Thursday, October 27, 2011

Liliana at 17 months

I haven't written on Liliana's milestones for a few months. I wrote letters to her most months for the first year of her life, but unfortunately when I stopped doing that, I stopped documenting her changes.  So, I just want to write her a little update letter.  Before I forget: don't forget to enter the Shutterfly giveaway below!! I am giving away SEVENTY FIVE FREE Chritmas cards to THREE readers!  I'm drawing on Monday and not many have entered, so chances of winning are really high.

Liliana dearest:

 I'm not going to lie, months 13 - 15 were pretty difficult in our household.  You started walking around 12 1/2 months and somehow, that newfound independence came with difficulties as well because it meant you wanted things done YOUR way (you still do BTW, but know what NO means).  The temper tantrums at this time were pretty rough. As you know, Daddy and I run a pretty strict household and while it took a couple months to teach you not to open the DVD cabinet or mess with the potpourri balls on the coffee table, we got it.

As a result, this last month has been my favorite month of being a Mommy since ... well ... quite possibly ever.  You are doing SO much and changing on a daily basis in the best ways ever.  For example, just last night you learned how to say "cheese" while grinning AND learned where your teeth are (you have 11 so far by the way).

You point to and says where your teeth, hair, ears, eyes, mouth, toes, and nose are.  You're saying a HUGE amount of words, many in Spanish and English.  For some reason, you really respond best to Spanish words. You say many words in Spanish before figuring them out in English.  Last time I counted, you're saying over 55 words already!  You're very advanced in this department, which doesn't really surprise me, because they say teaching kids multiple languages has this effect.  That being said, you also ... well ... do things such as put a bucket on your head and proceed to walk straight in to the coffee table!! HAHA!!  It was the funniest thing I've ever seen.  Daddy and I couldn't stop laughing.

Right now, you have two big passions:  shoes and climbing.  You LOVE to climb on EVERYTHING which has led to quite a few tumbles, but we learn from falling right?  You climb on the couch, in to your booster seat, on the bench outside, on my chairs at work ... you get the idea.

 Your other love?  Shoes.

I'm ok with this.  This means LOTS of fun shopping later in life! hee hee.  Whenever I'm getting ready to go somewhere on the weekends, you get ALL my shoes and put them on my feet for me.  You don't understand why your shoes don't fit my feet just yet, but we'll get there.  Your favorite pair of shoes are my tennis shoes which makes me love you EVEN MORE.  I don't want you to be super duper girly girl.  So you likes shoes but want to run around while wearing them! ; )

Another fun thing you're doing is imitating a ton of animals: monkeys, dogs, cats, horses ... and even more that I can't remember.  Your favorite word to say lately is "no."  You especially like pointing at the doggies and saying "no doggie!"  You point (as indicated in the picture below) which gives even more personality (which by the way, you have A TON of). Lately you've enjoyed telling me when you run out of snacks by saying "no crackers!" with a pouty face. 

You're still VERY in love with food.  You weigh a little over 26 pounds and have been in 18 month clothing for a couple months.  In fact, you're mainly wearing 18 - 24 month stuff.  You are absolutely beautiful and your eyes get everyone's attention.  I love you.  I can't say it enough.  Daddy and I are absoultely crazy about you.  You have made our lives immensely better.  Thank you for being our daughter.  We are so privileged to be your parents.

Love always and forver,
your Mommy

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