Sunday, May 5, 2013

She's 10 Months Old ...


My darling.  My sweet sweet darling.  You're 10 months old already.  And I just can't believe it.

This month we took you on our Texas rodeo road trip -- we flew in to Lubbock, Texas (you ROCKED on the flights and people told us later that they had no idea two babies were on the planes), drove to Garden City that night (where you slept in the same room as Mommy, Daddy, & Liliana like a pro), and then drove to San Antonio the next day.  Like I said, a rodeo roadtrip.  And you were a ... HIT!

People continue to tell us the same thing that we knew all along, how EASY going you are!  You're still sleeping like a total champ, except this month we decided to stop having you nap like your sister.  We were having issues with you getting fussy around 6:30 pm and realized it was ridiculous of us to ask you to be on the same sleep schedule as your nearly 3 year old sister!  Since then we've been putting you down to sleep around 7:15 and then I wake you up around 7:45 the next morning!  You poor thing, you just needed that rest.

You're moving ALL OVER THE PLACE but now pulling up yet!  Your sister was a big time cruiser by now so you're a bit slower in this department.  However, you're speaking up a storm!  You've said SO many words already it's tough to even keep count.  For the most part, if I tell you to say a word, you'll say it.  My favorite thing you do is say "HI Mana! (hermana)" when Liliana comes in a room.  SO cute.

Your giggle is probably your biggest feature that people comment on.  If people even LOOK at you, you immediately start giggling.  You're our giggle machine.

Speaking of machine, you're also our sippy cup machine.  This month you made the full-time transition thanks to Daddy.  Daddy (I guess it's the Doctor in him!) is big on babies not being on bottles at all by their first birthdays (Abu was telling me that back in his day they said to be off it by age 3!  MY how times have changed!).  You, similarly to your sister, transitioned no problem.  You do like that bottle, but more than anything you LOVE food.  It's the only time you whine, while we're feeding you.  We can't get it fast enough to you!  You like EVERY THING we've given you.  I wouldn't even say you have a favorite and least.  If it's food, you want it! :)

You only have two teeth still and I don't feel any others, but we'll see how that goes.  You're still a BIG gal.  You're already in 12 month clothing and couldn't squeeze in to 9-12 month stuff anymore either.  Daddy weighed you last week and you were about 21.5 pounds!  BIG gal!

While this age is such a blast, I'm starting to get READY READY to know who you are as a person!  If I had to guess I'd say you're going to be our dare devil.  You love going down slides, you love swimming and being dunked in a pool, and though you're our quiet sweet girl, I have a feeling you're going to be a little more of a wild child in that sense.  But only time will tell, and I can't wait to continue this journey with you!



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