Friday, August 6, 2010

Random Things on my Mind

 I often think about my blog post ideas while in the shower.  And every few weeks I have lots of ideas that wouldn't make for a full post, so I do these random little ones.  I've always been a girl of A LOT of words.  When I was four, I got in trouble for speaking too much in class and my Dad asked me why I kept getting in trouble.  I emphatically responded: "DAD, I HAVE THINGS TO SAY!!!"  So, without further ado, here are the things I want to say today:

Linea Negra:  So for those of you that don't know, the linea negra is a black line that some women develop during their pregnancy on their abdomen.  Hispanic and African American women are much more likely to develop it.  Since my family is Puerto Rican, I was pretty sure I would develop one and lord did I.  The thing is HUGE.  I know I should actually cherish this line on my belly because after all, it only solidifies the Hispanic in me, which I love, and it came about because my beautiful Liliana was growing in my belly.  However, I HATE this thing!  I don't know why, but it just bothered me.  I didn't like the way it made my pregnancy belly wasn't a nice smooth area but was divided by the line.  Evan thinks I'm ridiculously silly and that he never even notices it.  Anyway, the saving grace?  It goes away after pregnancy and usually around 12 weeks,'re ME!!! I am 11 weeks post partum and the line is as pronounced as it was when I gave birth.  Now I think this line is just playing jokes on me.  As I am losing my baby weight, I just notice the line more than ever.  Sigh...I'll update when it goes away, but I might be commenting about that in another year...blah.

Our Date this Weekend:  Guess who is having her first sleepover?  LILIANA!  On Saturday, Evan's Mom (now referred to as Grammy) is taking Liliana for the night so we can get some sleep.  Before Evan started his away rotation this week, we had been switching every evening so we weren't sleep deprived, but since he's now working, I took all nights this week but one (I didn't even want him to take that one, but he got up before I did...he has really missed his night time with Liliana and I have to admit sleeping through the feeding helped tremendously).  Anyway, Evan and I have decided to take advantage of the time and we're going to eat at an Italian restaurant named Bravo and then go see a movie at the IMAX.  I am freakin giddy with excitement!  I already know what I'm going to wear and get butterflies whenever I think about just being able to have a few hours with him.  Does this make me the worst Mom ever?  I mean, I know I'll miss Liliana SO much that night, but on the other hand, I am just thrilled to spend an evening with my husband.  We both are so looking forward to it.

Taking Liliana to the Lake House:  One of the best parts about visiting in San Antonio is that we get to go to Medina Lake.  My parents have had a lake house there since I was really young and we have so many memories of going there and tubing or skiing.  It really is a blast.  Well, on Saturday we're taking Liliana to the lake for the first time!  Now I know this will not be easy carrying her everywhere and we probably won't be dunking her underwater like we've been doing in the pool since she's so young, but I can't wait to see how much she loves the feeling of the boat moving or to start acclimating her to just being on the boat in general.  Evan and I eventually (in about 30 years when we can afford it) want to have a lake house and a boat, so she better start getting used to it!

Free Shopping:  I went shopping on Tuesday and never had to leave  home!  My amazing sister-in-law let me go through all of my niece's old clothes and just pick out anything I liked.  My niece has a CRAP TON of clothes.  Seriously, it is inspiring. Letting each other borrow our children's clothing is going to not only save us a bunch of money, but it'll help prevent these clothes going to waste.  Liliana has already outgrown at least 20 of her outfits and she only wore some of them twice.  What a waste!  If my brother and his wife ever have another girl then hopefully they can use some of Liliana's old clothes too.
So I went through tubs and tubs of clothes and picked out anythign that struck my fancy.  The only difficult part was that Sofia (my niece) was born in January and Liliana was born in May.  However, Sofia tends to wear her clothes about 3 months younger because she's a small dainty girl and Liliana is wearing clothes a tad bigger because she has now been sweetly nicknamed Chunky Monkey or Roly Poly by my family members (yeah, she's getting some serious chunk on her).  Look at some of my finds!!!

