Sunday, March 24, 2013


SO I reached 3000 sales on Friday night in my etsy shop!  It's hilarious b/c I remember thinking "when I get 1,000 I'll be so blown away."  And here I am, at 3033 and just 20 million times happier with my job than I ever thought possible.

So I like celebrations and wanted to celebrate this milestone.  Until Tuesday morning I will be having 15% off ANY THING in the shop ... invites included!  WOO HOO!

Just put in coupon code 3000SALES and you'll get the 15% discount.  Guys, think anniversary, birthday parties, etc.  The coupon is even for custom orders so do you have an invitation or birthday party for a kiddo that you've been wanting to throw and can't find just the right thing?  Well, USE ME people! :)

Just click here.  I have TONS and TONS of new stuff in the shop and basically live here on this computer so write me and I'll get back to ya in a flash.

Much love and have a great weekend!

Here's the link for the shop btw:

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  1. Wow! Did I read that you are doing this full-time now?! I have gotten behind on your blog! :( Your shop has grown SO much! Amazing! Congrats!!!