Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The 2013 Resolutions!

For some reason I really like the idea of New Years Resolutions.  I make them every single year and usually do a great job at fulfilling them.  I don't give myself BROAD goals.  I think those are mistakes, impossible, and defeating.  I also don't do things that will completely turn my life around.  I do little things that I've wanted to take control of.  And I know that I'm OCD enough to do it if I say I'm going to.

This year I gave myself THREE specific, completely achievable goals:

(1) Go Back to Exercise Being #1: I was on bed rest with Gloria and while yes, I've lost a good amount of that baby weight, I'm not the toned person that I wish I was!  My goal isn't necessarily to look thin.  That's not at at all the only thing I care about.  I like having a toned butt b/c my husband keeps telling me his word for me is "irresistible."  As long as he keeps thinking that, we're good and I want to keep working at it! :) I didn't work out ONCE in December.  The first half of the month I was working 70/80/90 hours a week.  Then the hospital stay and no power around the city cut the last two weeks out.  Working out/ exercise is my biggest hobby.  It makes me feel great about myself, it's something Evan and I like doing together, and it's just very important to me as a person.  I have always said I would never be the wife to let my body go, that would be ok with just being thin and not fit, and didn't care as much about my appearance.  I want my husband to find me attractive forever...and I want to feel good about myself.  It's all one in the same.

(2) Spanish with the girls: My girls speaking Spanish is incredibly important to me.  I'm not nearly as strict about Spanish being spoken at the house as I should be.  I don't have the luxury of sending my children to a school where they speak Spanish like my brother and his wife do.  SO it's up to me.  And I now am ONLY speaking Spanish with Liliana and Gloria at the house.  In just ONE week, I already notice a difference.  Liliana already started using more words in Spanish and I know she's a sponge so this is the age to work on it.

(3) The Teeth:  OK so I have a huge confession. I'm horrible about taking care of my teeth.  I'm blessed.  I've never had a cavity, braces, retainer ... none of it!  So many nights when we get in to bed, I get under the covers and just get so comfy ... I can't convince myself to get back up and brush my teeth.  So ... I don't.  And yeah.  That's disgusting.  So my other resolution (pathetic and horrid I know) is to use mouth wash and brush twice a day.  I got this "Crest 3d White" toothpaste and mouthwash.  I'm pretty sure they're whiter.  Evan says they are.  He also knows what to say when I ask. ;)

So that's it ... I'm all SET ... Spanish, Exercise, Teeth.  Yeah I went there.


  1. Love your resolutions! I'm passionate about Spanish, Exercise and Teeth myself! I'm also a law mama like you. I just became your 300th follower! I think that I should get a parade or something! Better yet, stop by my blog and return the favor. :-) Have a great weekend! (

  2. You are blessed indeed! I had to wear braces when I was in high school. I didn't have any problems with my social life, but the pain was real! And the inconvenience in eating is there to top it all off. But though you never had problems with your teeth so far, it doesn't mean it will continue on for long. We need to take care of our teeth, and I am pleased to know that you included it on your 2013 resolution. I wish you've been sticking to it!
    Reginald Cooper