Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Fiesta Birthday Party

This Saturday we threw Liliana her third birthday party.  It was by far my favorite party yet. Last year we did a Dora and Elmo themed birthday party.  For her first birthday we did a cupcake themed party.

This year?

It started out with cute invites that I designed telling people that the kiddos were gonna get dirty! :)  I even printed on the envelopes and got tons of compliments from Mommy's out there.

(invite can be found here for any other fiesta parties out there!  I've sold this ranging from 1-70 years of age for the party!  I've done surprise parties and even a rehearsal dinner layout change and they all came out awesome!)

The day before the party, I started decorating.  I bought most of my supplies on May 8th when I knew the party city cinco de mayo stuff would be 50% off.  Then I got a 20% off coupon, so needless to say, that all helped a ton! (that saved probably a good $70!).

The birthday girl and Gloria had to look the part! :)  My Mom bought the girls attire in San Antonio at El Mercado and I just loved it!!!  I thought they looked adorable.

After attire, the thought is " what to do at a fiesta party?"

A sand and water table with buckets and toys was JUST the trick!  It was MESSY.  VERY messy, so just warn parents.  But the parents were SO happy that their kids were entertained for over 2 hours without any issues!  That's a miracle!

Then I set up an art table that said "use the tape or maybe not, just give it all you've got!  Take this home for all to see what you painted when Liliana turned three!"  The kids had a blast with it and I bought most of the materials at Michael's (think 40% off coupons when they come in the mail and just get a set of 10 canvases (or more depending on how many kids are coming)).  I bought washable paint so that before we ate we all did a bathroom run and it was good as new!

The pinata was a big hit!  All the kids took their turn at it. Liliana, as you can see, had fun.  I probably should have bought a pinata with a pull string for this age b/c it was TOUGH to demolish.  But they still had a blast and then I just hit it once and all the candy fell out.

Now the fun part ... DECOR and FOOD!!!

The set up table.

Agua fresca and three year old mojito!  (these are just the crystal light packets and I bought the pitchers in the dollar aisle at Target!)

The streamers in the back are from party city (that was $2 total) and the circular paper things (don't remember what they're called!) are from Target!  The birthday sign in the background is in my etsy shop!  This was SUCH a fun touch b/c Evan and I wrote our favorite things about Liliana.  All the parents were reading it.  I think I'll do one for each party until they get embarrassed.

I did bean and cheese tacos with queso and chips!  I LOVED the idea of putting the chips around the sombrero! :) haha.

All the kiddos gathered around the table (all 10 of them!) and chowed down!  They were stuffed!

For dessert I had fruit skewers, dulce de leche cupcakes, and a sopapilla bar was her cake!  I put out strawberries, bananas, honey, and chocolate to drizzle on them.  YUMMMY!

Liliana was in love with her party and wanted everyone to have a sweet favor as they left:

I bought favor boxes and put bubble supplies in the middle.  Then I made a personalized sign for each kiddo.  Yes, I went a little crazy (not like some, but still time consuming).  However, it was BY FAR my favorite party to date.  Some kids stayed for 3 hours!  When you're having fun, no reason to leave early!  And you know what?  I'll keep throwing these parties b/c I love it, Evan loves doing it with me, and ... this girl ...

is so. absolutely. wonderful.

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