Friday, July 13, 2012


Last night, our world got "flipped turned upside down!" again when the tornado that is Liliana came back home.  I missed her so stinking much!  When she came in to the house I gave her a hug and nearly started crying.  Talk about hormones on overload huh?  I realize it had only been 5 days, but Liliana has become my buddy and my pal when Evan works his long hours so it was weird not having somebody talk me through putting my make up on, or somebody to help me make the bed every morning. 

This week has been a big transition for the Lacefield family.  Evan officially started being a Urologist as he is now done with General Surgery.  We were both under the impression that his hours would greatly improve.  LORD were we WRONG.  This week for instance, from Monday to today, he has already worked nearly 70 hours ... BUT here's the problem.  He's on call ALL Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.  This means he is technically working for 60 hours straight, piling the hours to about 130.  Yeah, talk about exhausting.  Evan has helped get the night feeds a couple times and usually insists to get them more often, but I am a stubborn woman and I tell him it would be irresponsible of us to allow him to do it more often because he needs to try and rest SOME times.  I mean, he's waking up at 5:15 am everyday to head to work, so at least I get to keep sleeping after the feeds where he wouldn't be able to.

This morning was the first morning that I was by myself with the two girls.  WOWZA.  Let me tell you, the morning is NO JOKE any more.  We fell asleep at about 11:15 and Gloria wanted to feed around 1:15 am.  She awoke again at 4:50 and this feed took a while because she took the worlds TIMELIEST poop ... seriously ... kernel by kernel I sat there and let her do her thing for a good 15 minutes.  Poor kid, she needs a bathroom book.  ; )

I went back to sleep until about 7:40 and then took a shower.  I was finishing getting ready and heard Gloria wake up around 8:45 and then heard Liliana starting to play with her toys.  My kiddos were officially awake!  NOW ... how to manage this ...

I got Liliana and she immediately wanted to see "Gloria, the sissy baby!" (yeah, that's her name according to Liliana).  She tells Gloria "don't cry baby!  It's ok!  Te quiero baby, te quiero!" (translation: I love you baby, I love you!)  It's the most precious thing ever.

As I fed Gloria, Liliana tried to clean up Gloria's room (translation: make it SUBSTANTIALLY messier).  Then we both got dressed, we went pee pee and poo poo (while one goes in her diaper, the other is carrying around a frog potty full of poop ... wow, a lot of talk about bowel movements in this post, my apologies). 

We finally left the house at 10 am.  I was pretty proud of myself until I realized that somehow, in about a month, I will have to be leaving the house around 7 am when work starts once again.

NO clue how we'll get that done unless I wake up around 5:00 am.  Sounds tiring.  REALLY tiring. 

Can I just get a great, Spanish speaking, free nanny already?


  1. You are a super mom, what can I say?! I don't think I left the house with just 1 kid by myself until Lina was 3 weeks old!

  2. Wow, you were all out the door for 10? You are a super mom! Did I understand correctly that your mat leave is only for 4 weeks? Is that because you were on bedrest? I feel so sorry for you, I know that I could not have gone back to work that soon, especially not getting up several times and a hubby who works 3 weeks worth in one! That worries me for you all....Enjoy your time off while you can I suppose!