since our Aggies are highly ranked, we thought the name was awesome).

The parents?  The parents of these puppies?  Just take a look people ... holy moly our dog is gonna be a beauty!
 The Momma

The handsome Papa.

Did I fool you guys in to thinking that we were having another baby?  Are you guys CRAZY?  Evan is a RESIDENT people!  I just started a NEW SUPER SUPER BUSY job!  We BARELY make any money as it is ... nope, not time for that.  That is not in the cards for the Lacefield family for a good while longer. 

But you know what is ????

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Raw Emotion Today

Last week I realized something.  I made the right decision.  I've known it for a long time, but I've had to convince myself a few times when people give me looks after I say "I went to law school but decided to get an unconventional job with it."  After this week, I say it with pride.  I look at people who judge and say "psh, you're probably just jealous."

Making the decision to not practice in a law firm after I was so obnoxious all through law school was a humbling experience.  I felt so vulnerable.  I knew people would have lots to say under their breath.  To be quite honest, I didn't like the person I became through law school.  I was constantly bitter, constantly stressed, and frankly unhappy.  Looking back on it, I became a very unlikeable person.   When all you are is stressed, you just get mad at people around you that seem happy.  Don't know if that's common, but that's how I react.  I found it hard to be happy for others, which is truly such a shame.  I'm ashamed to say I became that for a while.

Even through my pregnancy, my main thought was: "will I get a job as an associate somewhere?"  I was unreasonably selfish and frantic about the stupidest thing.

The evening that I finally took the plunge and decided to work in an academic setting, I had a few people not agree with my decision.  However, the majority of people, especially my husband, knew it was right.  I immediately felt SUCH a relief.  I think some people thought I was giving up working.  Quite on the contrary.  Like I've said many times on this blog, I've always known staying at home isn't the life I want.  I think it works wonders for some people, but I just can't give up all the hard work through college and law school.  Plus, if I told you my hours this week, you would know that isn't the case.  I was at the office about 45 hours this week, not to mention the 15 hours I worked at home.  It isn't anywhere near my husband's hours (poor guy) but still not a walk in the park by any means.

While working at the middle school all last year I felt happy but still felt somewhat unfulfilled.  I was so fortunate to land a job within 1 week of having my application out so I didn't complain.  The kids at the middle school taught me patience.  The staff taught me resilience.  But I knew that wasn't my goal.  I knew I wanted a position with more autonomy.  I really wanted a position that required initiative.

And that's exactly what I have here.  Again, I was so lucky to easily get this job.  I sent out a blind email looking for any position and the head of school wrote back with a myriad of possibilities for me.  For starters, I really enjoy working with the older students (most of them are about 17 or 18).  I feel like I can relate to them more and I remember so well what they're going through.  I also enjoy that I do get to teach a course.  Yes it's time consuming and yes teaching Economics is difficult, but I think the students enjoy our time together.  Another part of my job that I love is being the Director of Upper School Academic Achievement.  I get the privilege of talking with parents and with students and trying to help them succeed here so they can go to the best college possible.  Whether that means organization skills, test accommodations, or test-taking strategies, I am SO very busy handling all of this.  Some days I forget that I had to pee!

Funny thing is ... I wouldn't want it any other way.  And I know I won't love the job every single day.  I know some days will be tough and some days I'll say "uggh I hate this," but every job has their cons. 

For the first time since my big decision last summer, I can with 100% certainty say, I made the right choice for myself.  And for the first time in a VERY FREAKING LONG time I can say (without sounding too cocky) I am PROUD of myself.

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Office Semi-Makeover, PLUS, some decorating help needed!

Wow the blog writing is really taking a backseat lately huh?  Work has been HECTIC and BUSY to say the least.  I leave about an hour later than I thought I would every single day AND then I get home and work a few hours more.  It should calm down soon though.  I think this is what happens when you're new to a job.

The pluses though?  I LOVE the job.  I LOVE being busy, and I LOVE my office space.

I'm not done with it though and I need your help to finish it ... I know I need some prints on the wall, but I just don't know what else the space needs. 

Wanna see the makeover?


This was my office when I got to work the first day.  YIKES right?  I mean, it was a little bit stressful to see the mess.  SO, instead of dealing with this immediately, I decided I would tackle this on a Saturday with Evan and Liliana by my side. 

