Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gloria's Birth Story Part II (SHE'S HERE!)

If you want to get caught up on Gloria's birth story, go here.

When we left off, my OB had told us he didn't think we'd make it to July 5th for my appointment.  When I woke up on July 4th, I thought he was going to be wrong.  I mean, what, had the guy gone to medical school and residency for a billion years or something?  What did he know?

After we put Liliana down for a nap, we went to lie down and fell asleep for a little bit.  I woke up with a contraction but nothing major.  I had another couple, but again, nothing major.  I told Evan I was going to go downstairs and see if they continued.  They did, but were 7 or 8 minutes apart and weren't painful.  Suddenly, I stood up and had a contraction that hurt like the dickens.  Some tears even started running down my face and though it had only been 45 minutes, Evan called his aunt and said "it's time."

We went to the hospital where I had already progressed another centimeter and my water broke.  That's when, for lack of a better phrase, the shit hit the fan.

In a matter of 30 minutes,  I was COMPLETE and baby was READY TO PUSH.  Fortunately, my man is an amazing hubby and I had decided the day before that I wanted an epidural because I had, after all, been laboring since Monday and my body was exhausted.  The nursery informed me there wouldn't be any time for an epidural but Evan just texted his buddy and they were ready for me.  Unfortunately, I was kinda pushing (without wanting to, but Gloria calls the shots at this time) while they were placing it.

I was SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF like a crazy MAD woman.  It hurt like HELL.  I labored, on my lonesome, to a 10 and I'm proud of myself for that, but let me tell you what, pushing AND getting the epidural placed at the same time?  ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE.  They had to do it 3 times (apparently I'm difficult to get because the SAME thing happened with Liliana).

They did something to make it take effect REALLY quickly because my OB was right in there and said "let's start pushing!"  So we did.  I had sensation of everything around me, it hurt some, but I was no longer screaming.  I pushed about 15 times (maybe ... it wasn't long!) and ... BOOM!  There she was! 

At 36 weeks and 6 days, our girl was pretty darn big!  She measured 19.5 inches, 6 lbs and 15 oz, and was PERFECT!!! My labor was RIDICULOUSLY fast, and yes, people heard me down the hall, but I enjoyed every second of seeing the birth and enjoying the fact that we were now a family of four!

Our little firecracker is now a July 4th baby and forever and ever, I will always maintain that fireworks are in her honor! : )

 JUST born.

 Looks quite a lot like her sister!

 Right after delivery!  I was pretty happy the pain was over, haha!  
Side note: DO NOT recommend sitting on a bed at 10 cm dilated.  Turns out it hurts like the dickens to push something out when you're sitting.

 First time I held my baby girl.  I was ECSTATIC!

 She's pretty freaking cute if I may say so myself!


 Daddy stayed with me in the hospital and had to check in for work at 6 am, but when he showed up, his fellow residents told him to head back upstairs and take care of his wife!  LOVED having his help!  He's on call tonight though and we're headed home ... so pray that Gloria and I have a good night, I'm still getting around quite gingerly!

PS Yes, that is urine on Evan's scrubs.  Even on his day off, the Urologist can't escape getting peed on! ; ) 


  1. So happy to hear that she made it safely into the world! Congratulations!!!

  2. Wow congrats everyone! Enjoy that little bundle and what a good girl to wait this long to come out!
    Hope you have a good night!

  3. OMG I have no words. Shes perfect. Congratulations!

  4. A July 4th baby! Her name is Gloria and it all seems to fit!! I am very happy for you and your husband. Liliana will be happy to have a baby sister!. You are right too-Your baby is cute! I usually do not say that because, when they are first born they can be quite red or something like my niece was...but she is a cute...and it seems has hair!!!I hope you can rest now-You have been through alot. All the best

  5. Congratulations!I'm glad to hear that she made it into the world perfectly healthy.I'm 36 weeks and 6 days today!Hearing her both story made me excited for our Ava to get here!

  6. Congratulations! :)

    <3 Melissa

  7. Congratulations!!!!!! I'm So happy for you and your lovely family!

  8. Congrats! Your water breaking then almost immediately being complete without an epidural sounds EXACTLY like my birthing experience. HOLY OUCH!!!!! I screamed, too, and I am NOT a screamer. She is beautiful and precious. Hope your night at home goes well.