Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Three Year Old Daughter

Liliana:  yesterday you turned three years old.  Three years old!  I simply can't believe it.  I can't believe the incredible girl you've become.  I always thought we'd have special, wonderful kids, but never could I have imagined how kind, amazing, brilliant, gorgeous, and inspiring you'd be. 

Your Dad and I have so much fun with you.  You crack us up on a daily basis, talk constantly, sing all the time, and still continue to love hugs and kisses.  I figured I would go in to more detail for all those above:

(1) just last week you yelled to me from the bathroom: "Mommy come here hurry!  I did a tiny little poo poo and it looks like a dolphin!" Two days ago you were in a daze when I opened the car and I told you to get out.  A few seconds later you told me "I'm sorry Mommy, I don't know what I was thinking!  Where does my brain go sometimes?  I'm acting like a grown up already!"  A couple weeks ago we were leaving Target and a guy on a motocycle drove by.  You got scared and told me "Mommy those are dangerous!  Hey Mommy, I've been thinking ... I should drive home!"

(2) look above.  You talk ALL.THE.TIME.  Mommy and Daddy have had to start telling you that we need seconds of silence.  We don't even venture for minutes.  Just seconds. HA!  A typical conversation with you "hey Mommy ... hey Mommy ... hey Mommy" " YES LILIANA?  WHAT LOVE?" "what's he doing? that boy over there?  what's he doing?" "THE BOY ON THE BILLBOARD? HE'S SMILING" "Porque Mommy? (why in Spanish) He's so super silly.  You know what else is super silly? ... "  ... and you see how that goes.

(3) you've been in to not only singing every song on the planet, but you make songs up about everything.  On Mother's Day you told me you made me a Mother's Day song and it went something like this "need to go to the store to buy strawberries.  Mommy needs to go buy Liliana applce juice.  Liliana needs to go buy Gloria diapers!" It's a billboard hit already.

(4) while you talk and are active all the time, you still love love love to be loved on.  You adore being in people's laps, you give a million kisses to anyone that looks at you, and give the best bear hugs in the world.

I typically don't get sad when my girls get older b/c I love seeing who you're becoming.  But this birthday was particularly tough b/c I realized we went through the "terrible twos" without one tantrum on your part.  NOT. ONE.  You've gotten time out, sure.  But never a tantrum.  Never a melt down.  You are so easy, I can't believe it.  Your Daddy thinks it's because we were strict when we needed to be.  He says putting in the hard work early on is what did the trick.  I think it's just your sweet soul.  Because you are my sweet soul.  You are the kindest thing I have ever seen --- never mean to your sister, always wanting to share with everyone, and always excited to spend time with your Mommy and Daddy. 

I am so proud to be your Mother.  You inspire me to smile every day.  Love you always.


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