Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy 5 months my G girl! :)

Gloria love:

Yesterday you turned 5 months old!  I can't believe that!  It truly feels like you were born just yesterday.  You are SUCH an easy baby that the time flies by because we never have feelings of frustration!

This month you started doing two things: around 4 1/2 months, I sat you down as a joke and ... POOF you were sitting!  SO now you're sitting for extended periods of time and LOVE it.  Your sister wasn't sitting this early so we're in love with this because you can play more now!  You are rolling from your tummy to your back, but not often.  The problem is you love being on your tummy!  You don't mind it one bit so getting you to actually roll takes work.  Usually we have Liliana entice you to something that would force you to roll over and then you do it.  Otherwise, you just smile and laugh on that belly with your head and belly held high.  You are SO close to turning from back to belly but haven't quite done it yet.  I would think within the next couple days you will.  I wouldn't be surprised if you have done it already, but I haven't witnessed it so as far as I'm concerned it hasn't happened. :)

One BIG thing that you're doing as well is holding your bottle.  Your sister started doing this at the EXACT same age.  SPOOKY.  The DAY Liliana turned 5 months she fed herself an entire bottle and you did the EXACT same thing yesterday (the day you turned 5 months).  You guys are so similar it's spooky! haha.

You continue to be a BIG tall girl.  You're wearing 6-9 month clothing and we already bought you size 3 diapers but are finishing out our size 2 ones (can't wait b/c you keep leaking out of them but the cheapo in us makes us keep using them until we run out).

Your sleep is BEYOND awesome.  You go to bed around 8 pm and wake up around 8 am.  If you do wake up earlier, or we put you down later it goes something like this: go to sleep at 9, wake up at 7 for a bottle, back asleep by 7:15 and wake up ... at 10:30 or 11!!!! YES!!! We are SO lucky!!!  You and your sister are amazing sleepers.  Your Dad and I get to sleep as if we're teenagers. ;)

While all these developments are fun, the main thing I want to relay to you is your personality.  You continue to be SO easy.  You NEVER cry.  When I say never, I mean NEVER.  You wake up not by crying.  Sometimes we just go in to your room to see you've been awake.  I mean obviously, you can have tears but they're just SO rare.  Last weekend when we were putting you to sleep we realized you hadn't shed one single tear all weekend.  And it's not like we hold you all the time.  In fact, sometimes we feel bad at how little we do!  You just LOVE your exersaucer and will bounce around giggling in it for over an hour at a time!

You truly are a wonderful blessing.  Your Daddy and I are so enamored with you and love just kissing you, reading books to you, seeing you play with your toys, seeing you grow.

Happy 5 months my G girl.


(I still need to take your 5 month photos but we take those with Daddy and it's dark by the time he gets home so we might have to do it over the weekend. I wanted to write this though!)

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  1. I hope she will read this when she grows older. How touching.