Monday, March 15, 2010

26 Week Survey

How far along? 26 weeks, 6 days
Maternity clothes?
Oh yeah!  But, unfortunately, they're not really available in Lubbock.  I went to Old Navy this weekend to get our friend Mike his birthday gift and decided to go look in the back in case they had some maternity clothes...they had 3 shirts, 2 ugly dresses, and some pants.  What a selection (not).

Stretch marks?
Not yet!  I'm excited about this one cause I was reading a blog the other day that said "yes" at this stage.  Woo hoo!

Not so great this week.  : (  I was awake from 4 - 7 this morning.  My back just KILLS me and then with the thunderstorms this morning, they startled Liliana and she was moving around like crazy.  I know her movements are a good thing, but when I only get 4.5 hours of sleep, it makes it hard.

Best moment this week: 
I FOUND OUR DAYCARE!  That will be a whole other blog post, but that was definitely the best best best moment of the week.  I am so relieved to have found it. 

Movement: I have to admit, this week wasn't her biggest movement week.  It made me worry a few times, but any time I worried, she'd move and say "I'm here I'm here!"  And after last nights thunderstorms, any worry is gone.  Plus, she was kicking like crazy at the daycare tour, as if to say "this is my home!"  Yes, I'm completely over analyzing her sue me.

Food cravings:I liked gummies again. : )  But, still no other cravings really.

Our girl will be the only LILIANA at the daycare that I saw.  I was looking around and there were plenty of other common names, but Liliana wasn't there. YAY.

Labor Signs: 
The Braxton Hicks contractions subsided this week, so that's nice. 

Belly Button in or out?
OK, big change this's pretty out!  It is no innie anymore.  It's not completely popped out, but it's half way there.  And, I'm not exaggerating, even Evan admitted it the other day.  I didn't really have a complete innie to begin with, so I think that's why it's coming out sooner than some other ladies.

What I miss:
The thought that money wouldn't go straight to the baby! haha.  While I LOVE the daycare, I realized that each month, I'll nearly take one week STRAIGHT to daycare.  YIKES.  Thank goodness we'll still have some loans.

What I am looking forward to: 
Our baby shower is this weekend!  I can't wait!  It's going to be so much fun.

Weekly Wisdom:
When you go to tour daycares, go UNANNOUNCED.  Don't do a planned interview.  They are how they're going to be with your kids when you don't announce your being there. 

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