Look at these gorgeous dresses!  
The green one was bought in Puerto Rico so it's even more special. 

These are just a few casual outfits to wear on our little adventures to the park.
Little girl clothing is just the cutest isn't it?

Lubbock winters are actually pretty brutal, so all these outfits are really going to come in handy.
We gave that cardigan all the way to the left to Sofia right after she was born but even though it said 0-3 months Sofia didn't fit in to it until much later because baby clothes sizes are ridiculously dumb.  So, now Liliana will get to wear our gift to Sofia, haha.

 Here's the rest of everything else I'm borrowing.  It's so exciting to go shopping, spend absolutely nothing, and I got to do it all in my pajamas, awesome.

Now, before I end this blog post, I have to show you guys an obligatory "look at how cute my daughter is" picture.  The lady with her is my Aunt.  My Aunt and my cousin (her godmother) are obsessed with her!  I can't say that I blame them. ; )  Have a fabulous weekend!

Liliana 11 weeks old with my sweet Titi.


  1. Awesome that you got to shop for free! I always loved hand me downs and borrowing from friends with kids close in age! :-)

    Hope you enjoy your date night and don't feel guilty! There is no need at all!

  2. I love getting hand me downs. I used to outfit my son every season with hand me downs from a friend. Now the kids are too close in size to do it but it sure was nice while it lasted.

  3. I admire you for stepping outside of the law profession and following your dream :).

    We've yet to buy an outfit for our daughter as she's received so many hand-me-downs from neighbors. And I'm thankful for that; kids' clothes can get expensive, and they outgrow them so quickly.

    Following from Mom Loop

  4. Stopping by from Mom Loop - I was lucky that my sister had two girls before I had Georgia, so I got boxes and boxes of clothes from her. We've maybe bought 3 or 4 outfits for her... ever. I'm Puerto Rican too and I'm your newest follower!

  5. So cute! I actually am just now starting to have my linea negra fade and my son will be 5 months pp! It will happen, I promise!

  6. Don't ever feel guilty about dating your husband. Someday, your children will move out and he will be the one left. If you don't continue to enjoy each other (without kids) now, you won't know what to do then!

    Your little doll is definitely a cutie. It's so cool that you were able to snag so many cute outfits. Sharing amongst family is a great idea.

  7. Have a wonderful time spending time together. Your plans sounds great. Stopping from Mom Loop! Have a great weekend!

  8. Stopping by from Mom Loop!

    Had that black line too and mine has completely faded away by now, thank goodness. LOVE date nights and cherish them whenever we get that chance; ENJOY! Hand-me-downs are the best! My older sister has two girls just a little bit older than mine so I am blessed with a ton of great stuff.

  9. I hate my Linea Negra(screaming)! With my 1st, the thing disappeared right away. With the 2nd, it's still here and I feel like it's an unwanted house guest that want go away, lol! I wish I had figured out that I didn't want to be a lawyer forever, or maybe not even at all, before I left law school. Congrats on the new baby!

  10. I hoip by the time you read this reply- you have had an amazing weekend enjoying some time w/ your hubs. It's very very easy to backburner the time between spouses, but you'll need it!!!

    ps- BF's FF visit Have a great weekend!

  11. so glad to find your blog...and LOVE your it....

    will be folllowing along....
    Have a GREAT weekend...

  12. We love hand-me-downs too! Your in Lubbock?! I am outside Fort Worth! Glad to have found another Texan on Mom Loop - there are a ton of us in that forum!

  13. Taking her to the lakehouse should be such a blast! Have so much fun, and take lots and lots of pictures! :)

  14. Lilian is just adorable! Hope you guys enjoyed your date night and got some rest! And what's better than free shopping?!?

  15. Fun clothes! Little girls clothing is *so* cute, definitely!

  16. Your blog is very beautiful I admire you for following your heart even after Law School.

    I have a Linea Negra too, ever since I was little, and it's always been light but I'm no where near pregnant. I'm 19 and, after hearing my mom tell always tell me, "it's where the doctor cuts to get the baby out sometimes" since I was a kid, it's nice to know what it really is. :)