Friday, June 14, 2013

Nearly a Year Old

My wonderful Gloria,

It's been nearly a year since you were born.  And I can't believe that.  You're my baby.  You're our baby!  Our tiny little girl that now ... isn't so tiny. ; ) 

I love seeing who you are.  I love seeing how much you're like your sister and how much you're not like your sister.  You guys are similar in the sense that you both are verbal little stinkers (at 11 months you're saying words that I just can't get over ... you can say your name, backpack, Good Morning (NOT JOKING ... you say good morning!), bye bye, hola, hi, hellow, hermana, sissy, Daddy, Mommy).  You're also incredibly sweet.  You and your sister have never had a disagreement of any sort.  You both adore each other. 

Now your differences -- you're quieter.  You love your independence. You're more content just being.  You don't "move" around all the time.  You love to just sit.  You can crawl or pull up on anything, but you're perfectly content just playing with a toy forever.  You eat EVERYTHING -- grass, rocks, leaves, lint ... you get it.  It's tough to keep track of you! 

You're in size 4 diapers already and still wearing your 12 month clothing.  No idea how much you weigh, but I know it's more than 22 pounds b/c that's what you weighed over a month ago, HA!

I know your birthday is soon.  I know you'll be turning one on July 4th.  What a special day for such a special girl.  We can't wait to watch you go to town with your cake.

Love you my sweet girl. 


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