Monday, September 24, 2012

One of those Moments/ Days/ Weeks/ Months/ Life

Lately I've been able to sit back and really realize how treasured my life is.  I have just about everything I want in life, I can't really complain about much.  I think having a second baby has made me more relaxed ...

Yes I'm perfectly aware this makes ZERO sense.  Usually a second baby brings more tension, less sleep, etc. but it's had the opposite effect on me.

Here's an example: our oven is broken and will be until Friday, but you know what?  You just deal with it.  You plan on sandwiches and cereal for the week and move on because that is such a tiny thing to stress about!

I am just one lucky, happy lady lately.  I've found a lot of peace with my role as a mother, a wife, and a working woman.  I know the plans I have, I'm excited to fulfill them (can't really disclose what I'm talking about on this for another couple weeks). 

I am so ridiculously happily married.  Evan's and I marriage is always strong but like most marriages it's a roller coaster ride.  Lately though?  I swear, we're at the peak and we've been there for months!

Every single stinking day, we have those moments.  Those "wow, we're so happy together" moments and they last and last and last.  Our relationship, our love life (yes this has to be included b/c it's so important!), our ability to put our careers aside to spend time together,'s all so AMAZING lately and meshing well together. 

We're such a team with the girls.  For instance, I take them to school every morning and pick them up 99% of the afternoons.  But then again, he puts them down for bed about 80% of the time.  He showers them 90% of the time.  Balancing that out, for the most part, makes neither one of us ever frustrated or exhausted with the kids (which is easy to get!) When I get home from work I usually have to do a couple hours of work for the etsy shops and if he gets home at 7:30 (common thing these days ... life has been BUSY for him, as usual), he just puts them to bed without a concern or worry.  How he maintains his sanity by working those hours and then just coming home to work more I don't know.  But he does it.

And he does it so well.

Yesterday afternoon he was upstairs showering after a workout and putting away laundry while I was working on the etsy shop.  When he came back downstairs he told me "there's a dress in your closet that I have never seen before!"

I thought "have I gone shopping lately and didn't tell him?"  Evan's ALWAYS telling me to go shopping more.  In fact, just yesterday he told me I needed to play hooky from work one day and go shopping.  Haha, great husband I know.

Anyway, I suddenly realized what he meant.  The stinker had bought me a new dress at Target and it is OH SO CUTE!

As for the other huge source of happiness in my life?  My girls ... they are just the most incredible girls on this planet!

Gloria continues to be Ms. Easy-going.  She was fussier this last week and turns out ... the poor baby was EXHAUSTED and isn't getting the sleep she wants at daycare (I seem to remember this happening to Liliana too, that they get woken up by other kiddos and Gloria is a VERY light sleeper so it's not surprising).  Friday night, she slept 12 hours straight and Saturday another 11 hours!  She's 2 1/2 months! AWESOME!!

Liliana is the most hilarious kid I've ever seen. She's got personality for 50 kids put together.  Her new obsession are "cools" and purses (or any bag works ... even a Kroger one).  We've had to limit our outings to only ONE pair of sunglasses and ONE purse b/c if not she'd have 10 of each on.  She loves her sister and this morning the first thing she told me was "Where's  Gloria?  I just love my sissy so much!"  Good lord, how can your heart not melt? 

I haven't been blogging as much recently b/c I tend to blog when I'm redoing a room in the house or when things are tough, but I think it's also okay to blog and just say

Life is Amazing.

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  1. Of course it's okay to blog when life is good! Thanks for sharing and maybe it will spread :-)