Thursday, September 29, 2011

A lot of little things

I don't really have one thing to post about today, mainly lots and lots of little things that wouldn't make an entire blog post:

(1) Liliana, Ms. 16 month old baby, has started telling me when she poops.  And if I say pee pee, she holds her ... well that area.  Yep, I'm in shock that she's doing this.  This weekend, we're going to buy a potty seat.  This is about 10 months earlier than I expected to be tackling this.  I'm not usually the Mom that says "stop growing" but in this case, I wasn't prepared!  I wanted to read up on this and how we're supposed to tackle it.  Suppose we'll just be winging it ... unless people have advice on potty training kids earlier than usual?

(2) Sherman, the new pup, is doing really great.  He is a totally different personality than our other dog Linda.  It's funny how they always say each child is different, but I'm starting to see that even in our dogs!  Linda was much more refined and quite frankly, bitchy.  Sherman is more destructive (although he hasn't done anything bad yet ... he just likes to nibble on feet a LOT!) and yet more sweet natured.  He's at that adorable puppy stage where running looks more like leaping.

(3) Evan finishes the worst two months of his entire residency career tomorrow.  I am so freaking excited.  To celebrate we're getting a babysitter on Saturday night and going to a new restaurant in town that always has long waits.  It's a very casual place but they have waffle fries like chick Fil-A, but they're sweet potato.  Look, don't you want a bite?

(4) One REALLY  bad part of our week?  We found out our air conditioner is having MAJOR problems.  Like, $1,000 bill problems.  And that's WITH a home warranty ... the original bill is $6,000.  SO, our trip home to San Antonio for Thanksgiving is kinda not happening now.  My car got a brand new transmission in August ($2,500 bill) so these two HUGE expenses make the trip home impossible. We're really upset about it all, but that's what happens when you're both not making big paychecks.

(5) I made this chilly on Sunday night.  It was DIVINE and probably the easiest chili recipe I've ever made.  Highly recommend.  Link found HERE.  PS It makes A TON ... we're eating two dinners with it this week and had two more batches that went in to the freezer for future consumption.

(6) So I have no idea where my daughter got this from, but she's an artistic little girl!  At daycare, they say she refuses to give people her crayons because she goes to TOWN on them.  She covers the entire page in her scribbles.  And she's even trying to mimic me when I draw shapes.  Neither Evan nor I are artistic but my Mom is.  It must be from her.  Anyway, I want to get her this for Christmas.  I have a feeling she would never want to let it go!

Have a good weekend! YES, I know it's Thursday, but I like thinking ahead.

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  1. The first stage in what can be a drawn-out potty training stage is when they tell you they are pooping or need to poop. My daughter did this for a while but wasn't anywhere near using the potty. But it's good because they are recognizing the signs within their body. Once they master that, they'll get comfortable with the potty. I thought my daughter was all ready, yet she waited six months until she was truly ready to go. It happens when it's right. Good luck!