Sunday, January 13, 2013

Half a Year Old? You're Our Big Girl!

My Gloria baby:

I'm sorry this is over a week late!  Daddy just wrote his to you tonight too.  It's just been a crazy crazy few weeks.  Heck it's been a crazy month!  We went from the hospital, to no power, to your sweet Abu having a horrbile fall, and now a weekend at home where nothing seemed to go our way.

But we want you to know.  We want you to know just how darn special you are to us. 

At your 6 month appointment your weight was in the 65th percentile, your height was in the 90th percentile, and your head in the 80th! Overall: BIG gal! :)  Just like your sissy.  We might have premie girls, but not premie sized!  haha.  You're in size 3 diapers and 6 month clothing (or 6-9 month clothing).

SO this month.  You've been pretty incredible.  You feed yourself your own bottle, sit for long periods of time, roll around, have started scooting backwards now too!  You smile ALL THE TIME.  Just somebody looking in your direction = a smile.  You LOVE your jumperoo.  After feeding you go in it and will jump away for an hour, literally just laughing and giggling.

You're grabbing on to EVERYTHING now.  No more having things in front of us without you knocking them over, etc.  Daddy and I have commented that our lives are about to get pretty nuts with your being mobile.  Your sissy is a 150% full-time job, but her favorite thing on Earth is being with you. She gets SO excited when she sees that you're awake playing.  Mommy often comes in to the room to see her speaking with you, telling you things like "your sister Liliana loves you so much Gloria!" or "Gloria I'm going to get you your pacifier to make you feel better!  Don't worry your sister Liliana is here!"  You hold hands together and you're starting to reach out trying to stroke her hair.  She loves it.

The biggest thing that happened this month though?  You got really sick on us.  It was probably the roughest week Mommy and Daddy have ever had as parents.  Your Daddy was there with you so brilliantly.  He slept in the hospital with you many nights, as did Grammy.  I spent many days with you, making sure that you got better on us.  You had a horrible case of RSV that took nearly a week in a hospital with a feeding tube and oxygen.  You had me scared.  I'm not going to lie.  But your beautiful face, smile, and laugh helped every single day.

I don't think we can say just how EASY going you are.  We go out all day on the weekends and you just go along willing to let us do anything.  You sleep twelve hours MINIMUM at night, you fall asleep on your own and have never had to "cry it out" longer than 20 seconds (seriously, no exaggeration).

OH OH ... and one last thing.... you've said FOUR words!  YES, FOUR of them!  Mommy is in SHOCK!  She didn't know babies spoke this early!  But you've said "hermana, Mama, Dada, and habla!"  (habla = talk in Spanish and hermana = sister)  I got a video of you saying "habla" for Daddy and he was SO excited to have been able to see it.  You are such a brilliant stinker!  I have a feeling we will have a very loud house for the next 18 years with you two girls in our home.  We are so blessed to have you two.  So blessed to have you my Gloria.  You are my darling.  I adore you.


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