Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My First Mother's Day!

Sunday marked my first Mother's Day.  It was SUCH a special day.  It was fun to go back and realize how much has changed in just one year!  Last Mother's Day, I was incredibly pregnant and studying for my last set of law school finals ever.  I was pretty miserable working and studying.  I was definetely overwhelmed.  While most to-be Mom's were thinking about maternity leave, I knew that I would soon graduate and start studying for the bar exam.  I had no idea where our lives were headed.

NOW, we're already packing to move to Little Rock.  Evan got his first choice for a Urology residency, and I got pretty much my dream job without much effort ... it has truly been a fabulous year.  The most fabulous of it all being, of course:

Mother's Day was so special.  Evan really went crazy making sure it was a wonderful day, and he is always so wonderful at being romantic and kind about things like this.  I wasn't allowed to touch a dish OR change a poopy diaper...nice!  ; )

All week, he said that he had the entire day planned and not to make any plans.  He, of course, was a jerk and refused to tell me what our plans were! Ha. 

I woke up to breakfast in bed, homemade DELICIOUS banana pancakes.  They were SO awesome.  Then, I got a little bouquet of bright flowers that Liliana chose for Mommy.  Then we played a TON with Liliana until she took her nap.  Normally, she naps in her crib.  From the very beginning we have been big on Liliana not sleeping on us or in the bed with us because we want her to know her crib is where she sleeps.  BUT, I made an exception and she took her nap on Mommy for 1.5 hours.  It was so special. 

For lunch, Evan made sandwiches with all my favorite ingredients with strawberries.  We had a little picnic and played with Liliana and our doggie.  The weather was perfect for sitting under the trees and enjoying time together.

Then, after our trip to the park, Evan gave me my Mother's Day gift...he ordered it MONTHS ago and I've been DYING to know what the heck it is.  Behold the sweetest little drawing I've ever seen:

Evan got someone to draw this and it's title is "music lesson."  I've already sat at the piano with Liliana quite a few times.  Now, we have this drawing AND the drawing of Liliana getting a swimming lesson from Daddy.  They are so special and are on the same shelf in our home.

Of course, this sweet drawing came with nearly an essay length card from my husband ... I won't type out ALL of it, because that might be boring to you guys, but it was so kind and genuine.  Here's a little sample though: "I could have guessed from the time we started dating that you would be a great Mom, but I couldnt' have known just how true it was until our daughter came along.  I must say that being a mother looks good on you.  It has made you even more beautiful.  I love you and I love being a family with you and Liliana."  Goodness, melts your heart huh?

Finally in the evening, Evan made me this and good lord it was DELICIOUS.

 Here's the link to this pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce.  
I think I've posted this recipe before, but I highly recommend making this.  It's simple yet amazing.

After putting Liliana to sleep, we made Bread Pudding together and watched "Morning Glory."  We took time together in the evening and I was so glad we did.  I think part of being a Mom includes being a happy family and keeping Mommy and Daddy in love.  (side note:  SUPER cute movie. Watch it.)

I could not have asked for a more perfect Mother's Day.  We were together as a family, at the park, eating yummy food, getting sweet little gifts, and giving each other, all 3 of us, millions of kisses.  A complete and perfect success.  So lucky that my husband and daughter made it unforgettable.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous mothers day! You have a wonderful family :)

  2. What a wonderful mothers day and a fantastic thoughtful gift. Happy 1st mothers day!

  3. I'm glad you had such an amazing mother's day!