Friday, October 7, 2011

Our Hairy Children

This week on "Show us your Life" is "Show us your pets."  I absolutely LOVE and ADORE our pets.  Honestly, when Linda ran away (don't worry, we found her) from the house a month ago, I cried like a freaking baby.  I was making "lost" signs while tear drops fell on the paper.  I know some think it's stupid to say you "LOVE" your pets, but I do. 

We have two doggies: Linda Mujer (pretty woman in Spanish) and she's a 4 1/2 year old beagle.  Linda only grew to 14 pounds, so she looks like a puppy which gets her plenty of attention.  This dog has more personality than most humans.  She absoultely CRACKS US UP.  We have had many family members claim her if we die.  Isn't that sad that that's all they care about?  Not the fact that we died?

I still remember the day we got Linda.  We had been married for about a month and went to the mall.  I know some people say  it's bad to buy them from the mall, but look at how cute she was ...

She was 3 pounds of cuteness.  Linda has been with us through it all and has never caused any problems.  She doesn't chew on anything, and basically just makes us laugh.  Quite honestly?  The dog is kinda a bitchy little thing, but we love that about her!  She really and truly knows she's cute and if you make her lie on the floor she looks at you like "where's my human blanket?"  She has no idea why she must be outside with the other furry thing.  We give her a voice and it's so fitting. 

Here's Linda currently:

As I've written on the blog lately, we got ANOTHER dog a few weeks ago.  His name is Sherman and he's a Golden Retriever puppy.  We thought it would be difficult adding another dog to the mix but this guy is SO freaking easy!  He is already potty trained and knows how to sit.  He has such a strong desire to please us.  If he does something wrong, he gets a little pat on the head and you can tell he is so sad about disappointinig you.  He's like that dog in "Up!" thinking "Yes master!"  He's so freaking cute too ... take a look:

We just took this picture last week.  We're taking pictures of him regularly because he's growing so fast!  Apparently this little 8 pounder could be 40 pounds in the matter of 2 months!  I don't believe that's going to happen though ... no way this little guy could grow so much! ; )

Evan is in love with his new playmate (I think he likes having testosterone around the house, even if Sherman's man bits haven't dropped, haha!). 

All in all, we love our pets.  Some days we don't play with them enough, I must admit.  But overall, I think we're really good pet owners.  They get love and attention from us every single day.  And they deserve it! : )


  1. Sherman is soooo cute! I love little Linda too. I have a soft spot for beagles. :)

  2. OMG I can so relate! I love our dogs and cats. But I remember the day when we got our beagle mix from the mall (yes, us too) when she was a mere 3 months old and 6 pounds. I have a nearly identical photo of me holding Casey the way you're holding yours. She cracks us up too. Must be the hound in them.

  3. Sherman is too stinkin' precious! :)