Sunday, January 31, 2010

20 week survey

How far along? 20 weeks, 5 days

Maternity clothes? Still not completely necessary. I mean, my pants are miles apart and I couldn't zip or button them if I even wanted to, but the maternity pants are just a little too big.

Stretch marks? Not yet, although my belly has been itching like crazy this week!

Sleep: sleep has really started becoming tough. Laying on my back is hurting and pinches some kind of nerve, so I have to be on my side and that starts hurting after a while too. My back isn't made for this...and to think, it has to endure SO much more.

Best moment this week:
You know, we had a bunch of amazing baby moments...but one completely kicked the others butt. Yesterday morning, our active Liliana was kicking like crazy and I lifted up my shirt, and BOOM Evan and I saw my stomach move and saw her move!! Most people don't start seeing this for at least another three weeks, but we're just lucky and our girl is just so strong. It was awesome. A few hours later, we both commented on how we hadn't stopped thinking about it. It just felt so real. She really is in there and will be blessing our lives in less than 5 months (but hopefully, not much shorter than that).

Movement: Look above...the girl is goin crazy! It's a blast to feel her move so much. Evan's really enjoyed finally being able to feel her kick for real.

Food cravings: I had some pineapple and couldn't stop eating it the other day. Too bad pineapple ain't cheap.

Gender: Liliana Rose Lacefield - a girl. We're so proud: Liliana isn't in the top 50 most popular names of 2009. It was top 100, but I kinda like that. She has a unique name, but not so darn weird that nobody has ever heard of it. It's perfect.

Labor Signs: nada. Apparently I can start having these things called brandon hicks contractions any week now, but I'd be happy without those too.

Belly Button in or out? Innie, but each week it makes more of an outie transition. It's cute to see.

What I miss: I miss not being some definite clothing size. For the last week and probably for the next week or so, I really don't fit in to regular clothes but am still too small for maternity clothes. While the bella band is amazing, it still shifts around all the time and I have to fix it at least every couple hours. I just want to wear something and have it fit me. If it wasn't so cold out, I'd be in dresses much more often because I can wear maternity or regular dresses, but somehow, 10 degree weather doesn't make dresses seem very appealing.

What I am looking forward to: I have another maternity appointment this week. It's always fun to hear the heartbeat and have the doctor tell me everything is picture perfect, so hopefully that's exactly what we'll hear.

Weekly Wisdom: If you're really busy as Evan and I are, start your nursery work EARLY!! Neither one of us have time on the weekdays to work on the nursery and only have time every few weekends, so we know this process will take time. Fortunately, this weekend gave us lots of time to do nursery work, and boy did we take advantage of it. We painted the walls (after having to go back to walmart and repaint a wall because we hated the original color we got), got new curtains (after having to go to Target and return the original ones we bought at Walmart), etc. etc. It just takes time...but it's all worth it.

Milestones: Two milestones this week: seeing her move AND we bought my graduation dress! I got it at motherhood maternity and it's simple and cute. Plus, it was $34 bucks...for my graduation dress, I consider that a good deal. I was terrified I wasn't going to be able to find one. Now, I just have to make it to graduation...

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