Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Husband, the DOCTA!

I haven't posted in quite a long time.  And OH SO VERY MUCH has happened since.  There is just no way I could get it all in one post without it taking 2 hours to write.  In the last 2 weeks, my husband became a doctor, I had 30 people in town for two parties I threw, my daughter turned one, we SOLD OUR HOUSE (yep you read right, it sold THE DAY we left!), AND we packed everything in to a moving truck and are trying our very best to settle in to our new house.  Needless to say ... a tad busy huh?

I wanted to take this post to talk all about Evan's big day. 

On May 20th, Evan became Dr. Lacefield.  I was SO freaking proud of him.  He was sweet enough to ask ME to hood him!  In order to hood someone, you have to have your doctorate too and fortunately, the D in JD stands for just that!  Wanna see what he did right after I hooded him?

Everyone at the graduation LOVED that he gave me a big smooch on stage!  There were 6 other couples that had a spouse hood them too, but Evan said they were lame since they only hugged.  I guess he decided we needed to be unique, haha.

 Graduation was at 3:30.  We made it at 3:10 ... we were supposed to get there at 3, but I had been baking cupcakes for 4 hours and Evan had been loading the truck with all our family members.  It wasn't a relaxing morning AT ALL.

BUT, we managed to totally relax and enjoy the event!
This is in line waiting for his name to be called.

 Last time I was wearing my law robe, I was having contractions!  I MUCH preferred the way I looked now! Haha.
This was AFTER he was already Dr. Lacefield!
 LOVED this picture.  He might be a Doctor, but his Momma can still dish out the orders!

Four Doctors!
My Dad, Evan, me, and my Mommy!

During the graduation, Liliana's Madrina and Padrino REALLY helped us out.  Liliana was an AMAZING baby (as usual) all weekend, but she needs sleep some times right?  SO, right after they called out Evan's name, they took her home for an hour long nap.  Right after the graduation, the company all went to a Mexican restaurant in town called Ruby Tequila's for a big PARTY!

 I got this poster made for him for like $5 on Vista Print.  It was great!

 We had about 25 people come for Evan's big day.  What amazing family and friends we have!

 As usual, Evan was THRILLED to be eating! ; )

Evan's cake was flat out AWESOME.  The lady that made our wedding cake made this for us and my Mom drove it from San Antonio.  
Not to mention that it was DELICIOUS: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup flavor ... yummmy!

 After we ate, a bunch of people gave speeches all about Evan.  

The best one of all?  My husband's.  He started crying when he thanked me for being so supportive during medical school.  Most people don't realize how big of a deal this is ... Evan NEVER cries.  He didn't even cry when Liliana was born.  He was, of course, ecstatic, but he just never cries!  When we left the restaurant,  he apologized to me because he wasn't able to finish his speech since he teared up so much ... I told him NO apology necessary.  A man that will cry in front of 25 people declaring his love to his wife?  No apology necessary EVER.

 My brother, Evan and I during the party!

 Evan and his best friend (Liliana's Padrino (godfather)).  He is SUCH a great guy, love him.

My sweety pie Liliana was in Texas Tech colors for Evan's big day!  
This is Liliana's godmother, my cousin.  I know she has ridiculously gorgeous bright red hair.  I also know we look nothing alike!  She is THE BEST Madrina EVER.  

There ya have it!  Evan had a WONDERFUL day.  He went home exhausted, but little did he know we would be staying up making cupcakes with Liliana's godparents until 1 am to prepare for a little girls first birthday party!  That's the next post though ...


  1. Congrats to your hubby! That is such a huge accomplishment! I don't think people realize how hard they work and how much the wives have to put up with! haha!

  2. Congratulations to Evan!!

  3. Congrats to you and your family! The smooch picture didn't load!! :( wonder if it's my iPhone.

  4. How exciting! Congrats to Evan :) and to YOU too! That's so awesome that you got to hood him...I'm super sentimental so I love it. A couple of my friends have dads who are law school deans so they let their dads give them their diplomas at our ceremony (we're hooded backstage to keep things chugging right along)and I could barely handle how sweet they were, ha! :) Hope you're settling in well!