Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Renovation Explosion

I don't know if it's the time of year.  Maybe it's the fact that it's cold out and we want to stay in.  I chalked it up to the pregnancy hormones last year.  But it happened again, and to the two of us ...

The Renovation Explosion happened at Casa Lacefield the last few weekends.

It all started when we were sitting down in our livingroom and realized it just still wasn't right.  And then we turned our heads to the right and saw the dining room and kitchen made us squirm.  As much as I'd like to say we can take credit for it all, the fact of the matter is I was out of my league with it all.  I'm not an interior decorator (although I sure as heck feel like one after all this experience!).  We decided for Christmas we'd hire someone to give us an e-design of our living room and dining room. Let me tell you... money WELL spent.  We hired Sita at Family Room Design.  It took a long while to get everything done, partly b/c she had sick kiddos and then we had the whole debacle of no power and Gloria in the hospital, but E and I weren't in any kind of hurry so it didn't phase us. What we liked is the results.  She sent us this:

 We were SO happy!  SO SO happy.  The only part that Evan wasn't crazy about was the chevron rug but I insisted it stay .... stay tuned for that. ;)

Our plan was to purchase SOME of what she sent us (for instance, I ordered the EXACT coffee table) and then to try and find budget friendly similar finds for the rest.  So far, it's going AWESOME!

Just as a reminder, here is what the livingroom looked like BEFORE we started all of this ...

AND ... VERY VERY VERY much so in progress ... here it is today! :)

So different right?  We got rid of the love seat and found these two chairs on clearance at Kirklands!  SCORE!  Then we found that big mirror ORIGINALLY for our master bedroom and then decided we loved it here so that was from TJ maxx (as so is the rug).  We hung a TV on the wall.  And the little table and lamp by the sofa was from Target and we just spray painted the table to match. We spent two nap sessions over the weekend painting the fireplace wall the same color as the trim.  Lightens it up SO much!

We still have LOTS and LOTS to do, but are so in love with the progress.

Now you'll notice the carpet.  I ordered it and got $50 off overstock b/c I'm the queen at finding online coupons.  BUT when we put it there it just wasn't us.  I mean, we liked it, but weren't IN LOVE and we've decided that if we're going all out we wanna LOVE it all.

SO ... Evan said "wanna try it in your office before returning it?"

LOVE it!  Excuse the HUGE mess that is my office.  I'm aware.  It's a nightmare.  I clean it and it gets horrible within 2 days.  This office is in major need of a renovation and that's on our to-do list, especially since it's the room where I spend the majority of the day in!

I know what you're thinking, wow that's a lot to do in two weekends.  But we're not done.  We also added to the master bedroom renovation too!   Remember that mirror in the "before" of the livingroom?  Look familiar?

This room is still VERY much so in progress too, but that chair was a STEAL for $45 at Tj Maxx (it had a knick on the leg that made it from $120 to $45 but I just took a furniture marker and it's good as new ... can't see anything can ya?) We're goign to spray paint the mirror a silver and need some knobs for poor Evan's dresser, but this one's coming along too.

And here's the best part ... my text from Evan this morning:

"Don't hate me.  I think I want to renovate our bathroom."

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