Friday, November 16, 2012

Gloria's 4 months!

My dearest Gloria:

Here I am again writing you your monthly letter late.  I'm so sorry about that!  Truth be told the main reason we're behind is because we didn't take your pictures until a few days late because your Daddy has been working so hard.  I always want him to be with us for picture time b/c he basically insists on it, but when he leaves and gets home when it's dark outside it makes it difficult.  Fortunately we snagged one free moment that he was home (and left shortly thereafter) last Sunday afternoon to get some pictures.

You look unsure of the fact that Liliana's got you in a headlock. haha.
 Let's see, what can we say about you?  You continue to be SO stinking easy going and the main development you made this month is the art of smacking your toys.  You take your paci in and out of your mouth, you grab on to blankets as if they're your life support line, you hit your toys on the exersaucer, etc. You aren't as talkative as your sister except you have recently started to find the volume that your voice can produce and get a kick out of that.  It is a BREEZE to make you smile and laugh.  We basically just say HI and off you go smiling and giggling.

The best part about this is we don't tell your sister to do anything.  We just turned on a camera and she got in the chair, wrapped her arms around you, and wanted to smile and kiss you constantly!

I took you to your 4 month appointment a couple weeks ago and was SHOCKED to hear your stats: you're in the 60th percentile for weight but the 98TH percentile for height!  I knew that you were tall since we had you in 6 month pants but they were big on your waist.  But for some reason it really struck me as WOAH when they told me the percentage.  I couldn't get over it!  I'm hoping we've got a Volleyball player in you! : )

You're still wearing size 2 diapers and are still a fabulous sleeper.  You're going about 10 hours every night (about 8-6) and then get up to feed ... fall back asleep at 6:15 (yes it's VERY quick) and usually I wake you up around 9:00 so I can take you two to school!  You're eating 5 oz every 3 hours and 6 at night.  You still have issues with spitting up some after each bottle but the Doctor said that should start going away pretty soon.  I hope so because I'm not liking this whole soured milk smell! haha.

You look like a chubster here.  I love it! : )
My favorite thing on earth is seeing you and Liliana together.  When you're upset she'll say "Don't cry Gloria, your big sister Liliana is here and I love you!" (YES, your big sister has a heck of a vocabulary for a not even 2 1/2 year old ... 3 - 5 word sentences before 2 1/2?  PSH try that one at 13!) We have quite a morning routine where Liliana pulls a stool up to your bed and INSISTS on being the first person to give you a kiss everyday.  If I steal that thunder she insists on giving one more kiss than me.  She just wants to love on you constantly.  While I'm changing your diaper Liliana moves her stool over to the changing pad and tells you "Gloria you want to hear your ABC's?"  and proceeds to sing you all her favorite songs.  You look at her, giggle, smile, and grab her hand.  Seeing you two interact more and more is absolutely my favorite part of this entire parenting process.  Knowing the bond you two will have as sisters is indescribable and I'm so glad you'll always have a best friend, a confidant, and a person to laugh with forever.

Your Daddy and I are absolutely enamored by you and can't wait to see you grow more each month.  I love you darling.


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  1. Happy 4 months, sweet girl!

    Can you give me a review on your rocking chair? I am in need of one for my new nursery and found a few pieces at Ikea I liked - this being one. Do you like it for the price point?