Friday, August 27, 2010

MORE Random Things on my Mind

I haven't blogged in a few days and I've actually had the intention to do so every single day, but I get too busy doing other things.  Since I had a bunch of blog posts in mind, I'll just break them up in to things going in our life right now.  I think the real reason that I haven't blogged is because I can't really blog about the things on my mind.  It's about Evan.  He's applying for residency programs and I have to stay mum about what he chose (whether Urology or OB/GYN) and all that this entails.  ANYWAY, let's start with my randoms huh?

What I Can Say About Evan's Decisions
For my new readers, let me give you a little background.  My husband is now in his fourth year of medical school and he is having to decide what to do with his life.  Needless to say, he has been rather stressed about it all.  He finally decided what career path he wants and I am SO happy for him.  This away rotation really helped make his decision and I'm confident he chose right.  Now starts the application process.  Oh my.  The applications themselves will cost approximately $1,000, but that's honestly the smallest of the problems.  He's applying to quite a few out of state programs to ensure he gets a residency spot and this means LOTS of airfare and lots of traveling (well, assuming he gets some interviews).  In applying to spots, this has left us asking "would we live here?"  For instance, we chose NO to New York City because we don't want to have our little baby girl and live in the city with a salary of $45,000 (what residents make).  We can't rely on my getting a job when taking these things into consideration, because what if I don't?  I'm obviously going to be looking, but we can't say "oh yeah, and you'll be making $60,000 with your job, because with today's economy, there are BIG chances it won't work. The other scary thing is that we cant' really afford for me to travel as well.  The residencies in medical school work really stupidly.  After he interviews, we'll list our favorite programs in order and then on one day he'll get an envelope, open it up, and it'll TELL US where we're living for the next few years.  Yup.  That envelope will contain our fate.  For now, we're planning on me traveling to a select few if he gets an interview simply because we wouldn't mind the locations at all.  SOOO sorry... nothing can really be revealed for a few months, but I will update on whether he's getting interviews and whether Liliana and I are joining him on the trips.

Where Am I?
 I have somehow managed to not mention what's going on in my academic life lately.  I've still been happy with my decision not to practice law.  I have been studying for one of the teacher certification exams and ... it's kinda hard!  I know you're thinking "oh you stupid girl" but I'm doing something called a generalist test where I would be certified in social studies, math, science, and English for 4 - 8 grade.  Well, did you know that 8th grade math is actually rather difficult?  Also, I forgot ALL of it.  Even still, I like it.  I'm set to take it on September 27th, but if for some reason, I'm not ready for it, I can postpone and that won't be the end of the world.  I'd like to keep it there though because we're going to New York on September 30th for my brother in law's wedding and I'd like to be stress free as much as possible for that trip.  This will be Liliana's first airplane ride, so wish us luck!

Excuse the yellow font, but I'm going for fall themed introductions today...I can't wait for fall!  It's my favorite time in Lubbock.  See, in San Antonio the leaves don't change, but here in Lubbock it actually changes seasons.  YAY!  ANYWAY, if you can't read, the yellow font says "Radio."  In Lubbock, I NEVER listen to the radio.  It's all country music and country isn't my favorite to say the least.  Here in San Antonio, I've listened whenever I'm in the car and .... holy crap I hate the radio.  They literally play the SAME 5 songs.  For instance, last week I was meeting my godmother for lunch and when I arrived they were playing a rap song.  I don't mind rap, in fact, I like it a lot.  But, it bothered the crap out of me that when I left the restaurant and got in the car, the SAME EXACT song was playing again.  Radio hosts have a WORLD of options...why must they insist on boring us.

Guys, I have a mad crush on Rihanna.  I love that new song she sings with Eminem (yeah I know ... am I 16 or what?).  And after seeing a few of her videos on You Tube last night, I realized she single handedly has the best body in Hollywood.  She has officially taken the hot body award from Jennifer Lopez and moved Jennifer Lopez's big butt aside.  Whenever I've gained some weight, I always take a picture of a celebrity and post it as my computer background.  Jennifer was on the background for a LONG time...I mean she's beautiful and Puerto Rican so I was in love.  But, Jenny has had a couple kids and although she still looks FREAKINGISHLY HOT, my new lady love is Rihanna.   Behold the new picture that will appear on my lap top as I continue trying to lose the baby weight and get ready for my curvalicious dress that I plan on wearing to the New York wedding.

Well I think I've bored you enough for today!  Hope everybody has a fabulous weekend!  We're heading back HOME after a long month away from our home sweet home.  While we're going to miss San Antonio and everybody here, we can't wait to put Liliana back in HER nursery and we can't wait to put ourselves into our COMFY bed.  Nothing like sleeping in your own bed...can't wait. 


  1. Rihanna is pretty hot. And I sort of have a crush on Eminem.

    Good luck with the school decisions!

  2. You certainly have a lot of uncertainty in your life right now! You sound way calmer than I'd be LOL, but I'm old and settled. ;o)

    Stopped by from blogfrog...

  3. You do have alot going on. It will all come together as it is supposed to. Hang in there and good luck on the plane trip. I remember my first trip with my son. I was so worried and he ended up being perfect. :)

  4. That song baffles me, actually- my hubs nearly fell over when he read the lyrics w/ my 12yr old who had downloaded it- since it ends w/ him talking about setting the house on fire, and her in pain-- but she does have a hot bod for damn sure.

    If my career path were based upon me passing 8th grade math, I'd be screwed! So don't feel bad : )

  5. Stopping from Mom Loop! When I was going into teaching the test was the National Teacher's Exam. The general part was hard it covered so much information. Bet you will do great!

  6. What a busy time this is for you. Let me just put a plug in for Arizona if your hubby is looking for a place to set up practice. We are SORELY short of doctors here, especially in my neck of the woods. Of course, that may be because of low pay for them...I wouldn't know. I do know that houses are cheap, food isn't too bad and the schools are way better than the national statistics would have you believe. Good luck in your plans!

  7. You definitely have a lot going on, girl! Good luck to you and Evan! And I love Rihanna too! :)

  8. Hang in there girl, anyone who gets through law school and graduate only shows just how smart you are. So don't worry so much about the test coming up. Everything will work out for the good!
    Visting from blogfrog..

  9. Ahhh Good luck with everything! It's overwhelming now, but it will all work out.
    It's rough being a doctor especially these days, so I wish your hubs all the best!!

    8'th grade math was never my thing either. I don't know how I managed to graduate from jr. high :-).

  10. How can you not have a crush on Rihanna? She's hot! :o) Good luck with everything....

  11. I love your honesty!!! ... I found you at blogfrog and am not a follower. I hope you'll do the same, my work in progress is www.gfinkfamily.blogspot. I'm a mommy to three little ones, two of whom I birthed an a little Ethiopian princess that was born in my heart! We're in the process of adopting twins from Ethiopia and we recently added two puppies to the family... Life is crazy but such a blessing! look forward to getting to know you!

  12. Thanks for join my community, I 'm follow your blog now. hope to see you often on my community./
    Have a nice day.

  13. I'm with you on the 8th grade math thing. I can't do it.

  14. You know, you probably chose law school for a probably never were so good at math. No reason to worry too much - take a chance this time (unlike the bar exam thing) and take the test. Worst thing that can happen is you don't pass the first time. It won't be the end of the world. By the way, in order to decide not to practice law, you first have to pass the bar. And in order to pass the bar, you have to take the dang thing! Take the certification'll be okay :)