Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Livingroom (FINALLY!)

It's been a long journey redoing our livingroom. I mean, a really long journey.  We started with some pretty nasty sights ...

Notice the UGLY colored walls (we didn't do that! that was the mud color the previous owners used, yuck).  We were pretty clueless as to what to do.

SO ... we made a few changes:

And we really improved things on that first one.  We lightened the walls a lot, we put the curtains up, and brouhgt in a chair.  We liked the changes.  But we still knew we hadn't found the "it" factor.

So over the last few months we've made changes.  BIG changes.  And we are IN. LOVE.  I mean, I love our livingroom.  And while it's not TOTALLY done (when are rooms totally done?) we are 95% done.  For now, I am so happy with that.  It is by far my favorite room in the house.  BY FAR...


 See? Told you ... big changes!  We bought new chairs at Kirklands, the stool at Pier 1, the rug at TJMaxx, the cushions at TJMaxx, the lamps at Target, the tables (aside from the coffee table) at Target, the coffee table at Overstock, the throw & gray vases on the mantel at West Elm, the frames on the wall at Target and Michaels, the TV console we already had and just painted blue, the mirror from TJMaxx, and the chevron ottoman at Walmart (I know, who would have thought?)  As you can see, we went to a ton of places to find our new livingroom.  We did it with time, with coupons, and with a lot of smiles.  We REALLY enjoyed redoing it.  Our favorite thing, by far, is our new coffee table.  It's so comfy to put your legs up on it.  It's just a comfortable, modern, totally us room.

We debated whether to do a gallery wall or just 5 frames around the TV but finally decided on the gallery wall, and while it was probably pricier, I'm so glad we did it.  I designed some of the prints and then printed out great pictures of all of us for the rest.  Whenever we're watching TV, I look at the wall and just smile.

so what's left?  We want to lower the curtains and get some other ones, we want new decor for the ottoman and some baskets in the TV stand.  That. is. it!

YAY!!!  So what's next? Finishing our master bedroom.  But we'll have to wait until our budget allows for it and that's gonna be a while (damn you taxes).  In the mean time, I'll keep sitting in our livingroom grinning constantly.