Monday, May 16, 2011

State of Things

I've been a wee bit emotional the last couple days.  While I'm so truly thrilled for our upcoming future and change of pace, leaving THIS life reeks havoc on me as well. 

The packing is going REALLY quickly.  Yesterday we finished everything but decorations.  Today we tackled decor around the house.  Liliana's room was the first to have all pictures and frames taken down.  That had me crying.  Seeing that bare wall made me realize that I will NEVER get to see her nursery like this ever again.  I still remember setting up her nursery with so much anticipation and knowing that this stage in Liliana's life is over goes straight to this Mommy's heart.

Our garage looks nuts.  I would go there and take pictures, but going over there would stress me out and make me tear up all at the same time!  It's JAMMED with boxes.  They're labeled "Master bedroom, Master bathroom, Liliana's nursery, etc."  They're ready to be packed into our moving truck.

Evan's GRADUATING FROM MEDICAL SCHOOL in four days!  Could I be more proud?  I don't think so.  I can't believe my hubby will be a DOCTOR soon!  I find smart men SO very sexy ... and my husband is BRILLIANT.  He deserves all of this success.  And I can't believe I get the HONOR of hooding him since I have my doctorate too!  Both of us in our robes will make for an AWESOME picture!

The other thing that has me tearing up?  My baby girl is going to be ONE YEAR OLD in 5 days.  Just thinking about it tears me up.  I can't put my finger around WHY I'm so darn emotional about it.  I've known this day has been coming since last May 21st, but somehow, since we've been so crazy busy planning Evan's Graduation party (27 people coming in for the weekend, so yeah, I'm rather busy), AND packing up an entire house and moving soon, I just haven't prepared myself for it.

She's doing SO many crazy things.  She's freaking brilliant by the way (not just saying that!).  She looks at our dog, says "the doggie!" and barks imitating our beagle.  What the heck?  Two words TOGETHER?  That my friend is supposed to be a TWO year old milestone!  OR, she'll tell me "the bottle, uh oh!" and throw it across the room.  HAHA!

She's SUCH a big girl and I just can't believe how quickly time has gone by.  Gone are the days of my baby BEING a baby.  She'll always be my baby in my heart, but I know that she's no longer in newborn clothes.  She's growing up and she'll be a little girl/ lady SO very soon.  It's a WONDERFUL day, yet one I can't help but think "can't I just have ONE more day with her being my tiny baby girl?"

SO yeah, that's the state of things.  LOTS of transition.  LOTS of changes.  LOTS of emotion.  But MOST OF ALL ... LOTS of excitement.


  1. Oh goodness! SO much going on right now! hang in there! Take time for you in the midst of it all :)

  2. so much going on, but congratulations on it all! :)

  3. Congratulations on all the big WONDERFUL changes in your life right now! Wish I was on that end to help you pack and ease some of the stress! But, since I'm you get settled in here, I'll have to take you to The Pantry in Little Rock and have a special treat and a cup of coffee (or tea) and a little girl time!


  4. All these changes will be so worth it! I imagine you will have a busy, but amazing weekend!

  5. Sounds like you are embarking on multiple great events all at once...could be cause for emotions, right?

  6. oh - I remember that excited feeling of starting over in a new place. Have fun with your move and hopefully everything will go smoothly and quickly! :)

  7. i'm excited for yall!! just think! no more tumbleweeds! no more desert! no more pungent odors!

    you're getting out of lubbock! WHEE!

    my brother and i went there during spring break to visit friends -- my oldest girl friend went to tech, one of his oldest friends' family had move to the lubbock area the year before -- that was a LONG drive from houston, and not a pretty one, for sure. anyway. it stunk! and it was so dry!

    and you'll be rid of that place in t-minus ...

    on to better things!

    congratulations to evan! YAY! and i think that is SUPER COOL that you got to hood him. what a thrilling moment for yall!

    and happy birthday to liliana! i'm sorry i missed it!