Friday, July 20, 2012

Losing the Baby Weight ... AGAIN

Here I am again!  I feel like I was trying to lose this baby weight two months ago, but it was actually two years ago.  Two years ago, I lost the baby weight with Liliana by eating less and working out A TON.  I was able to join a gym and went 5 days a week for an hour.

This go around, I don't have a gym to join and I certainly won't have an hour a day to spend working out.  I will still work out, but our gym with a daycare here closed so my exercise will be happening at home after the girls are asleep.  And that's going to be TOUGH to convince myself to do it ... I'll be VERY sleepy, exhausted, etc. but I will get it done.

I am 16 days out.  And obviously, I'm not permitted to exercise yet, but I did the inevitable ... "huh, wonder what I'm weighing in at?" this morning and was scared, pleasantly surprised, depressed all at the same time when I saw the results.

I gained less weight this go around.  I gained 36 pounds with Liliana.  I gained 29 pounds this go around.  Considering that the Doctor wanted me to gain between 25 and 30 pounds, I was pretty happy with this weight gain!  I didn't necessarily TRY to gain less weight this pregnancy, but I definitely ate healthier and craved food MUCH less often.  I ate more than normal, of course, but I wasn't eating a bag of candy everyday and weirdly enough ... that helped! haha.

So where am I now? 

WELL, here's the moment of truth.  The moment where I throw my weight out there on the internet for everyone to see.

With Liliana, I had a GOAL dress about 4 1/2 months after her birth because our brother-in-law got married.  My OTHER brother-in-law is getting married this time ... but in 5 weeks.  SO, I know I won't be able to lose all the weight 8 weeks postpartum.  Not really a plausible goal.  I'm not a celebrity who has a trainer, nannines, and a chef. As a result I don't really have a "goal date" to lose all the weight by.  I'd like to do it as quickly and safely as possible.  I miss feeling like myself.  I miss having my toned booty (yeah, you think that's TMI?  Keep reading!) and boobs that don't look like I've been breastfeeding (equivalent = HUGE and HARD followed by DROOPY and LIFELESS... yay childbirth!)

Sorry, I digressed AGAIN. 

Where am I?  Here we go.

Weight when I got pregnant with Gloria: 130 pounds

Weight when I went into labor: 159 pounds

Today's weight: 145.0

Weight to lose before I go back to prepregnancy weight: 15 pounds exactly!

Goal for the next two weeks: lose a couple more pounds at least!  I hope to do this by not eating too much junk food and while I can't workout for 2 more weeks, I 'm going to just try to walk around (without dying in the heat) and maybe doing VERY short workouts depending on how I feel. 


  1. Check out Tone It I love the workouts you can download and they all can be done from home! Good luck, but you look great anyway.

  2. I'm sure you will do great! I hear Jillian Michaels workouts are great - DVD at home after the girls are asleep? Maybe less boring than treadmill? A friend of mine used her DVDs after her second baby and LOVED it.

  3. I have been meaning to ask you how that was going as I am concerned myself....since I gained 50 lbs:P it is the same amount as with aiden but with him I only breastfed to get it off, I am thinking this time around I will have to also work out and actually put some effort in..... We do cross fit at our house after bedtime, look into the workouts. They are basically intense and short, you can substitute for equipment you don't have by doing similar exercises, generally I have only spent 20 minutes on it. If you are still pumping/breastfeeding, keep it up it will help soooo much with getting the weight off, especially in the beginning. I lost 30 lbs within the first 2 months with aiden just with that. i think if you only have 15 more to go then you are doing really good and you might be surprised. Although the pumping will make it difficult to find nice fitting tops....have no advice there as mine weren't back to normal until 6months.

  4. Cutting out sugar and bread caused me to lose about 10 lbs. in two weeks! You did great with your weight gain and as a result, are lucky to only have 15 lbs. to lose! You'll be there in no time!