Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Baby Shower

Last Saturday, we had our big baby shower.  We have another shower in Lubbock that will be on April 17th, but this shower was our big one...lots of know, the only way Puerto Rican women know how to do it!

My godmother threw my wedding shower as well.  She is the queen of amazing showers.  For my bridal shower, she took all her furniture out of her home, set up her entire house in Bright Green and Dark Purple (my wedding colors) and it was just incredible.  Of course, she went all out again for the baby shower.  I don't know how my godmother does it.  She had knee surgery three weeks before the shower and was going through so much personal stuff that week (the whole family got deposed for a lawsuit my godbrother is involved in when their baby boy was born stillborn abotu 3 years ago).  She is so special to me and I appreciate her so much.

We wanted to do a couples shower and suddenly realized there were too many people that we were inviting!  I told her I thought it would be 60 pepole if we did couples...I would have been WAY wrong.  About 45 - 55 women were there (I didn't count everyone).  Multiply that by two and WOW, everybody in San Antonio would have been at our shower.

Liliana's nursery is green and a dark bright pink (raspberry) and she had those colors around the house (huge bunches of balloons, etc) with quite a few Aggie things throughout of course.  The gifts were DAUNTING.  I opened gifts for 1.5 hours STRAIGHT.  I didn't get time to stop and say "oh my gosh! how adorable!"  I was going as fast as possible and I have to admit, I was exhausted by the end of it all.

We loaded everything in to my Mom's mini-van and Evan's 4Runner after the shower (yes, two cars).  When we got home, we stayed up until midnight sorting everything...what we had doubles, what we could leave in S.A. until my Mom came to Lubbock later, etc.  The next morning, my Mom and I went and returned all the doubles because if not, we couldn't have fit everything in the car.  While we were returning everything, my Dad, my brother (who surprised us and drove ALL THE WAY from Shreveport with Annie and Sofia), and Evan strategically packed the 4Runner and fit everything we wanted to bring!

Evan and I drove home ANXIOUSLY awaiting our arrival to Lubbock.  We were SO excited to start setting that nursery up and I went strong for over 3 hours helping Evan unpack, organize, etc.  By about 9 p.m. I was exhauasted, so we stopped for the night.

I'd say her nursery is now 75% complete.  We still have to put the prints on teh wall and make a few more aesthetic changes, but for now, it's ready!!  Here are some pictures to keep you up to date.  If you have some suggestions, let me know.   I must admit though, I think it looks AWESOME.  She's over 2/3 done in the womb and we're 75% done with the nursery, so we're ahead of the game! ; ) 
This side of the room looks the most similar to what it looked before, but we did add the mobile, the cradle swing, and of course, in Lubbock the ESSENTIAL humidifier.  ALSO, you can see that I've started painting the toy chest.  I'm not done with it yet.  I still have to add the letters spelling her name and will probably go buy those this weekend.  Who knows when I'll have time to paint them.  I have been SO FREAKING busy this week...that's a whole other post.  For now, keep looking at her calming nursery (hmm....did we make it calming to help Mommy out perhaps? haha)

This side has quite a few changes!  We added the boppy, the changing pad, the basket etc.  The toy chest, for now, is full of wipes and diapers.  I LOVE that bcthe room smells like babies now...  : ) 

Look at our closet!!!  This is my FAVORITE change of all and took quite a few hours.  The side of clothes that you see on hangers is all her nice outfits from 0 - 3 months (yeah, she's covered).  The boxes are full of shoes, clothes for 3 - 9 months, and little bows for her little head. ; ) 

One more view...sorry...I think I just wanted to see it again.  hee hee.

Can't wait to post it when we're officially done!

BTW: not everything is in the nursery obviously.  We have 3 car seats in the guest room, and our kitchen already had an overhaul because she already has her own section.  Plus, we have the high chair and bumbo in there too.  Oh yeah, and the guest bath has her bathtub, toy carrier, and a bunch of other stuff.  NO...she's not already spoiled by my amazing family...

Our house is looking like the baby will be here soon (again, not until June 15th Ms. Liliana Rose Lacefield!!!  Don't you dare!!! haha)  We're really glad with how it's coming along and sit in her nursery every evening before going to bed.  We can't wait for her arrival, but for the next 3 months, we're going to try and treasure these last few as just us two...those 7 1/2 years of just us two have been amazing, I want to cherish what we have left.

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