Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The last two days I've come down with a wee bit of a cold.  I feel a tiny bit better today than I did yesterday (probably b/c I took two HUGE swigs of nyquil last night that had me drooling on my pillow until Evan's alarm went off).

It all started on Sunday.  I was running some errands while the girls napped and I felt that sudden intense pain in the throat.  That "oh SHIT" pain where you know it's a comin and you dread the feeling of cruddiness in your throat, lungs, etc.

I got home and whimpered about it like a baby.  When I woke up on Monday I felt even worse.

I whimpered about it at work (where people promptly told me "you better not get me sick!") and after Evan got home he asked me

"How would you like some apple cider?"

I am a HUGE believer and advocate in apple cider.  I HATE coffee, but will take a Caramel Applce Spice from Starbucks ANY DAY.  Sure they're $4.00 which is an absolute rip off for what I'm guessing is straight out of a jug apple juice heated up, but whatever.

I notice it takes Evan a smidgen longer than normal to make my apple cider.  Then I had a sip.

OH DEAR LORD.  It was AMAZING.  This wasn't out of a packet and this certainly wasn't my "recipe" (aka taking Liliana's apple juice and nuking it for 30 seconds).

I looked up with big eyes that said "you are the best husband EVER and are so going to get lucky for this!"

So ... you want your own version of the Starbucks $4.00 apple caramel spice but on a CHEAP budget?


Take cheap-o apple juice from sams.
Squeeze some caramel sauce (like that you buy to put on sundae's) in to the cup
Put in a few dashes of cinnamon
Put in microwave.


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  1. You should try the spiced apple cider from Trader Joes!