Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big, Huge, Colossal Changes

I'm sure you've noticed by now that blogging has taken a HUGE backseat in my life recently.  Yes this is technically when I really SHOULD be blogging more because this is when my two gorgeous girls are growing before our eyes!  But I've just been SO dang busy.  And quite frankly, it's been draining.

Here's a run down of a typical day:
- wake up at 5:48 (I get every last minute of sleep I can).  Get ready and head to Liliana's room around 6:45.  Wake her up and hold her for a couple minutes while she looks at me like "WHY you mean woman?  Why would anybody be up at this ungodly hour?"
- head to Gloria's room around 7:00 am and wake her up (don't hate ... our babies are FABULOUS sleepers ... Gloria would sleep 11 to 12 hours if we let her and she's only a tiny bit over 3 months)
- go downstairs, get Liliana milk for the car ride to school - head out around 7:15
- be the FIRST person to Gloria's daycare RIGHT at 7:30 and drop her off
- drive over to Liliana's daycare and drop her off
- get to work about 9 minutes late at 7:54 (it seems to be a habit to arrive at that time)
- work during the day and leave around 4:20
- repeat process of both pick ups and arrive home around 5:30
- basically play with children praying for Evan to get home because I have so many orders to fulfill on the etsy business
- Evan gets home sometime (ranges ... sometimes 6 pm, sometimes 7:30, sometimes he leaves b/c he's on call) and I go immediately to my office to do the etsy business
- Evan's an angel and handles the kiddos until bed time and puts them down EVERY night he's home while I work
- I head to post office around 8:30 to send off as many packages as I had time to print
- I get home and keep working until about 10 pm
- Evan and I relax from 10 - 10:30 and head upstairs for bed (or actually, usually for... winky winky ... HEY, I'm busy, but I have my priorities people!! haha!)

YES this sounds exhausting.  YES it is.

SO ... this routine wasn't working.  And quite frankly I haven't been very content/ challenged/ fulfilled with my job lately.

SOOOOOO ... here's the big, huge, colossal news:

I put in my two weeks at work on Monday!  My last day of work at the school is 8 days away!  I will now be a full-time business woman and these etsy shops are MY JOB!  I am SO elated, feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and feel QUITE ecstatic about the whole thing.  Work?  I think they're quite perturbed, but life is about choices and this job challenges me, makes me happy, and makes me enough money to support our family along with Evan's salary.  No we're not living in luxury, but we weren't before either!

The girls will stay at school still (or at least until January since I'm hoping Christmas brings even more business). These businesses will be my JOB.  I will treat it like a job.  Well, except for the fact that I can jam out to music while working, and can be in my jeans, flip flops, or butt naked if I wanted to be.

Here are the links again to the businesses (Pretty Prints Shop AND C'mon Let's Celebrate)!  Please do keep me in mind for anything you want done!  Now that it's full-time, it's only like donkey kong and I just want to expand expand expand!  Christmas is coming up so get started early!


  1. Wow Cristy, Congratulations! It's amazing how quickly you've managed to expand that shop of yours. You'll have to write a blog post on Etsy tips, for those of us who haven't been quite as successful!

  2. That's such awesome news, congratulations! I'm really happy for you, that sounds great.

  3. What exciting news. Glad you recognized that it wasn't working for you and made a change. I'm really happy for you.