Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Life has been all about changes lately.  Changes in Evan's call schedule (not for the better), changes in my business (hopefully for the better), changes in our home (the living room is looking fabulous), and changes in my life overall.

Evan's Call Schedule

Evan's been working really hard lately.  I know that's no exception, but lately has been tough.  Any time he has been on call it's been a rough day and night.  He has just had really sick patients that nearly die and I know the pressure on him is daunting.  And I have to be completely honest and say that while sometimes I'm a kind wife about it, sometimes I also just get exhausted and take it out on him.  It's something I need to work on.  I know this is the life we'll have for 5 years.  I know that.  But when I'm being selfish (which I am certainly guilty of at times) it's hard to be level headed.  Last night he got home early, wasn't on call, and it was fabulous.  We cuddled on the couch lots, kissed lots, and just got to enjoy time together.  Just what we needed!  Divine.

Changes in the business

I've been really busy rebranding my business.  I've known for the longest time that I wanted to change the name of the business and couldn't find a name until I finally settled on Lacey Fields (Lacefield is our last name so it's kinda a play on words).  I really loved it and I've had so much fun designing for it!  Here's the new look:

the new website is found at

I need to make the website and I need to work on taking new pictures of all the prints etc etc (deisgn more etc).  But for now this is progress!  And I like this progress! 

I'll update on the other changes in another post, when that post does happen.  But for now, here's a lovely parting gift for you:

I'm the deal of the week on!  Want 20% off?  Go to and put in coupon code MOM365 for 20% off your ENTIRE purchase and it'll last an entire week!  Sounds like love is in the air huh?

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