We went off to Target on Friday night and I shopped.  I decided the theme would be black and red and started finding some great deals.

Once I got rid of all the mess, it started looking a little bit better.  But, we still had plans and what a difference $80 makes!  Well, what do you think?

As you can see, I have a nice couch for students and parents to sit on during conferences.  I also have a sink behind my desk!  Cool huh?  And, another wonderful thing about this ginormous office?

My pretty view.  I get to see the kid eating lunch and get to see hills and trees throughout the day.  I love natural sunlight and love having my windows open.

I am so thankful for Evan helping to do all of this.  He was a trooper while we cleaned this up for 2 hours on a Saturday morning.  Also, Liliana was really helpful looking adorable too:

She brushed her hair while we worked ... how helpful right?

SO, I am SO very happy with my office.  It is so homey and I love spending time in it. 

Now ... what else should I do with it?  Advice?  Please?  ANY?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Working Momma Once Again!!! ... PLUS, I need work fashion advice!

Last Friday, I started work at my school here in Arkansas.  I can't give you guys too much information, because believe it or not I've heard that these little stinkers will google my name incessantly.  I can add that I'm fortunate enough to work at the best private school in the state and quite frankly, the place is amazing.  They treat their staff and the stuents so well. 
Example: I showed up to work on Friday and by 11 I had a BRAND NEW FREE laptop, AND my first paycheck!  DANG, talk about a sweet first day.

I will be SO very busy at the school.  I am the Academic Director of the upper school and teach economics.  I will also do legal work for the head of school whenever they don't want to send things to legal counsel.  Basically, I have the best job's a little bit of everything, I am incredibly busy during the day, and I work with a bunch of wonderful children and with a very hard-working staff. 

While my hours don't seem like they'll be horrible, they definitely won't be a cake walk.  I leave the house around 7:20, drop Liliana off at daycare, get to work around 7:45 and so far, haven't even had a chance to pee until I get home in the early evening!  YIKES!  Honestly though, I wouldn't want it any other way. I love a busy job.

On the weekends, the job won't necessarily require  I go to too many events but it is "strongly recommended" and even more so, I WANT to go!  This school is so impressive and truly cares about the children that attend.  So to go to football games, to see the choir concerts, and to go to the student council events will definitely take time, but I'm so very excited to get to know these upper school kids (and hopefully children from the lower and middle school too).

It has definitely been a transition going from staying home for 2 months while we settled in to the house to going back to work full-time without Liliana by my side.  I wake up WAY earlier now that I'm back to work and quite honestly, I much prefer working to staying-at-home.  It just suits me really well.  This is an entirely differnet topic, and I understand it's controversial, but working is what works for our family and I'm happy it's all working so brilliantly!

Liliana, of course, has transitioned without any difficulties.  When I drop her off, she just turns around, blows me a kiss, and says "Bye bye Mommy!" .

... and walks off.

No crying.  Not a peep.  For a 14 month old baby, she is QUITE independent.

ANYWAY, I need some advice from everyone!!! HELP me!!

 I have to decorate my Achievement Center room and need your help!  It's QUITE ugly right now.  Pictures to come soon!  We'll have to get our decorating shoes on.  Any ideas for a cute office at work? 

Second, this job makes me dress all fancy schmancy ... I mean, I can't even wear capri slacks!  I just bought gorgeous ones from the Limited and ... nope ... can't wear them! BUMMER. Any advice?  Where to shop for clothes, for shoes, for jewelry, what to wear while still being comfortable, etc.? 

Evan told me he'd help pick outfits for me on-line and you know what he's looking at right now? 


Don't really think that's what I had in mind!  WELL, at least not for work. ; )

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Can't Stop Eating: Cinnamon Roll Pulls Recipe

Lately, I've been a wee-bit addicted to Pinterest.  My best friend told me about it and darn her ... I couldn't stop pinning things!  Find my boards here.

Anyway, if you read my blog then you know I love cooking and baking.  After working out, it is my biggest hobby (ironic I know I know!)

Pinterest has been amazing because I had a word document with all these recipes I would see when browsing the web and now I have it available whenever I want it.  A few days ago, while at Kroger, I remembered a recipe for Cinnamon Roll Pulls that I had from this great blog.  I HAD to make it.  The evil Cinnamon Roll gods made me!

And after I made THIS ... well you see why I had to share the recipe with you guys.  It's very similar to the link I put above, but I did make a few adjustments to it ...

