Monday, November 28, 2011

The Ol' Switcheroo

We had a great trip to San Antonio and everyone simply adored spending time with Liliana.  Evan and I arrived back home around noon on Friday and thought we would just decorate for Christmas without feeling the stress.

As we got the Thanksgiving decor out and brought the Christmas decor in, we started stressing.  And by we, I mean I. 

It's like it suddenly hit me:  our house, while great, needs some MAJOR work done to it!

For starters, what was I thinking putting the playroom right off the kitchen?  At the time, it seemed like a fabulous idea having Liliana right there, but on the other hand, the room is half the size of the completely unused room at the front of the house.

Then, I realized that the ugly paint colors upstairs HAVE to go.  I've seen that mud color ENOUGH thank you very much and I am SO sick of it.

THEN, we went over to our next-door neighbors to watch the Arkansas game (which ended up being a big disappointment).  In their playroom, she had these FABULOUS couches.  They are comfy and Liliana can climb up on them without giving me a heart attack.  I wanted them.  Evan REALLY wanted them (he likes comfort). 

The only dilemma?  We didn't have $700 dollars in our back pocket.  Darn it.

THEN Evan said "WAIT, we have credit card points!"  And indeed we do! 

So, guess what's coming to our home?  TWO of these babies!

Sorry for the poor picture quality.  Walmart won't let me get a decent one!

So, instead of a relaxing weekend, we spent it decorating for Christmas (pictures coming soon) AND switching our old study and playroom.

In other words, this big study is now the playroom.  The wall to the right of that baby gate is going to house our two couches and it will be a "sitting area" to relax in.

And this smaller room is now the study.

We still haven't changed the art work, but Liliana is already a BIG fan of the switch.  It gives her room to roam and when those couches come in, it'll give us room to lounge while she plays! 

As for the other trillion things that I wanted to do, those will have to take a back seat until we can afford them.  The credit card points paid for 50% of the couches, but that means we're still paying a decent chunk of change out of pocket.  So the rest will wait ...

Except for the mud color walls in my guest room.  It simply HAS to go.  If I have to look at it ONE MORE TIME, I just might puke.

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  1. Those are great couches! I bet they will be comfortable!