Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where to Start...

I'll use my first post mainly to describe what this blog is all about and who's writing it. With time, I'm sure I'll use this blog to post about life in general, life as an attorney, as a wife, as a mother, as a woman who loves to work out, as a woman who loves to bake (the last two kinda contradict each other right?), and so much more.

But for the first few posts, I'm sure I'll talk about two things mainly: law school and pregnancy. I'm a third year law student set to graduate in May 2010 (109 days away) and am married to a wonderful man: a third year medical student, set to graduate in Spring 2011 (I won't put the countdown for him, that's just depressing to think about).

Evan and I are high school sweethearts. We started dating on June 7, 2002 and really, from the beginning, knew we were meant to be together. We both graduated from Texas A&M University in May 2007 and got married two weeks later in June 2007. Our first challenge as a "grown-up" couple was the fact that we both wanted to be very successful in life. It seems to be that usually one of the two in a marriage feels that it's their duty to slow life down for everyone's benefit, and while I see the beauty in that, I think perhaps we were both naive and said "let's both go for it!" Fortunately, we both got in to our respective graduate schools quite easily and believe it or not, Lubbock was the best match for us. I got a full scholarship through my three years of law school and we loved the concept of our schools only being 5 minutes apart, so we could occasionally meet for lunch (sometimes the only time we're able to see each other).

I'm not going to lie: the first year of law school sucked. In fact, I pretty much hated it. My husband convinced me to stay in school and said I would regret it if I quit. He was beyond right. I've really come to like the last two years and finally started finding purpose in my days.

Evan and I have always known we wanted to have a big family. We thought the best time to try was going to be in my second semester of law school. That way, I'd be done with the bar and could interview for jobs without a big belly. In the past, I had some medical complications and was not ovulating, but after talking to my physician, he told me not to stress and that when we finally deciding to start trying for a baby, to come see him. I called his office months in advance and made an appointment...little did I know...that appointment would be for my first prenatal visit!

On October 4th, after my boobs had been hurting me to the point where even my t-shirt was hurting, Evan told me he thought I should take a pregnancy test. I thought this idea was ridiculous for a few ideas: we knew I couldn't get pregnant, we were being careful, but most of all...I couldn't have a baby 4 weeks after graduation and while I was studying for the bar exam....RIGHT?? WRONG! He convinced me to stop at Walgreens and I took the first test. I brought it out of the bathroom and just watched while this faint second line started to turn pink...what the hell? I told Evan to come inside, thinking it was all in my head, but all he said was "huh..." HUH??? Oh goodness. We quickly looked on google what a faint second line meant. Everything said, any second line = pregnant. I was still in disbelief, so at 10:30 we went to our grocery store to buy a digital (something I will do from now on, because those other ones are worthless). The grocery store didn't have them...on to Walmart! We bought a digital test at Walmart and I had to come home and wait to pee again. Evan and I normally go to bed early because he wakes up so early through his third year of medical school, but we decided, this night was worth waiting up for. We tried watching T.V. go get our mind off things, but obviously were both quite overwhelmed. I went in to the restroom at midnight and 3 minutes later, it said "yes." All I said was "umm...baby?" Evan quickly jumped up and hugged me while squeezing me so tight. He was beyond thrilled and my tears, well, they were tears of happiness.

In that one moment, I realized how small law school seemed and how much bigger and brighter our lives were about to be. We were pregnant.

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