Saturday, May 7, 2011

Painted Out

It's been a while since my last post.  There are a few reasons for this: (1) I was in Dallas last weekend and computer down time was hard to come by, (2) we have been painting our house CONSTANTLY since Monday evening, and most importantly (3) our darn computer wouldn't turn on!  Turns out our charger cord wasn't working so Evan used his new phone to order it off Amazon.  Thankfully, it works now! Woo hoo.

As I said though, we've been painting our house.  As you guys know, our house has been on the market since the middle of February.  Last weekend we had 2 showings and we thought our house was going to sell.  We were elated ... no double mortgage payments sounded AWESOME.  But turns out the buyers family convinced her to go with another home. We were SO very close to selling, but our house was the second pick in the end.  Since we leave Lubbock relatively soon, we realized that it was finally time to paint the home.  Our house has, well, a TON of color in it.  I like bright colors and I went a super tad bit overboard with the colors when we moved in.  So, it was time to tone it down.

We've painted our ENTIRE living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and foyer.  We bought 7 cans of paint and painted until at least 11 pm every night.  We are so sick of painting, but the final product is really nice and calming.

Here are the BEFORE pictures.  I realize that I probably had too much color for most people's tastes.  Hopefully it will suit more people now!

 Our livingroom.

 The master bedroom.

 The diningroom.

 Our kitchen.

The master bathroom.

Now here is how the house looks TODAY!  Wouldn't you buy this house? ; )
The new livingroom.  Muted and understated.

Our calm bedroom.  We miss the old colors, have to admit.

The diningroom.  I think this room looks WAY better!
Our kitchen.  This entire room took a VERY long time.

The master bathroom.  This looks MUCH better in person.  It's actually quite gorgeous.

Most importantly, someone still looks AWFULLY adorable walking around in the house!
All we have to do now is have people come see the house!  Let's hope all this work paid off!


  1. Hopefully the paint will help. Most people can't envision something if the colours are too bright. Something neutral gives people the chance to imagine things themselves.

  2. I actually loved the color you had in the dining room in the "Before" picture, but what you've done is probably a good idea - trying to aim at a larger target audience with the neutral tones.

  3. Your house looks awesome! We've been in our current place for six years and have only painted two rooms. It desperately needs paint. Just need to do it.

  4. I loved the color of the Master bedroom in the before, but I'm more of a netural person, so I really like the colors in the other rooms in the after. I hope it sells soon!