Friday, July 5, 2013

The Cutest Cake Smash Ever

OK OK ... I know  I am really bias.  I know that.  But seriously, aren't these just the cutest cake smash pictures you have EVER seen?

Our little Gloria was born on July 4th, and honestly that's about the greatest birthday I can imagine.  I've had some people hint that it's sad she was born on that day b/c people won't be there to celebrate. WELL here's my philosohpy with parties: if you have a GREAT party, people come.  And my family, for as long as I can remember, has rocked the 4th of july parties.  Christmas used to be my favorite holiday.  Until yesterday.  We just had the GREATEST day with her!  She's so darn special and adorable!  And these cake smash pictures?  They were perfection.

I just printed and cut up some stars for the background and then found a free printable for the statute of liberty crown.  Then I put some blue frosting on her cake, and voila!  The birthday girl did the rest! :)

Yes we got pretty messy.  she went to TOWN people.  By the end, she was so messy we carried her up the stairs for a bath while frosting got all over the carpet.  Totally worth it.

We let sissy get in on the fun.  Liliana did it more gently.  Gloria didn't seem to pleased, but still continued eating! haha.

Then there is THE SHOT.  That one picture that when I start editing it my heart just flutters out of glee.  That one picture that I know will be in her wedding album. 

Happy birthday our sweet girl!  You are ONE and we are SO in love with you!!

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  1. I just randomly ran across your blog and feel like we were meant to be blog friends. :) I'm a lawyer also married to my high school sweetheart who also enjoys decorating and taking pictures of my brand new little girl. :) Nice to "meet" you and am looking forward to following along!