Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Your Last Monthly Letter

My dearest Gloria,

It's nearly 2 weeks late, but you are officially a year old.  WOW.  How did that happen?  In some ways, I feel you were just born yesterday.  But admittedly, in some ways I feel like it was ages ago.


I'm not going to lie, your first year wasn't the easiest ... most babies maybe get a cold or so.  You, you poor thing, were hospitalized for an entire week.  And it wasn't an easy hospital stay (are any?).  You were on an intensive care floor, you had a feeding tube, you had a VERY worried Mommy & Daddy.  Then after you got home, our power went out in one of the worst storms in Little Rock history.  This terrified us because you were already quite weak.  But ... through it ALL ... you have prevailed.  You are just the KINDEST little girl I could ever imagine.  You never cried in the hospital.  NEVER.  It was incredible!  And then while we were freezing and miserable at home, you still managed to have a sweet smile on your face.  I can't get over it.

Your personality is really starting to become apparent to us.  You are a quiet stinker.  I think that's just the best way to say it! :)  You love nothing more than to crawl in a room where you'll be by yourself and then proceed to get in to everything you shouldn't be in.  You know the word no and I must say do well with it!  You sometimes try crying about it but are easily side-tracked.  The good thing is  I can say "Gloria, no don't touch that" from across a room and you'll maybe try one other time, but then proceed to stop! 

You are OFF THE PACIFIER!  WOO HOO!  We took it away during the day around 10 months and then right after we got back from Memphis (two days after your first birthday) we took it away at naps and night time.  You cried the first two nights.  The first night you cried it out for the first time in your life for 20 minutes.  But we knew it was for the best!  By the third evening, it was like you had never had a pacifier before.  Parent victory! :)

You aren't walking yet but do cruise and can transfer from one piece of furniture to another.  I have a feeling you'll be a very late walker.  You just aren't huge on it & don't have too much interest in it.  The doctor said as long as you pull up on things (and you do pull up on just about every piece of furniture in the house) and cruise, he's not worried, just to give you your time.  I'm ok with it.  I know things will get a little easier in some ways when you walk, but in some ways, it's tougher too. You do your thing girlie.  We'll be here with a video camera when you take the plunge. ;)

You're a talker and an understander.  Your sister, I felt, didn't quite get what we were saying many times.  It took her a while to know who we were, what was going on, etc.  You answer yes and no to pretty much any question we ask and know when to answer what!  It's pretty neat.  You also say quite a few words already: "Hi, hola, bye bye, hermana, Lana, Gloria, Mommy, Daddy, backpack, good morning (not joking! you say that!), shoe, yay, mas (more in Spanish), yes, no, uh oh" etc.  You're definitely quieter than your sister, but when she's not around you talk up a storm! 

You are definitely your Daddy's snuggle bug.  He holds you and you just melt.  He LOVES cuddling you.  It's interesting b/c you're not the kind of baby that NEEDS it (you're never upset) ... he just LOVES LOVES cuddling you.  You two are a special sight.

But it's nothing compared to you and your sister.  In the car, you constantly play games (usually, see who can shout louder, joy!), hold hands, and somehow have an understanding with each other.  Every month I think you two will start fighting and it's just the opposite ... you grow closer.  I told Liliana you two would share a room together eventually and now she asks if you're going to sleep in the same room on a daily basis. HA!  I'll give you a break for now, you like your peace and quiet.

You're in size 4 diapers and size 12-18 month clothing (or 18 month clothing).  Any 12 month stuff is just too small!  You were in the 85% for weight and 75% for height at your appointment.  BIG girl!  You would never know my girls were preemies!

I love you girlie.  SO much.  Your smile is so contagious.  You're our sunshine.


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  1. Wow Cristy she looks JUST like you, especially in that last picture.

    Can't believe it's been a year!