Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy 3 Month Birthday Liliana!

My dearest Liliana:

Normally, I have a word document on my computer just for this monthly post and I update every new and adorable little thing you do.  However, since this month I didn't have my computer with me since we were in San Antonio for Daddy to do an away rotation, the word document did not happen and now I'm scared I won't give you every nitty gritty detail that you so rightfully deserve.  So bear with me just for this post, because I assure you I will get back to my proper documentation very soon.

This month had a lot of firsts for you.  For starters, you became a big Puerto Rican girl and got your ears pierced!  While you did cry pretty loud right when they did it, you forgot all about it 5 seconds later.  I know you're probably thinking, Mommy I was 9 weeks old...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?  But in Puerto Rico, this is the way they do things!  Mommy got her ears pierced when she was 3 days old and in the hospitals there, they do them in the nursery.  Mommy searched  high and low for a place that would do the piercing nice and early and believe it or not, Claire's won!  The lady was really nice and you had quite a crowd watching you saying just how cute that "little one" was.

Liliana getting her ears pierced on July 23rd.

Liliana and Mommy right after she got her ears pierced! 
Look at those little diamonds (aka cubic zirconium).

Currently, you're in size 1-2 diapers and you are really getting quite chunky.  You've developed quite a few nicknames such as chunkey monkey, roly poly, Lilibear (because Lilibug just wouldn't're more squishy like a bear), Lili, and of course we still call you Liliana all the time too.  Last time we weighed you, you were around 14 pounds, but that was nearly a week ago, so who knows how much you're weighing now!  You are fitting in to 3 month clothing and have been for the last couple weeks.  In fact, you even wear some 6 month clothing because sometimes baby clothing sizes are really crazy.  For the most part though, that 3 month clothing is fitting you just right.  I don't foresee you fitting in to them for too much longer because the seams get awfully stretched with those thunder thighs (yep, you've got 'em.  Lots of rolls too and they're the cutest thing ever).

The biggest developmental milestones you've made this month is to REALLY becoming attentive and alert.  You smile ALL the time now especially when I tickle your little chest.  You coo a whole bunch too and like having conversations with us.  Another great discovery we've made is how much you adore the water!  We have gotten you in at least a couple times a week and Daddy even dunks you a little bit, but you stay cool as a cucumber.

Liliana's first pool experience. 
We had put her in the kiddy pool in our backyard before this, but this was her first big girl pool and she loved it.  Not even one slight cry.  Just a sweet content baby.

Someone's POOPED after swimming!

As for your sleeping, you are truly the perfect baby!  You sleep through the night and have been since you were 9 weeks.  For instance, last night you slept from 10:30 to 8:00.  We can't ask for much better!  Thank you for making that easy on us.  We read to you every evening when we're putting you to sleep and you like looking and staring at the books.  This last week we've been reading "There's a Light in the Attic" and those poems are too cute for words.  I can't wait until you start asking us for specific books.

The other big changes are how much you love putting things in your mouth.  You gnaw on your hands and your blankets all the time.  Unfortunately, you still hate your pacifier, so the hands will have to do!  You've spent so much time with family this month and everybody just adores you.  Titi has been taking care of you a whole lot while Mommy studies for her teaching certifications, so make sure to give her kisses when you can!  Oh, and last thing you started rolling over again yesterday!  As I said in your first letter, you rolled over when you were 11 days old but then stopped at around 6 weeks.  Well yesterday since your head control and strength has improved so darn much, you rolled over twice!  I was glad to see that, but I'm also a little scared because you move those legs around like you're wanting to crawl already...oh boy...hee hee.

Liliana, we adore you SO much and there just aren't enough words to explain it.  Every smile you give me makes me feel like the luckiest Mommy alive.  You are beautiful, smart, and are our perfect little girl.  Happy 3 month birthday my angel.

Liliana's SWEET smiles!  11 weeks old.


  1. Love that last picture!!

    I got my daughters ears pierced when one was 9 months, and the other 1 year...and everyone gave me shit about it! So, 9 weeks amazes me! She's adorable though:)

  2. Wow! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I'm a new follower from blog frog. What a cute blog!

  3. Oh are you so lucky and blessed! She is beautiful!

  4. Oh those little pierced ears are adorable! She really is just so so beautiful!

  5. awwww happy 3 months!!! Love the earings! She's such a little diva!

  6. She is adorable! And I have to say that the earrings are quite cute on her.

    Love the photos, too!

  7. What a sweet little angel with those pierced ears!

  8. Happy month-day to your beautiful daughter. I wish you all the best. I visiting from the blog frog.

  9. Piercing a child's ear is a violation of her body since she could NOT give consent for a medically UNNECESSARY and PERMANENT alteration to HER BODY.. It may seem harmless but there ARE risks.. infection, damage to her ears..all for AESTHETIC appearances. I bet you are Pro-choice too.. the hypocrisy abounds.. If she WANTS her ears pierced once she's old enough to decide then fine..till then..Not YOUR body.. NOT your choice.