Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Help Me!! Must Choose a Party Theme!!

Liliana is nearly 17 months old.  I can't believe it!  When she was 2 months old, I knew what the theme of her 1st birthday party would be.  As a result, we had an incredibly successful and happy Cupcake Themed party. 

This year though?  With the move, and work, and Evan's residency etc., I truly haven't given it much thought.  Today, I decided it was time to start thinking about it.  After all, a baby this cute deserves her Mommy to think ahead!

I know I still have 7 months.  I am a very organized, obsessive compulsive person.  I know that planning ahead is the way to do this in order for me to stay sane.  OK?  ; )

When I told Liliana we hadn't come up with a theme yet, she pointed her finger at me and said "well start thinking about it Mommy!  This is a HUGE event!!"  I agree Liliana.  I agree. (PS Could she be any more gorgeous?  Look at those eyes!)

I  have THREE options for this years theme.  Note: the party will likely be in Texas (reminder: I live in Arkansas).  We will be going to San Antonio in May for Liliana's Godfather's graduation.  As a result, it makes sense to have a big 2nd birthday party in San Antonio for everyone to celebrate with Liliana.  I will most likely do it in my parents backyard.  The reason this is limiting is that I can't prepare TOO many things unless they pack well in a suitcase. 

Here are the three options:
Sesame Street Party

I could always go the typical "Sesame Street" way.  I know it's common, but Liliana LOVES Elmo.  Every night when we put her in her crib, she asks for "Melmo" and the second we give him to her she hugs him real tight and immediately falls asleep.  That being said, we're not big TV watchers with her and haven't seen one episode of Sesame Street so I'm not sure it's worthy of the entire theme.  It sure does make for a bright and lively party though!  Look at some of this amazing stuff I found.  These women are creative and talented! I assure you my party won't look nearly this good! (Plus, I don't really have that kind of budget)

Artsy Fartsy Party

Don't ask me WHERE she got it from because neither Evan nor I are artistic, but Liliana ADORES coloring!  She actually does a pretty darn good job with it too.  She tries to mimic me when I do circles and squares. Her favorite thing?  Coloring with a crayon in both hands.  She's efficient, what can I say?  As a result, I think something like this (including: crayons, frames, and face painting) could be a TON of fun.

Let's Have a Ball Party

Liliana's last obsession?  Balls.  She LOVES playing with them -- she likes loves FREAKING ADORES when Evan lifts her up to make a basket, she loves throwing the ball to us, she loves playing with her little basketball hoop in her playroom ... you get the idea.  SO, why not have a ball party?  It would be SO easy to buy for and I think all the invited kids would have a blast.

SO, which one do you like best? 

The sooner I know the theme, the sooner I can officially start planning.

This organized, OCD Mommy is kinda freaking out. HELP!


  1. I personally like the art party because I think you could do such much with it since you're so dang creative. Plus the rainbow cake looks AMAZING. ;-) Either way I HOPE that we get an invite! :-D Love yall!

  2. BUT.... sharing the art party with other kids might be hard..... so then my second choice is the ball party. =D

  3. If she's energetic and lots of kids will be there, the ball theme sounds fun and simple. You could also incorporate a round rainbow cake, coloring books with pictures of balls, round crayons, etc. I recently added lotsa party ideas on my Pinterest board (I party). That being said, my son is 9 months and I have NO idea what to do for his bday. Ahh! Good luck!

  4. All are great!! That colored cake is ...wow!

  5. I like art both because it's original, other kids like it, too, AND I think it is the least likely to go out of favor with her in the next few months :)

    That rainbow cake is super cool.

  6. I think the little bird on L's t-shirt would be really cute as a party theme. It's sweet and girly and perfect for a 2 yr old girl. IMO, of course : )

  7. I wish I knew how these big themed birthday parties became the latest 'must'. Whatever happened to cake, chips and a movie? Does anyone still do that? My guess is that families are so small these days, that aunts, uncles, cousins etc get an invite and it is as much for the adults as it is for the baby. Because let's face it....what 2 year old would care if things were co-ordinated or not? Re-reading this makes it sound like I am uber critical...and I'm not! But my stars...when you have over 45 nieces and nephews, this amount of cost and effort is simply out of the question for my family. We cannot invite all of our family, and not have friends over either. Happy planning.

  8. I agree that some parties after over the top. This is why I plan WAY ahead and get things VERY cheap. For instance, Liliana's first birthday party was cupcake themed and I baked all the cupcakes myself and spent $80 to feed 40 people. That's even cheaper than if I had bought pizza for that amount of people.

    This year, for the party, I'll probably spend the same amount. I know she's too young to realize what I'm doing, but I truly the parties for my own benefit. I like planning parties, so might as well have fun and do it on a budget!