Monday, October 29, 2012

One to Remember

I don't blog nearly as regularly as I used to, but that's because I am SO busy lately guys!  I have now been a work at home business woman for 6 days and I am LOVING it.  Seriously it just about the best thing ever.  I usually wake up before the girls around 7:00 (and coincidentally am much less crabby since I'm sleeping in for an extra hour and fifteen minutes!).  I throw on some clothes or take a shower (depending on whether I plan on exercising that day) and then get the girls.  They're getting to school later (sometimes too late which is my fault b/c I'm still so excited that I get to spend so much time with them) and I usually do a big post office run after that.  I finally get back home around 10 am and just sit down at my desk and work my butt off.  I seriously don't stop.  I love fulfilling these orders for people and making some party, anniversary, or new baby arrival all the more exciting.

I usually break a couple hours in for a workout at the $10/ month gym that's a couple minutes down the road.  I come back, shower, and go back to work until Evan and I start texting about who's going to pick up the girls.  95% of the time it's me since he still has to work.  So off again I go.

Lately we've REALLY been in to soups, probably b/c it's gotten quite chilly here lately.  So either we cook or we've gone to whole foods and gotten a big thing of soup for $8 and all 3 of us eat for that ... cheaper than when I cook myself and their chicken and dumplings are GOOD!  I think tonight we'll go for Beef Stew.   Tomorrow I'll make Rachel Ray's White Lightning Chili.  DELICIOUS!

The beauty of it all though?  Once the kids are home, I do write people and convo with updates, but I don't spend the WHOLE evening fulfilling orders!!  It's divine.

Speaking of divine ... this weekend was a TRUE treat.  It is something that we REALLY needed as a family.  A FAMILY weekend.  Evan didn't work and didn't have presentations or papers to work on (a big time consumer lately).

On Friday, we went on a date while the girls stayed for a couple hours at Meme's house.  We went to Bravo and just enjoyed each others company.  Then on Saturday we went to Liliana's Halloween Carnival.  While the girls napped, Evan and I just watched football together for 2 hours.  SANS kids, SANS others.  Just us.  WONDERFUL!  Cuddling, screaming at TV, cursing at TV, perfection.  In the evening, we watched the Aggies STOMP all over Auburn which was a rare treat to see such a victory when you're an Aggie fan.  Sunday, the wonderfulness continued.  Evan made some chili (I'm telling you, we've been in to soups!) while I worked some and we went to the Pumpkin Patch just us four.  Liliana had a blast and I loved seeing how gorgeous Arkansas is!  I LOVE that there is SO much to do around the city and that so much of it is either free or very cheap.  After the pumpkin patch, the girls napped and we watched Quantum of Solace together.  Again, just us two!  Kissing, laughing, and mainly saying "holy crap I can't wait for the new bond movie to come out in November!"  After the girls woke up, we ran some errands and came home to eat a relaxed dinner and watch "Monster House" one of our Halloween movies.  Liliana actually watched a good portion of it!!  This is a MIRACLE since the girl doesn't watch more than 3 minutes of television EVER!  She's WAY too fast paced for that.

All in all, a hell of a weekend.  One we needed and cherished!

BUT that's it for now ... this business woman has to get back to work!!! I'm making Christmas cards and already have one designed.  I'm thinking a digital giveaway is in the making!


  1. You have a full load but you sound so happy-everyone is healthy, in love and being loved and enjoying some great food in a great home. I saw your other post at the craft show. My mom did craft shows for years(faberge eggs and she was great!) so it is quite inensive but you get into the swing of things. Always bring more-don;t leave things behind and once one sells-replace it:) Your items will sell and it will be nice to see your Christmas cards...if you feel like i have been making some and you can view my blog if you get a chance:) No worries if you don't-enjoy every moment