Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What We've Been Up To

It has been nearly a week and a half since I've written on this blog.  WOW.  I know I don't write as often as I used to, but that's a long time for me.

It's not that I don't have plenty to write about.  It's just that I don't have the TIME to write it!

I have been under the weather lately: red dry eyes, SORE throat, and a stomach bug to boot.  It hasn't been pretty.  And the last two days, Liliana's molars started coming in. 

Let me tell you: those molars are NO joke.

Liliana is pretty much the world's best baby: She's sweet, sleeps like a champ and always has, is so incredibly smart, is potty-training herself, etc. etc.  BUT, she sucks at teething.  SUCKS at it.

Case in point: on Sunday we put her to sleep and an hour later heard her crying. Evan and I were really perplexed by this.  We haven't had an interrupted night for over a year so this is very abnormal.  Turns out, those molars were coming in and with a vengence.

Yesterday at daycare she didn't nap and was apparently much fussier than normal.  Last night, we struggled.  Evan was at the hospital until really late and with my not feeling so hot, it made for a rough evening.  I put her to bed ready to hear cries.

But none came.

And this morning, when I woke her up before work, she was right as rain.

Happy as a clam.

Cute as a button.

She was back to her normal self!  I am so glad!  I'm sure those molars aren't done causing her pain, but we seem to be done with that phase for now.

As if that didn't already make my day, look what I awoke to:

Our backyard looks GORGEOUS with snow on all the branches!

The drive to work was absoultely wonderful.  It snowed a lot in Lubbock, but it's not NEARLY as pretty as this.

Other than trying to get rid of the teeth pain, we decorated for Christmas some and while I need to take pictures of everything, I at least wanted to show a little Christmas preview.  We have TWO trees in the house this year: one with our red and green typical ornaments and then one with all the personal meaningful ornaments.  Here's our big "red and green" tree:

I really like our tree this year.  I'll take pictures with our camera instead of my phone soon, but I wanted to mainly show ... the presents under that tree.  Those are ALL for Liliana.  We bought ONE of them.  The rest are for from other people that adore her.  She already opened about 3 bags full in San Antonio when we went for Thanksgiving... those aren't even under the tree.  Spoiled you think? ; )

Here's the outside of the house!  Even though it was COLD this week, my hubby went out there and did this all while maintaining a positive attitude and smile.  He is so wonderful!  He knows just how much I love Christmas time and wanted to make the outside of the house look wonderful.  It really does.  It's the best looking one on the street! : ) 

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  1. Your tree is beautiful! My son is only 6.5 mos but teething is already my worst enemy... I wish it would all happen at once so we could be done with it! :)