Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Big Playroom Reveal!

Our playroom has been done for a few weeks now and I truly did intend on posting about the big reveal, but then ... I got tired on bed rest and didn't want to pick it up (it's usually a big mess when the tornado that is Liliana finds her way through it).  Then, I went in to labor.  Then, I had Gloria.  And now, it's time to reveal it ... a month later. ; )

I really do LOVE how this room turned out.  We are in here A LOT.  I wish I could say we're in here more, but we're trying to let Liliana find her independence (something we're working on) so we're trying to encourage her to go in there and STAY in there on her own.  She's fabulous at going in here, getting the loudest toy possible, and bringing it to wherever we are.  However, we want her to be fabulous at playing by herself occasionally too.  I'm not saying we never want to see her, we're simply trying to teach her that Mommy and Daddy don't have to be paying attention to her 100% of the time. 

SO here it is!

These couches are DIVINE.  They're from Walmart and our favorite things about them is just how big they are ... that wall, you can't really tell in the picture, is HUGE.  So these couches filled it up perfectly and they're nice and low to the ground which is VERY baby friendly when they're pulling up!

 Thought it might not necessarily look pretty, the toy storage cubicles were a must.  I tried doing without, but it just didn't work.  We got that at Target and it's great for quick and easy clean up. 

 This changing pad and table was bought at my favorite used baby store in Little Rock.  I got the changing pad, the table, all 4 baskets, and 2 changing covers for $50!  WHAT A STEAL!

This little area is Liliana's favorite.  She LOVES the loud toys standing up there, and she likes her little area behind that curtain.

While this playroom might have been a lot of work, it was TOTALLY worth it to see moments like this ...

 Liliana giving sissy a kiss over the weekend.

 Gloria likes to catch zzzz's in the most adorable way possible.

But she also LOVES opening this gorgeous eyes nice and big for Mommy! : )

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  1. I love your playroom! :)) The wall with the alphabet is one of my favorite -- and of course the storage cubicles. Can't live without them! :)