Cinnamon Roll Pulls:

1 UNSLICED round loaf of sourdough bread
1/2 c. butter, softened
1/4 c. powdered sugar
1/3 c. honey
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

3/4 c. sugar
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1 1/4 c. powdered sugar
1 tbsp. milk


(1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
(2) Make the vanilla honey butter: whip butter and 1/4 c. powdered sugar until smooth.  Stir in the vanilla and honey and set it aside while you cut the bread.
(3) Cut the bread in slices (about 1/2" thick) but DO NOT cut all the way through.  Turn the bread 90 degrees and cut again.  This will start getting a little messy, but it's ok, just keep going.
(4) Spread the vanilla honey butter through the slices.  Try and get deep in to those crevices.  Put as much as you would like.  If you think there's enough, don't use all of the butter, but do remember to get plenty.
(5) Mix the cinnamon and sugar and put this through the slices as well.  Again, use as much as you think looks appetizing.
(6) Wrap the loaf in foil, put it on a cookie sheet, and put in the oven for approximately 30 minutes. Trust me you want it nice and warm and gooey.

(7) AFTER it is done in the oven, prepare the glaze that goes on top by combining the milk and powdered sugar.  Use more milk or more powdered sugar to get the consistency you would like.

(8) Kick your husband's butt for taking pictures of your butt while  baking (that picture not posted here ... don't want to give y'all nightmares now!).  Then give him a kiss for having taken a picture of you preparing the glaze.
(9) Drizzle that icing over the loaf.
(10) Devour.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tour of the New Home: Liliana's Bedroom!

I'm sorry I've been a crappy blogger lately.  I could say I've been too busy, but the truth is that I started a new book and am addicted to it.  Have you guys read Unbroken?  I highly recommend it. 

Amazon link.  READ IT!

Anyway, back to the tour.  Last time, I showed you the livingroom and today we're moving upstairs ... to the room of the prettiest little girl around!  To get upstairs, we go through the hall:

Rug bought on AND got that AWESOME print (What I Love Most About my Home is Who I Share it With) for FREE HERE.  I plan on changing it out when the holidays come!  LOVE Subway Art.

After the hall, we go up the stairs ...

And finally we have arrived at Liliana's room!

Liliana's room looks actually quite different than in did in Lubbock and I have to admit (I'm ashamed to admit) I like it better in Lubbock.  I had a horrible time choosing a paint color that I liked here.  In Lubbock, I only painted one wall and we got the same color here ... but with the different lighting, it looked like a chemical spill!  So, we went with this color (second gallon of course) and while it does look much better, it still needed something.

SO, off to Amazon I went.  I got those dots on the back wall for like $12 and it made a huge difference!  I had a LOT of left overs because sometimes less is more.  

The BEST part of her room though?  Look at the opposite wall:

ADORE these built-ins!  LOTS and LOTS of storage which is amazing.  Evan is actually using her old dresser to save on money because we don't need more drawers!  PLUS, I like having all those shelves so that we can put her plethora of books:

Here are the books that Liliana has in only her room.  Any book that has a counting or alphabet theme goes in the playroom downstairs, because that's the theme of her playroom.  She has tons of books ... but you know what she has PLENTY of?

Look at the amount of shoes she has!  And mind you, these are only size 4 shoes ... she had a full drawer of size 3 shoes, but those are already packed for the next baby girl, if we have one.  Also, we have one pair in our diaper bag, another in her playpen downstairs, AND she has a pair on today.  I bought the majority of them off of Ebay ... a lot of THIRTEEN shoes for TWENTY-TWO dollars (including shipping).  Do the math people, that's about $1.50 per pair.  WOWZA.  The rest are gifts or hand-me-downs from family members. 

Liliana's favorite thing in the room?

Mrs. Bunny.  Yes, she likes Mrs. Bunny.  She does not carry it around, she knows it stays in her crib, but every night when we put her to bed, she hugs Mrs. Bunny, looks at us and says "awwwww..." while hugging Mrs. Bunny, and then gives us a sweet "bye bye!"

Liliana says "HEEEEY...who is looking at my room...they better not take Mrs. Bunny!!" 

There ya have it, Liliana's little palace.  I can't believe in a little over a year I will be redoing this entire room for her "big girl" room.  Wow time flies! 

Next room: guest room and my piano room!