Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Did I Really Just Write a Post About Pigeons?

(written two nights ago and I forgot to hit publish.  doesn't surprise me considering)

It's late.  Midnight.  I can't sleep.  Evan is at the hospital (sigh, story of life) and that means I'm wide-eyed wanting my man to hold me so I can fall asleep.

So in this delirious state I thought, "I should write a blog post!"  But what should I write about?

The first thing that came to mind.


Yep. You read right.

That's what happens when you've been working 70 hours a week on your new business.  (and truth be told, 70 might be an UNDER estimation)

But here's the thing.  I think I've found the best children's books ever.  Have you guys seen the Pigeon series?  They are HILARIOUS.  I love the humor, I love the vocabulary, I love the message (it's ok to be sassy, but ultimately nice and have a good laugh).  They're just all around fabulous.

We own "the Duckling gets a cookie" and Liliana has asked for it every single night for the last 2 weeks since we bought it.  Some nights I tell her no, just because I don't want to ruin the book for myself! haha.  So ... we read it every other night instead. :)  That's expert parental balancing there for you.

We're getting others for Christmas from family members and Santa found her two of them in Spanish!  Here are some that I DESPARATELY want Liliana to read and giggle to:

SO in this delirious state I discovered something ... an epiphany of sorts.

Guess who is having a pigeon themed birthday party?


And I'm going to have to design it all myself from scratch b/c there is LITERALLY NOTHING on etsy.  But that's ok.  My gal's worth it.

Here's a sample of one for a good laugh:

Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late

I don't know much else for now ... except for the fact that she's going to have a big cookie her cake in honor of "the duckling gets a cookie."  And that's good enough for now.

Sweet dreams (pigeon ones).

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  1. I use those books at work and I LOVE THEM! They are funny and sweet and I'm like you, I think I love them more than the kids I work with. Plus the pigeon's reaction with the cookie is just hilarious. Whenever I do his voice, I come out sounding like some crazy old woman.
    The drawings are very simple to almost look at one and you can draw a very similar one. I did make a pigeon once for a bead project I did so I know it can be done.
    I am loving the idea of this party. I want one for me now.