Saturday, September 24, 2011

Introducing ...

Technically I have one more recipe to share with you guys for recipe week, but I just HAD to blog about our day ... we got our golden retriever puppy ... SHERMAN!

Evan is working over night tonight which stinks, but the plus side of that is that we could go during the day to pick up Sherman!  We put Liliana in her "I love puppies" t-shirt and drove to Oden, Arkansas (about 2 hours away from Little Rock).  The drive wasn't that bad and Liliana was pretty darn good on the trip.  When we got there, it was DEFINITELY all worth it because this is the cutie pie we got to bring home:

Isn't he absolutely adorable!  We had a pretty tough time choosing which doggie we wanted.  There were four adorable boys.  One was VERY hyper, so we quickly said no to that one.  We want a dog with personality, but not one that jumps all the time.  The other two were very dark and we thought that was our #1 criteria, but Sherman just spoke to us.  He was BY FAR the cutest and was perfect ... don't ya think?

SO he has settled in really well at home so far.  He definitely is different than Linda was as a puppy. 
I have to watch him more ... he likes shoes!  We need to go buy some doggie toys tomorrow, but we've had so much fun with him so far.

He runs around and plays, and then ... he gets worn out:

I have a feeling he'll fit in PERFECTLY with our little family!  Welcome home Sherman!


  1. Oh Cristy he is gorgeous! My son and his wife have 2 goldens and they are just so sweet and lovable.

  2. OMG-He is the cutest! My Katie girl loved shoes when we got her and she would go to them even when we bought her the toys so we had to put our shoes away for awhile:) It is all worth it. It sounds awful when he is so adorable but they hate sound so later take a pop can(empty of course:)) and put a few pennies in it and when he does something he is not suposse to rattle the pop can. You might have to clean up a little mess at first...or try later but they don;t like sound and it can be a good discipline tool. Look at me go:) He is so cute. He looks like he will be great with little children too and that is a perfect match