Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nursery Wall Decor: Check!

I have so much to blog about, but not too much time to do it...SO, I wanted to post about my favorite website these days:  Etsy is this great website where people with homemade projects sell their products online.  In general, they're incredibly affordable, but of course, the best part is that they're custom orders, so you get exactly what you want.

I've been wanting to get some decor for the walls in the nursery and wasn't too sure where I wanted to go with it.  Over the weekend I had two projects: paint the toy chest and paint Liliana's name above her crib.  I started looking online for ways to paint her toy chest.  I couldn't find one I liked, until I found a simple one that had their name ON the toy chest with wooden letters that you paint.  I decided that would be the design and have already painted the toy chest and the pink on the top and sides.  However, now that I was changing the design on the toy chest, I no longer needed to paint her name above the crib as well.  In comes etsy...

I ordered these and the BEST part...they're in SPANISH!  These are going to go above the dresser.  Now, we needed to tackle what went above the crib.  We decided to order from the same person on etsy because the colors needed to match and be the same hues.  Evan and I went to the baby's room and put my computer up to the walls and he remained patient with me for nearly the entire hour that it took me to make all my final decisions.  These three prints will go above the crib.  They'll go in the following order from left to right. 

I think the room is going to come together so nicely if it's complete...ready for our angel (well, in 12 weeks). 

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